Message Alert to America and the Rest of the World

December 4, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

I’ll release my response shortly to the recent development on the Afghan war and the West Point address by President Barack Obama.

I urge every American to take responsibility for actions committed on their behalf and in their name on foreign locations through political activities and wars by the powerful establishment such as the Military Industrial Complex that not only undermines the American democracy but also serves as the primary reason for global terrorism against American lives.

These are serious times demanding absolute attention because ‘Change’ cannot happen with one person’s voice and it’s imperative for every human being on this earth to think and contemplate over the powerful controlling the destiny of billions of lives through dominance and unconstitutional interference in political domain.

Needless to say that the forces have been highly successful due to the coherence of certain high profile political entities representing the establishment’s interest rather than the welfare of the citizens at home or across the globe. This is in reference to the willful participants apparent in the missions conducted thus far.

Details are available in the republished article ‘Global Terrorism’ December 28, 2008, International Politics, on this website and most importantly the segments with the revelations on 9/11 and the deliberate decision leading to the failure to capture the terror mastermind Osama Bin laden.

My message to the Military Industrial Complex is not to interpret my silence in the past two days as a retreat to the state of no return. I do not let my resolve crumble from the status quo resilience and in fact, remain steadfast to establish peace and harmony through non-violent philosophy.

It’s incumbent on the members of Congress, media and the public to demand legitimate explanation for the questions raised in my article titled ‘Checks and Balances – Afghan War Strategy,’ along with the facts pertaining to the September 11 attacks that is poignant to the premise falsely used by the military institution to prolong the war in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Whenever there is dissent against unlawful actions yielding unmitigated loss of lives at unaffordable economic costs, it is retaliated by casting a shadow on the ‘patriotism’ of the individual standing in between the powerful and the powerless. Often it’s easier to portray the dissenter as a questionable character, when the individual is an ‘immigrant’ from a specific region of the world.

To those raising questions about my patriotism towards my adopted nation, the United States of America that I call home, I have the following response.

Anyone having doubts about my commitment towards the United States or humanity at large through my message of peace, progress and prosperity for all around the globe should refer to the blogposts relentlessly presented by placing my life and family welfare on hold in the past two years without seeking monetary benefits or compensations of any kind.

More than 500 articles posted from the websites of, eblogger and the current website revealing the heartfelt sentiments for this nation and its greatness.

The zeal demonstrated to steer the nation in electing the first African American candidate as the 44th President of the United States despite several attacks, flak, humiliation and exploitation by the political campaigns and their opponents.

I would like to add that my enthusiasm defending the United States as the only viable Superpower long before my political involvement has attracted vigorous discussions and criticisms from some quarters at home and overseas considering the military and foreign policy positions of the United States. My loyalty to this nation even while remaining away from the American soil reflected in the continuous contribution to the U.S. economy against other available options.

I believe in actions and not words alone. Hence, the truth is visible only to the discerning beholder.

Meanwhile, there is enough public evidence equivalent to put one’s foot in one’s mouth against the authorities challenging my ‘patriotism’ to evade the illogical policies implemented in the vulnerable parts of the world.

Please check out the subsequent adapted articles, segments on the Afghan and Iraq war that is relevant to the current disturbing strategies pursued by the forces behind the operation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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