Political Irony in Republican Congress Victory

November 18, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Bush Tax cuts Expiration and Preserving Social Security – The Republican members’ opposition to this issue is no surprise considering the campaign financing received during the November 2010 election.

However, should the consequences be the struggling majority bear the burden of the privilege to the top 1% in the society?

The earlier proposal offering permanent tax reduction to middle income families earning $250,000 or less and subjecting those earning more to the progressive tax structure on the residual income adequately meets the requirements in income distribution and deriving national revenue that could perhaps be applied to deficit reduction.

In fact, by passing the above prudent measure the Congressional members would be relieving the tax payers across the board from excess taxation and allow voluntary economic stimulus through consumer spending.

The Republican members’ gridlock in this legislation would derail the needful tax breaks to all deserving taxpayers in the tough economic times.

Regarding Social Security – The Social Security Administration Act introduced during Great Depression by the former President Franklin Roosevelt is a formidable economic policy that withstood turbulence and provided the safety net for millions of hard working American families in the retirement years until now.

Any attempts to jeopardize the only reliable income source would be catastrophic for the business and the government dependent upon the consumers and taxpayers to revive the economy.

Social Security is the fundamental protection for the vulnerable population in the increasingly volatile financial market resisting regulations and submitting to failures – the preferred short term strategy that led the global markets to a near free fall.

Citizens across the political spectrum are against legislation proved to be detrimental to their retirement savings through Social Security.

The legislators ignoring the republic request for personal and special interest might be dealing with repeat political outcome in the next election.

Therefore, pursuing economic policies that could endanger citizens’ survival is best abandoned for political reasons as well.

Similarly in Medicare and Medicaid intervention – the alternative course exacerbates the sick, the seniors and the poor people’s plight with the private health insurance costs exceeding the anticipated savings by eliminating the federal program.

When citizens are deprived of basic living standards, decent income and easily accessible health care, it directly impacts the entire society. The mid-term Republican victory pledged to improve American life cannot be achieved with business-as-usual practice in Washington and State Capitals conforming to the political irony.

The citizens’ active participation to block the counterproductive legislation on Bush tax cuts, Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid services are extremely important in a representative democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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