Revolt against Health Care Reform Politics

August 6, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Here we go again! To quote the former President Ronald Reagan revered by the political faction on the right, the obstructionists rise against health care reform under the guise of ‘fiscal governance’ with the stagecraft artists as citizens screaming and ranting over the health care policy for all.

Should anyone be surprised about the sources responsible for the spectacle at the town hall meetings?

When the propagandists can’t think for themselves, they often lavishly steal ideas from others and misuse the Gandhian principle of non-violence and peaceful protest discussed earlier for their own diabolical means, despite the action being detrimental to national progress.

Surely, Gandhi will be turning in his grave on the abuse of his noble wisdom…at the narcissistic profiteers in the health care industry using the selective media muscle power drive insanity to no point of return.

Out of sight, out of mind and the opposition goes ballistic to stampede the health care legislation.

The noise and raucous in the public arena instigated by the agents of warfare against welfare of the people in a democracy are leaving no stones unturned for their vile personal agenda i.e. dominate and deploy the destructive forces in health care matter directly related to economic and employment recovery.

Amazing passion displayed by the representatives interestingly missing in action during the pivotal moment of American economic down slide circa 2000 – 2008, now suddenly emerging out of woods to salvage the nation from the alleged danger zone initially created by the oligarchs and the great intellectual minds of the fiscal conservatism.

What America needs to recognize is the reality of the exclusive private health care management rather mismanagement that has bankrupted every citizen and the entire nation. Please refer to numerous facts based articles on the website explaining why America should address the contemporary nightmare called the ‘health care.’

If the health care system is so magnificent as propagated by the hired appointees of the health care industry, then why are there many infants, children, youth, middle aged and elderly alike left in the lurch by the trillion dollar health industry that thrives on the sick and the dead ones negotiating people’s life over their personal luxury?

It’s no longer the majority or minority issue as the Republican motto to push and personalize legislations into a political vendetta is the norm and frankly successful thus far.

Regardless of the democratic majority in Congress, both the House and the Senate, the conservatism in the Republican minority and the Democratic Party viz. the Blue Dogs, prevails in the demagoguery aimed at self-promotion guaranteed with health industry funding.

How does the (GOP) Grand Obstructionists Party maintain political edge over democratic doers?

By simply abusing the legislative and Presidential power. With the democratic majority in Congress, their Republican President George W. Bush although nicknamed “the lame duck” President excessively exercised the veto power and proved the Congress the sitting duck. Likewise, the legislative Republican minority boycott national interests substituting betrayal of their constituents’ trust with cronyism to the campaign financiers.

However, not anymore, the ammunition is bound to exhaust firepower after some time. The United States of America held hostage for too long by the failed ideologies of the far right and certain media miscreants indulging in the national disaster at all costs and anti-health care legislation is the classic example.

Yet another irony is, they proclaim to be patriots and relentlessly engaged in grandstanding the President’s genuine effort to revive the economy and job growth, the foremost concern and requirement of every American family, small businesses and large corporations. Without the major health care overhaul and the release of the national health from the shackles of the health industry’s profit over patients’ policy, it’s impossible for any hard working American to gain financial freedom.

Therefore, this message is directed at all those citizens tired of ‘politics and business as usual’ to reject the conservative political fanaticism fueled by the Corporate investment flourishing through exploitative tactics in the present health care system more appropriately the mismanaged private health DEBACLE in human history.

If each and every one of you out there, a caring, compassionate and cost conscious citizen in favor of national rescue from the ailing economy, the sluggish stock market and the severely hit employment sector, pledge your solidarity and support to President Obama then,

We can absolutely defeat the monstrous attacks on the monumental health care legislation providing choice, quality and affordability with or without conservative backing.

Peaceful, non-violent measures targeting the grassroots supporters at all levels and encouraging the legislators to move forward with the health care reform must be the citizens’ goal in proving people power against partisan politics.

Effective immediately, display your prowess in the health care battle by jamming the cyberspace via twitter, text, phonecall, rally and rock the movement on the streets, with your loud and clear voice confirming democratic vote for health care reform.

The time has arrived to save yourself and your loved ones from the deadly virus containing deceit and lies by the health industry’s special interests and their paid loyalists.

Take control of your life by not letting the lobbyists run you over on the health care epidemic crippling our economy and the people.

Where there is a will, there is a way as ‘impossible’ exists in fool’s dictionary.

We will do it with poise and peaceful means. Now is the time to replace the conservative propaganda machine with collective progressive action.

You want to be a silent sacrificial lamb or a roaring lion to take back America from the clutches of corporate funded conservative catastrophe.

Come on; demonstrate that people awakened by the woes of private health care system refuse to surrender to the health care/insurance industry and their minority political mannequins in Congress.

Yes We Can / Si Se puede and We Will pass People’s Health Care Legislation with public option that ensures ‘mass protection’ and not mass deception under the status quo.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

P.S. Don’t miss the comments by the duty bound citizens listing the Republicans up for re-election in 2010 election in the article titled “Mobilize America for Health Care Reform.” With the conservative democrats – oust the stallers and bring in the movers. Please take necessary action strongly recommended to free the great nation, United States of America from political stranglehold.


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