Special Acknowledgment – President Jimmy Carter North Korea Visit

September 20, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The Nobel Peace Laureate, President Jimmy Carter is renowned for great accomplishments prominently the long lasting Peace Accord between Egypt and Israel at Camp David during his Presidency and the magnificent work through the internationally acclaimed humanitarian organization – Habitat for Humanity providing relief to millions in many areas around the world.

As the founder of Habitat for Humanity, President Jimmy Carter has elevated the living standards and survival rate of the significant population across the globe.

President Jimmy Carter has voiced his legitimate concerns and demonstrated through actions the urgency to heed to rationality than ‘Super Power,’ mentality in foreign policy and environmental issues.

Recently, the former President visit to North Korea in releasing the innocent American citizen, 31 year old Aijalon Gomes from Boston, Massachusetts – is commendable and praiseworthy.

The victim was held prisoner and sentenced to eight years of hard labor in addition to being fined with $700,000 for trespassing and allegedly committing a “hostile act.”

President Jimmy Carter had not only been successful in the prisoner release but also reportedly sought peace message from Pyongyang.

The news excerpts are submitted below:

Source: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-jimmy-carter-korea,0,7025298.story“>http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-jimmy-carter-korea,0,7025298.story – Thank you.

Former President Jimmy Carter Aids in North Korea release of American Man:

North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Carter’s departure, saying the ex-leader apologized for Gomes’ actions.

The pardon “to set free the illegal entrant is a manifestation of (North Korea’s) humanitarianism and peace-loving policy,” KCNA said.
Source: http://www.necn.com/09/15/10/Jimmy-Carter-hopes-prisoner-release-can-/landing.html?blockID=311298&feedID=4207 – Thank you.

(NECN) – Former President Jimmy Carter says he hopes the recent release of a Boston man held prisoner in North Korea can move peace talks forward with the country.

Carter says North Korean officials invited him to travel to there to discuss the release of Aijalon Gomes.

He says it took five months to get the trip cleared by the White House to free Gomes, who was sentenced to paying $700,000 and 8 years of hard labor.

Carter says he believes Gomes was treated humanely while he was being held for 7 months.

During his speech at the Carter Center, the former president also revealed that during his meeting with North Korean authorities, they repeatedly told him that they were interested in pursuing peace talks with other countries.

“They were eager to have peace talks that would lead to de-nuclearization of the peninsula,” he says, “and a permanent peace treaty with the United States and South Korea to replace the cease-fire that’s existed ever since I was a young submarine officer.”

Carter says that North Korean officials told him to bring a message back to Washington that they were interested in giving up their nuclear capability if the U.S., South Korea, Japan, and China were willing to negotiate with them.
Peace Prospect with North Korea – By Padmini Arhant

It’s clear from the Ex-President Jimmy Carter’s visit and presentation at the Carter Center that;

Earnest peace and diplomacy can prevail over belligerence restoring normal relations between Washington and regimes that are permanently secluded with a possible nuclear threat and war games.

There is enough evidence that the peace talks held since the former Republican President Ronald Reagan era until now has failed to focus on peaceful resolutions. The failure in all these peace discussions could be attributed to exhibiting the military might via missile capabilities rather than exploring the peace prospects through economic, trade relationships, social and cultural exchange as witnessed in February 2008 when the New York Philharmonic Orchestra visited North Korea displaying glimpse of hope in Washington-Pyongyang relationship.

When the olive branch is extended for a long lasting and meaningful peace treaty, it provides a unique opportunity for the leaderships engaged in the decades old peninsula peace talks to capitulate and move forward with the dialogue directed at de-nuclearization and political transformation.

Pyongyang’s message through President Jimmy Carter is phenomenal seeking conciliatory response from Washington. There is no reason to procrastinate on the promising peace summit likely to produce the desirable outcome considering the details outlined to President Jimmy Carter.

Any reluctance or delay from Washington and others to the historic meeting would categorically reveal the forces against peace and their real agenda.

People in North and South Korea along with Japan have endured the tensions with the United States struggling to obtain the reliable consensus from China in the quartet sessions held thus far.

North Korean officials’ statement breaks conventional barriers offering a new dimension for nuclear disarmament and further determination among Washington, Japan and South Korea could lead to a political freedom in the domestic front besides ending the standoff between the once united Korea.

The decision remains with Washington in seizing the moment to help the long suffering North Korean people from abject poverty, economic and social progress due to political isolation.

Peace in the Korean peninsula would be monumental permeating to other oppressed regions.

Declining the peace offer would be detrimental to the United States image and President Barack Obama campaign pledge for “Hope and Change.”

Moreover, any hesitation to clinch the deal would confirm the true commitment or the lack thereof by the concerned parties especially Washington.

Above all, it serves as a litmus test for Pyongyang to prove that the defined goals are genuine and the leadership is sincere in the long overdue peace agreement.

Default from any or all negotiating partners would be catastrophic for the people in the peninsula emphasizing the leaderships’ inability and weakness in delivering a positive result.

President Jimmy Carter as an excellent peace emissary for the United States has once again brought the wonderful gift to humanity awaiting spontaneous acknowledgment from Washington.

Hopefully, President Barack Obama along with the remaining leaders in the quartet would enable success through fruitful negotiations and grant eternal peace to the people in the peninsula.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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