Misplaced Diplomacy – His Holiness Dalai Lama’s Visit to Washington

October 8, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

His Holiness Dalai Lama is one of the favorite guests for the people around the world. The spiritual leader is a personification of peace, joy and immense hope for the people of Tibet and an overwhelming majority in the international community.

His Holiness’ visit has been anything except controversial in any part of the world, despite the authority in China politicizing the spiritual leader’s visit to deflect the horrendous humanitarian crime against the peaceful Tibetan population not barring the suppression of democracy in the Mainland and ethnic provinces of China.

According to the news reports, Washington has differed the meeting with his holiness as a precautionary measure due to the impending visit by the President of the United States to China and the possible ramifications on the Chinese leadership cooperation or the lack thereof in the economic and environment policy, notwithstanding the contentious Iranian nuclear negotiations.

All the more reason for the urgent expansion of the United Nations Security Council that holds the globally persecuted population hostage to camouflage the atrocities against humanity.

The White House elected option in this context is extremely disappointing considering the democratic status and the tradition followed with respect to receiving guests from diverse backgrounds to promote diplomacy unless the entity is a threat to national or international security…

There appears to be a mistaken identity. The regime in China should realize that the guest denied honorable reception to appease them is not Osama, but instead the diametrically opposite being, the Dalai Lama and Beijing’s implied deliberations on the important global matter suggests the implicit spread of the world’s most fearsome ‘Communist’ rule by proxy against even the firmly democratic United States and other nations.

Interestingly, China’s neighbor and the obvious thorn on their side, Taiwan was threatened by the Communist regime stating the protocol as provocative during the holiness recent visit to the island nation. However, the Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou let diplomacy override the political shenanigan from Beijing.

As detailed earlier in the blogpost on this website –” People’s Republic of China – The Deadly Dragon” published on 08/13/2009, letting the Communist regime dictate terms and conditions to the nations regardless of stature is a dangerous precedence and inflates the hubris of the authority responsible for the most genocides worldwide.

The irony is, the repressive regime reining in on the economic power through tactical investment in U.S. Treasury notes while dumping goods on the U.S. consumers thereby enslaving the ‘Superpower’ to the point of no return. Meanwhile, the Communist nation engaged in worst humanitarian crimes in history remains a mere spectacle dissipating into a fading memory.

The International Court of Justice as the UN judiciary has diligently held trials against the perpetrators of human atrocities until date. Similarly, the International criminal court, a permanent tribunal potentially has global jurisdiction on war crimes to genocides and other massacres. Yet, the two most internationally dependent judicial systems are oblivious to the regime’s historical brutality towards humans across the globe.

The heinous crimes among them are – the systemic abuse of the Tibetan population and desecration of the holy shrines including the enriched Tibetan culture.

Subsequently, the Tiananmen massacre in worldview, Darfur genocide, Sri Lankan Government ethnic cleansing and now the mass killings of the people of Guinea, West Africa by the military dictator has Beijing’s footprints i.e. trademarks as the chief supplier of the conventional deadly arsenals to these impoverished regions.

North Korea, Pakistan and Iran are in the MFN (Most Favored Nation) category for the Communist nation in the prolific arms race.

Notably in Darfur, the authoritarian rule violating the self sanctioned UN arms embargo as the permanent member of the UN Security council is the absolute defiance for the international rule of law by the regime, essentially delivering the present P5 UN Security Council irrelevant, if not a laughing stock to say the least.

In light of the continuous denouncement by Beijing towards his holiness’ visit to any nations for a spiritual and educational purpose or otherwise, it’s imperative for the UN General assembly to condemn the dictatorial regime and act vigorously by demanding the dissolution of the UN Security Council with members violating their resolutions for political and economic gains.

The present UN Security Council has emboldened the rogue nations with the leadership of China as the Chieftain successfully enabling the holocausts around the world particularly the oppressed Tibet in the Himalayan foothills.

China had no business to invade Tibet before and has no reason to occupy the region now. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the Chinese regime to heed to the prophetic warning and prepare for Tibet’s inevitable independence and not the autonomy as pleaded by the spiritual leader, Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan population deserves freedom and democracy through self-governance and not be subject to a diabolical rule in the twenty first century. This is not the Genghis Khan or Kublai Khan era for annexations and the international authorities cannot ignore the extreme human suffering under the past and the present Communist dictatorship.

Lack of action to bring the Chinese leadership to justice is complicity to the human annihilation in the worst order leaving a violent legacy for the future world.

As for China, holding the U.S. trillion dollar debt and defying the climate issue will be self-detrimental. Any willful harm to the world’s largest consumer base, the U.S. economy is an economic disaster for the global warehouse, China interdependent on the U.S. performance to sustain the presumptuous ‘emerging economic’ position in the global market. Even if China threatens to discard the U.S. currency, it would be fatal for the Chinese economic prospects given the volatility in the other international currency such as Euro resisting the precipitous rise, taking toll on the export nations like Germany.

Non-compliance to the environmental requirement is an invitation to the calamities continually experienced in several parts of China ranging from the earthquake, floods and typhoons that no longer constitutes a natural act.

With respect to the Iranian nuclear negotiations, it should be clear from the horrific evidence in Sudan (Darfur), North Korea and Burma that Beijing’s commitment to world peace and order is to be taken with a grain of salt because of the back alley trading and cohesion to the belligerent leaderships in these regions, conforming with the belief,

Birds of a feather flock together.

Besides, the present UN Security Council will be unable to deter Beijing from trading with Iran. China’s huge investments in the oil refineries, the hindering factor for Iran from becoming the leading crude oil exporter is in the elimination process through Beijing’s extensive involvement with Iran to satisfy the oil quest from the economic growth.

The only alternative to contain the recalcitrant Beijing is to expand the UN Security Council from P5 to P11 and introduce credibility to the UN authority governing the global crisis.

Throughout history, the communist leadership in China has demonstrated a disturbing and an untrustworthy relationship with its neighbors and other economies to achieve the long desired ‘Superpower’ goal. The mounting betrayal to humanity is a tip of the iceberg.

The U.S. subservience to China is a regrettable trend reflected in Beijing’s unethical demands to the American investors e.g. Google barred from competing in China on bizarre accounts and the mandatory regulation for technology sector to market PCs with built-in filters to curb free speech… are a few of the unscrupulous practices in the Far-Eastern ethos. Free and fairness is oxymoron to the regime.

The White House obliging to Beijing’s unnecessary intervention in diplomatic course with individuals and nations warrants a serious threat to the U.S sovereignty previously undermined by the espionage charges against Beijing’s agents and the recent alleged spying via telecommunication cables.

It’s time for the world population to come together and reject the totalitarian regime in China wreaking havoc not only in its own soil but also for the entire humanity. Since the democratically elected governments are reluctant to challenge the regime, pursuing peaceful and non-violent dissent against injustice is symbolic and a guaranteed success for liberation proven in the twentieth century.

Another effective strategy for the world population is to invest in other economies deserving equal opportunity to economic freedom.

The White House misplaced diplomacy against the spiritual leader might be an interim false victory for Beijing. Nevertheless, the ancient wisdom confirms that the end is near when the mind is unclear revealed through Beijing’s double-crossing in the domestic and international affairs.

Tibet was once a free spiritual sanctuary and destined to be so in the immediate future. Only time will prove the certain outcome for the pious and peace-loving Tibetan population.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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