Political Class and Media Hypocrisy

July 16, 2017

Political Class and Media Hypocrisy

By Padmini Arhant

It’s time for political class and media to quit scapegoat politics and justify their position enjoyed by them with public funded salary, extraordinary privileges and kickbacks on government contracts and legislations favoring corporations and special interests. Globalists owned media subverting facts and reality to maintain status quo is desperate strategy proved counterproductive thus far.

The political class and media or anyone accusing me of not delivering and claiming celebrity status when my identity and real name is suppressed with proxies and phonies misrepresenting me and my contributions nearing a decade without being paid a dime or any benefits whether health care, retirement or basic existence compensation is browbeating much to self-detriment.

I invite the critics – the ones who are questioned for their corruption, criminal and megalomaniacal activities to step into my shoes and demonstrate what they expect of me instead of being engaged in constant vilification presumed as their prerogative.

In return, I pose the question to the powerful and influential entities –

What have you done besides amassing wealth lasting several generations and still considered never enough alongside basking in undeserving glory and pageantry?

Anything claimed as input and delivery is the job expected to be performed given the status and career chosen by one with more to reap than offer from their end.

The current trend to snipe me at every opportunity is an utter waste of taxpayer funds and media role would be appropriate in presenting news events without contriving matter for commercial gains and political advantage.

Perhaps expressing gratitude towards any devoting their time and efforts in serving the world for free without any financial costs to anybody rather than disparaging them bearing in mind that one has to afford ones’ survival as well in addition to meeting extreme demands from those who barely recognize their responsibility in the respective posts and expend life in cynicism and discord.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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