Popular demand for Universal Health care – Single Payer System

April 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The special interests representing the insurance and the health care industry successfully thwarted the consumer demand for Single Payer System with aggressive lobbying and campaign.

It’s not hard to figure out the reason behind industry opposition to Single Payer system.

Single Payer system is the guaranteed health care for all citizens regardless of personal health and economic status.

With the 24/7 access across the nation, it effectively addresses the opponent’s claims against the ‘Universal Medicare.’

Issues such as waiting period and subsidized quality are eliminated with the promotion of Medicare payments and not cuts to the hospitals and the professionals across the health care spectrum.

Similar to the social security number assigned to every legal resident, the Medicare expansion with a standard Medicare card for 24/7 access at any medical facility is long overdue in the only industrialized nation restricting the provision.

Medicare is an established system in the United States.

Other federal programs that are operating in conjunction with Medicare are highly beneficial to the segments receiving the government administered health care service.

Programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, VA, COBRA along with Medicare are the salvation for the ailing and the unaffordable groups in the society.

Since these services are available only to specific segments, the vast majority are forced to endure the abusive conditions in the private insurance and health care industry.

Consolidation of the current federal programs into a ‘Single Payer system,’ would not only provide universal coverage in real terms but also contain the astronomical costs incurred by the taxpayers in the exclusively privatized national health care.

The irony in a democracy is, the people are expected to cast their votes to their representatives and they are forbidden from seeking the basic human rights like the national health care for their contributions through exorbitant premiums and tax dollars.

Contrarily, the campaigns funded by the relevant industries ensure they more than recover their investment in each candidacy from the local to the highest office on the land.

Otherwise, democracy is up for sale during the elections.

The largest donation recipient usually emerges the victor, and then onwards,

The campaign financiers control the legislative process, leaving the electorate with the actual power, a mere formality.

Citizens’ consciousness to the democracy abduction is devoid of vigor and often distracted by the corporate owned media and other outlets, ever dedicated to spin the facts into the concocted theory in obeisance to the sponsors.

When politics is governed by profit management, the democracy’s voice is silenced with massive propaganda and shenanigans.

As a result, the truth and the public trust are casualties in the so-called free and fair elections and the governance supposedly pledged to transparency and accountability.

Speaking against injustice by itself declared as injustice and condemned in the highest order.

Again, the condemnation varies with the target’s background.

The health care is a classic example where the public plight is subject to the industry and their representatives’ acknowledgment or the lack thereof evidenced in the health care legislation costing in excess of $35 trillion for the period 2010 – 2019 and,

Yet the estimated 34 million remain uninsured until such time.

In addition, the mandatory insurance purchase from the private sector expected to generate revenue in penalties through default by the 4 million struggling households.

Essentially, the electorate granting power through the ballots is rendered powerless in a democracy defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Changes do not occur voluntarily.

Throughout history, the grass roots movement has been responsible for the paradigm shift in politics, economic and social environment.

Their activism and relentless support has been instrumental in promoting economic and social justice, particularly political freedom in different parts of the world.

Sometimes human apathy is directly related to ‘individualism.’

Personal experience triggers instant reaction than passive exposure.

Health care bill like the other legislations, severely affects every citizen as a subscriber and a taxpayer.

Complacent to the recent legislation by denouncing the factual presentation is oxymoron, notwithstanding narcissism.

Standing with the power is an easier option and commonly displayed in the absence of courage.

Failure to amend the health care bill is declining the popular demand for ‘Universal Medicare,’ through Single Payer system –

The honorable and the best health care policy to end the population misery.

Denial eventually leads to cataclysmic outcome and in the health care matter,

It’s a choice between saving life and adhering to the political convention.

Citizens’ need compromised in the health care bill is a travesty and the inaction to reverse the course reveals the Washington reality.

People must come together and share their passion to restore democracy conspicuously lost in the special interests’ dominant legislative affairs, poignantly the health care reform.

Remember, the health care debacle is like the wildfire known for ravaging the entire habitat.

Reluctance to modify the health care legislation to ‘Universal Medicare with 24/7 access’ is an invitation to a colossal political defeat in the midterm elections.

Rationality never betrays at the crossroads of decision-making.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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