International Women’s Day Centennial Celebration

By Padmini Arhant

Today – On March 8, 2011 the international community celebrates the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day.

It would be poignant to recognize and honor women’s role in every aspect of life.

Life formation to functionality is facilitated by the equal gender ratio. Feminine grace combined with intellect and nurturing quality significantly enhances the beauty of evolutionary process.

Women’s contribution since life on earth has been instrumental in humanitarian progress. Religion, education, politics, military, economics, trade and commerce, science and technology, space exploration, archaeology, spirituality, arts and humanities…to the most important responsibility being a homemaker define the character and strength of womanhood.

Rising to prominence and making history in various capacity appropriately adorns the female essence throughout human civilization.

Despite the magnificent attributes the multi-talented women are yet to be acknowledged with equal social status in certain parts of the world.

Customs and traditions have held back communities in these regions depriving them from the benefits of women empowerment.

Young girls and women are socially stigmatized and subject to atrocities in the new millennium with many of them denied basic education leading to abject poverty and life-long dependency in the society.

Accomplishments without social equality are meaningless for it generates economic disparity defeating the sole purpose of national goals.

Although there are organizational efforts to promote basic human rights for women, the universal impact would confirm the milestones reached in advancing the women’s cause.

It is a challenge to transform the archaic mindset frozen in time declining the influence of modern era with women often enduring the negative effects to their detriment.
Even in the twenty first century – the treatment of women and limited participation to restriction in politics witnessed in some political systems has undermined their ability to share powerful ideas with great potential for national gains.

Women’s performance in other areas is not always appreciated in the otherwise competitive workforce. The mineworkers’ salary and benefits were unsuccessfully contested in the United States highest court of land.

Addressing distinctive anomalies could considerably elevate the conditions in the social environment with pervasive prospects for all.

The light at the end of the tunnel could be a reality rather than a perception provided the political will exemplified in consolidated action yielding the desirable change.

Congratulations! On the Centennial Celebration of Women’s Day.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant