Response to President Bill Clinton

February 5, 2010

Hon. President Bill Clinton
P.O.Box 96047
Washington, DC 20077-7245

Dear Mr. President,

I appreciate you sharing your concerns regarding the 2010 elections, the priority for the democratic Congress.

The Democratic Party has suffered major setbacks in the recent elections and obviously, the trend cannot continue in the 2010 elections – for the work to rebuild our nation has just begun with Obama Presidency.

As stated earlier, the purpose of my political involvement is to be the voice for the weak and the oppressed. My passionate expression is to reveal the frustration among the victims at home and overseas.

I’m heeding to the call for service to humanity and trying to assist the people in alleviating their suffering.

I extend my unwavering support to President Obama, Congress members and the Democratic Party, with the hope that every action is devoted to benefit the people and not the governments or the corporate power at home and around the world.

Rest assured I’m with the President and the Congress in reaching these milestones.

I wish the Democratic Party success in all their endeavors.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant


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