Subliminal Attacks – A new wave Politics

March 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

I would like to thank the visitors to the website in the United States, India and around the world.

Your love and support makes the effort worthwhile.

As stated in the profile, the website objective is to promote peace, progress and prosperity for all with a major focus on protecting the environment, the only ideal habitat for living species in the universe, thus far.

It is depicted in the logo – Save the Planet,and Peace on Earth.

That being the goal, I express my gratitude and deep appreciation to the readers of my articles for taking the time to read and reflect on the topic.

In coherence with the paradoxical universe,

Success is greeted with genuine affection and enthusiasm for its representation – obviously from the supporters.

Likewise, it’s also subject to hostility, propaganda and rejection – by the opposition.

The purpose of the material on the website is to engage the like and the unlike minds in a serious thinking process beyond surface review in order to understand the self-created complexity largely responsible for the global status quo.

Criticisms are directed in many different ways. Constructive criticisms enhance quality.

Targeted criticisms often subvert facts with fiction and personal convictions.

Earlier on the element of truth was explained in a manner to allow rational thinking to prevail over confusion and distortion.

When viewed with an open mind, the articles on the website have invariably defended the weak, the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the victims of mass deception –

Dissenting authoritarianism against innocent population.

In many featured visual content, the protesters represented by the unarmed civilians and the monks were waving a white flag and a peace sign during their peaceful demonstrations for freedom and justice only to be mercilessly hurt and killed in response.

The individualism – “Me, Myself and I” restraints outreach to the less fortunate.

Saving humanity from a myriad of defiant forces is a horrendous task especially when the violators are powerful and immunized against reconciliation for common good.

Synopsis of requests made thus far:

Campaign Finance Reform – Public funded elections poignantly after the Supreme Court decision in Corporations’ favor.

Preserving American jobs by resurrecting the manufacturing sector and small businesses.

Universal Health Care for all – Single Payer System.

Tough Financial Reform – to protect average citizens from predatory and fraudulent practices, providing a safety net for the domestic economy and the global financial market.

Strong Environment Policies – fossil fuel and nuclear energy abandonment.

Public Education – Free higher education for students from average income families.

Economic and Social Justice – Gay rights and legalization of the undocumented workers in the country. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. Reviving the middle class in the society.

Nuclear Weapons – eliminating hierarchy prevalent under the pretext of the responsible factor and truthful disclosure on complete nuclear disarmament worldwide.

War and Military Base – Troop withdrawal, the prolonged military operations termination and defense budget divestment in the domestic economy including economic and social development in the war zones.

Being a reliable peace partner in international conflicts particularly Israel and Palestine,

Freedom for Tibet, Burma, North Korea, and Iran and curtail military coups like in Honduras, Haiti, vulnerable nations in Africa and Latin America on the United States watch.

Closure of Guantanamo bay and relinquish torture of terror suspects that’s in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Investigation of illegal invasion of Iraq war and judicial trial against the torture memo author Professor Yoo and others to prevent history repeating itself in the future.

Finally, the ordinary and the extraordinary have to leave this planet sometime in their lifetime in accordance with natural process.

Hence peace and empathy would make the world a better place for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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