Philippines – Typhoon Emergency Aid

December 18, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Philippines, the Archipelago in South East Asia is bracing severe floods from typhoon Washi.

So far more than 600 casualties reported and several residents missing from the affected zones.

The rescue operation through army and federal agency is a daunting task considering the magnitude of damage and rising death toll.

Further, the landslides are exacerbating the emergency response in saving lives.

The displaced victims sheltered in public premises across different provinces are relying on essential supplies and services such as drinking water, sanitary conditions to avoid waterborne disease other than medical provisions, food and necessary articles.

Philippines geographical location with fault lines, volcano and vulnerability to tropical storms from the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea pose extreme weather conditions often resulting in loss of lives.

With torrential rain predicted to follow the devastating cyclone,

The international community is urged to offer financial assistance to minimize operational hazards in reaching the flood survivors with medical requirement and other needs.

Individuals could also provide for the cause easing economic burden on the government besides alleviating population suffering.

Global warming is a serious threat to humanity emanating from environmental negligence.

The prolonged unusual weather is unsustainable on the economic, physical and environmental standpoint.

Global society collaborative effort in reducing substantial carbon emission is the immediate priority and governments together with various communities’ commitment could expedite the desirable outcome.

Please make donations to international charity Red Cross and other reputable organizations by visiting their website and contribute to Philippines disaster relief.

Your generosity and compassion in the critical hour would be much appreciated.

With sincere condolences to victims’ families, prayers are offered for swift recovery and restoration.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

























































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