Reconciliation for a New Beginning

May 5, 2010

Honorable. President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify the position for a new beginning.

With deep appreciation for democracy, free speech and ethics, I reiterate the facts presented on this website.

I remain steadfast in my commitment to work for the people and serve our great country as well as the citizens across the globe.

Since my responsibilities are towards humanitarian peace and progress, besides environmental protection, I pledge unequivocal support to promote the daunting, yet noble cause in every aspect.

I do not have any doubts in reaching the milestones by working together with a common goal in the domestic and international matter.

However, I’m disappointed with the special interests’ control over the hard fought legislation against the democratic principles and consequently,

The electorate deprived of immediate and long lasting benefits.

Although, the trend is no revelation, there were tremendous expectations from the ‘Hope and Change’ promise made by your candidacy on the campaign trail.

Again, some argue that campaign promises are not always deliverable and, they define the default as the political norm.

That being the case, the voter frustration with any political party or candidate for the trust violation is justified.

Notwithstanding, the challenges originating from the misrepresentations during elections.

The consistent voting abstinence from the Republican members in Congress is visibly the sworn allegiance to various interests guiding the legislative process.

It is true that the health care legislation was a courageous step in Presidential history.

Nevertheless, the reform needs to be meaningful and,

I understand that you are in agreement with the health care bill lacking in serious competition without the federal programs for the vast majority.

Not surprisingly, the health care and insurance companies like their counterparts in other sectors welcome the federal funding and bailouts to facilitate their prosperity,

But, they are resilient to federal regulations and recommendations such as the Single Payer system.

It’s an uphill battle with every legislation because of the special interests’ investments in lobbying.

It could be easily overcome, if the candidates running for office decline the corporate financing and instead rely upon their ability in winning the public confidence by honoring the constitutional oath to serve the nation.

Now is the time to reverse the corporate dominance in legislation to favor the public interest.

The long held tradition has bankrupted the economy with multitrillion-dollar deficits and betrayed consumer rights.

Free market resistance to regulations through overindulgence in a democratic political system has backfired leading the economy to an abyss.

It cannot possibly continue forever. It’s unsustainable and evidenced in the domestic and global economy.

That’s why there was enormous faith in your Presidency to ‘Change’ the course and liberate the government from privatized status.

It’s never too late to act for better results and sometimes one has to strive hard to achieve the targets.

I believe that ‘Change,’ is necessary and extend my relentless cooperation to your administration and the elected officials on both sides of the political aisle provided the policies be implemented to protect the Main Street interest and the environment.

They are:

Campaign finance reform – barring corporate donations and eliminating loopholes towards campaign contributions,

Adherence to transparency and accountability in national and international affairs,

Medicare expansion via Single Payer system to contain costs and save life either through amendment or annexure by reallocating federal funding from the private health care.

Tough financial measures to prevent economic meltdown,

Job creation by reviving the manufacturing sector and boosting the small business/Retail industry –
The tax credits to the corporations and small businesses for hiring and retaining employees is praiseworthy.

Fiscal responsibility – National deficit reduction by enforcing the– “Waste not and Want not” ethic – beginning with defense budget spending is paramount.

Nuclear weapons eradication – Your efforts to gain international consensus is progressive and perhaps, persistence will yield the desirable outcome.

Environment by adopting clean renewable energy, which means abandoning offshore drilling, uranium and coal mining,

Maintaining K-12 and higher education funding as a prudent investment for a bright future – Federal funding has been impressive unlike certain states’ with misplaced priorities.

Social justice such as gay rights and fair immigration laws,

Similar approach in resolving international conflicts, establishment of peace and freedom for oppressed population –

Comprise the basic requirements.

Power is powerful when used to empower the powerless in the society and that being –

Secure jobs, 24/7 health care access, good education, safe environment and eternal peace.

I am optimistic that together we can accomplish the highlighted goals and proceed in a positive direction.

I look forward to working with you in all these issues and dedicate my service to humanity.


Padmini Arhant


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