Syria – Ending Conflict for Humanitarian Aid and Political Stability

October 18, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The western powers along with Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia backed terrorism in Syria having claimed many innocent lives and disrupted humanitarian aid as well as economic trade is unsustainable for the organizers of the conflict.

In the recent escalation of tension, Turkey grounding Syrian passenger airliner from Russia en route Syria via Turkey was an unnecessary provocation especially when the commercial aircraft had civilian passengers including children on board.

Turkish leaderships reasons on this account do not correlate with ground events considering the authority seizure of Russian cargo inviting dispute with yet another nation at NATO and U.S. behest – the main supplier of arms and ammunition to militia repeating Libyan episode under the guise of spreading democracy.

With the prevalent anti-war protests in Turkey, more than 75% of population overwhelmingly rejecting the government action against fellow Muslims causing death and destruction in neighboring Syria,

The Turkish incumbency under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is unfortunately driving the nation towards catastrophic outcome that could be averted by the people and political opposition in the Parliament overriding the ruling power unilateral decision to attack a sovereign nation.

Furthermore, the Turkish government as the pro-western political party committed to the hegemony leading the Mediterranean country on a suicide mission with Parliament approval for military aggression against Syria endangering national and regional security.

The Turkish citizens and secular political rival could prevent the inevitable disaster planned for Turkey to fall in line with western and Zionists ideology for regional and eventually global dominance.

Any procrastination in intercepting misguided governance could result in the point of no return with loss of sovereignty and political freedom.

Turkish peace activism aimed at situation reversal i.e. ending the government’s undemocratic role as the coalition of the willing in the belligerence against Syria imperative to defend individual rights to self-determination.

The continuous cross borders shelling on Syria and simultaneous attack on PKK in Iraq and the row with Russia over confiscated shipment could be summed up as the global masters imbalance and peculiarity emanating from crumbling status in desperation to achieve the unattainable goal through Turkish leadership and the pro-western faction.

Again, the western powers erratic and irrational behavior also reflected in the incursion with military headquarters underway in Jordan.

Despite U.S sprawling permanent bases across Middle East to rein control over oil and mineral resources in Libya and surrounding areas,

United States and NATO troops commissioned under the pretext of preparedness for humanitarian relief to Jordan in expectation of massive Syrian refugee influx along the Jordanian border proves the Libyan scenario replication.

The hegemony plan to systematically decimate nations setting the Middle East and the world for a potential nuclear confrontation also depicts the architects, the executives and the promoters’ imprudence and cavalier approach disregarding life and the only habitat for all.

Not to mention the devastating impact on their citizens viz. the armed forces presence in the war zone as sitting ducks all around with U.S. administration artillery delivery directly to nefarious groups like Al Qaeda and mercenaries fighting alongside as allies and,

The imminent skyrocketing oil prices exacerbating consumer plight in the dire domestic economy obviously not a concern for the political power.

Considering the western leaderships are behind the mayhem in Syria and Iran with neither posing any threat against them whatsoever,

The citizens in western nations could unanimously dissent the respective governments’ bizarre indulgence ignoring the serious ramifications to follow upon failure to ceasefire and terminating violence in Syria.

The incessant firing by arming and funding the terror groups exported into Syria instigating unrest prohibits rescue efforts that could otherwise save precious lives on all sides since the rebels representing the western forces and Gulf partners are used as sacrificial offering besides the mass graves from civilian massacre in the beleaguered state.

Local resistance through civil movement in the west and NATO ally Turkey being the chief protagonists and contributors of human suffering in Syria could expedite the international warfare conclusion bringing the illegal invasion to a permanent halt enabling Syrian authority to expel all foreign fighters from their soil.

Syrian people deserve the opportunity to recover from the nineteen months old turmoil contemporarily exploited by external intervention under false pretense of establishing viable political system – evidently a deception based on western trajectory in the Middle East.

The western power and nations cooperating with them face indomitable challenge in the national front in addressing mounting frustration amongst people over the leadership dismissal of economic, social and political decline in the pursuit for global supremacy.

Hence, the prolonged proxy wars against Syria and Iran is a major economic and political liability for the aggressors having lost credibility and integrity to justify the unwanted and unprovoked punishment of the people – the real victims in Syria and Iran.

Wishing success and fortitude to the citizens in Syria, Iran, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Oman…and North Africa to overcome obstacles soon to dissipate like the passing cloud on the sky.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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