Response to Presidential Communiqué – View on Health Care

March 19, 2010

From: Padmini Arhant

Hon. President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for the ‘beautiful’ artwork of the North Portico of the White House by the talented artist Dan Kessler.

It is an honor to serve our nation and your Presidency. I appreciate your kind remarks in this regard.

I commend you for the recent success in the bipartisan legislation of the jobs bill. I’m confident that this bill would have a positive impact on the economy, particularly in improving the unemployment situation.

According to the reports, the legislative measures would save and create approximately 200,000 jobs that are considered ‘meager’ by the opposition. Nevertheless, the number is significant for it eases the burden on the families struggling to make ends meet.

Every single job saved in the dire economy is a blessing in disguise for the American workforce.

I hope to witness similar rigorous actions to expedite the economic recovery.

In the economic front, the stimulus package passed last year was beneficial in stabilizing the economy and the global financial market from the brink of collapse. There is no doubt that the crisis is far from over.

The stock market performance in the past few months has been impressive, boosting the investor confidence that has shifted from the housing market.

Unfortunately, the residential and the commercial markets are still lagging behind with not much appreciation in the home values nationwide. Obviously, the sector needs attention to keep the families in their homes.

Liquidity freeze is a matter of great concern. The banks are still on the fence, despite the toxic assets removal from the balance sheets through taxpayer bailout.

The executives’ extravagant bonuses continues while the average Americans are being subject to credit crunch and huge financial charges in spite of the legislation introducing a cap on credit card interest rates and transaction fees.

A tough financial reform comprising fees and taxes on bonuses and stock options per your proposal with an independent consumer protection agency is the only effective strategy to protect the financial market from potential crisis.

Unequivocally, the Federal Reserve or the Treasury department should not be the oversight for the consumer protection agency due to the inevitable conflict of interest as seen until now.

Therefore, it’s essential to set up a non-partisan, independent consumer protection agency to defend consumer rights and offer advisory services, especially on the mortgage products.

I concur with you on the fact that your Presidency inherited the worst problems.

However, there was tremendous political capital that could have been utilized in transforming the system in Washington and across the globe.

I understand that the entire year was consumed with two important issues – the economic stimulus package and the health care bill.

There are three years left in the first term of your Presidency and lot could be achieved between now and the end of the term.

It’s never too late to revise the policies to benefit the people at home and around the world.

I’m always there to extend my support to your Presidency that addresses the people’s plight against the special interests. I genuinely care about our national and international challenges.

It’s my duty as a humanitarian and your good friend to be honest about the negative consequences of any action endangering life, not barring yours and the national reputation.

The warnings were issued to safeguard your administration and our country’s image.

We might disagree on the elements of core issues but we both share a common goal and that is to make this world a better place for all.

Besides, the evolutionary process can neither be stalled nor differed and humanity is due for a revolutionary change with a golden era on the horizon to those who are willing to adapt to the ‘common good’ philosophy.

‘Change’ is natural. Nothing is meant to stay permanent in any shape or form on earth.

Truth and Justice cannot remain suppressed forever.

It’s time to liberate those who are oppressed, persecuted and deprived of freedom.

Further, the population suffering from poverty, hunger and disease must be relieved with a renewed life.

Nations who have invaded and occupied lands should return power to the indigenous people.

It’s important to practice non-violence and initiate peace dialogue with one another to resolve conflicts.

Likewise, the leaderships across the globe are expected to conform to the developments that have begun and make positive contribution with a paradigm shift in the governance by allowing democracy to prevail through free and fair elections.

Corporations must allow the people to govern the nation rather than the other way around.

It’s in their best interest to limit the engagement to corporate management and focus on the economy, job creation and sustenance.

The corporate investments in recruiting lobbyists to win political favors could be directed towards R&D and for company growth to benefit the economy.

Right now, the world affairs are run by the following organizations:

Wars and the military base – It’s absorbing enormous taxpayers’ spending and unaudited with no oversight. It’s exclusively under the military industrial complex.

Political system is ruled by the powerful corporations in the finance, health care and insurance, communications, along with the energy industry.

Thus, the corporations control the economy, environment and the media with the exception of the public funded cable networks.

Foreign policy is again heavily influenced by the specific lobbyists such as AIPAC, Chinese leadership and others deterring the possibility of peace and liberty to the vulnerable population.

The people have no representation in a democracy and other form of governments.

I present my views and grievances in the health care legislation that is currently taking place.

You have my empathy on the political and economic ramifications of not passing the health care legislation.

At the same time, the alternative in passing the impending bill that is disproportionately beneficial to the industry with more than thirty million mandatory subscribers in the absence of premium caps and robust competition via Universal Medicare or public option has serious repercussions through voter backlash in November hurting the political career of everyone involved.

The opposition will spin it around, no matter what your administration does with any legislation.

I can relate to your predicament of being ‘doomed if you did’ and ‘doomed if you don’t.’

Accordingly, it would be safe to go with the popular choice i.e. “Medicare for all,” since they are the ultimate power in a democracy, before, during and after the elections.

Human nature is to complain when they don’t have something to their satisfaction and that could be eliminated through ‘Universal Medicare.’

Moreover, when everyone is entitled to the same coverage, there is no comparison and the cost is evenly distributed producing savings overall.

The main features of this bill are scheduled to be effective in 2014 and not at the moment.

A vast majority of the population need health care services now and they are not in a position to wait until the future date.

Every individual is mindful of the ‘once in a while opportunity’ to pass this bill.

That being the case, it’s incumbent on the lawmakers to do what is right for the constituents and the nation in the immediate and the long run.

The real victims and the professionals overwhelmingly desire “Medicare for all.”

When you are risking your Presidency to take a giant leap,

Why not do it for the people who entrusted the power in you?

The Corporations might buy elections but the ultimate power rests with the people i.e. the consumers and the taxpayers enduring the pain and agony under the present health care and insurance industry monopoly.

Ironically, the proposed legislation regardless of the highlighted consumer gains is a conspicuous carte blanche to the industry that is primarily responsible for the status quo.

This argument about the position, it’s ‘either my way or the highway,’ projecting a scary scenario of flying over the road block and speeding towards a cliff is applicable to the decision made by the legislators predominantly from the special interests’ pressure on them.

Thereby, confirming the Washington reality with the lobbyists’ firm grip on the political power.

It’s not fair to blame the special interests entirely. If the lawmakers resist the funds from these groups and deliver the service to the public per the constitutional oath, they could be re-elected on their merit without the ‘corporate sponsored’ stigma.

The public funding would flow like a river to the duty bound legislators not having to fear the corporate funded negative attacks during the elections.

If one remains pure and strong, then sky is the limit for them.

It requires will power and determination to attain the targeted goals, not to mention the good deeds or Karma rewarding their selfless act in abundance.

Perhaps, it’s something to think about in the health care legislation by fulfilling the desperate needs of the weak and the dying over the profit-oriented industry.

Hence, as your friend and a well-wisher, I request you to pass the ‘Universal Medicare’ that is already established and a proven success admittedly by the opposition in Congress.

I guarantee every legislator a victory in November upon passing the ‘Universal Medicare.’

As a spiritual seeker, I consider the ideal gift in recognition of my service to humanity is to kindly honor the requests made on behalf of the voiceless and the defenseless in the society.

“Universal Medicare,” is a necessity and not a privilege to the millions deserving national health care.

I’m with you in every decision that would help ‘Save the planet’ and establish ‘Peace on Earth.’

I believe that humanity thrives with peace, progress and prosperity for all as opposed to a selective few.

I always remain your true friend and convey my best wishes to you and your family.

Thank you again.


Padmini Arhant


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