Islam – The Religion of Peace

September 10, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Islam has been the target of the political, religious and social demagoguery.

Today, Islam – a sacred religion with an approximate 1.5 billion followers is the scapegoat for the ideologues representing the various factions in the world society.

From terrorism, warfare, politics, religion to social domain – Islam is the convenient alibi.

The actions are meant to reflect the so-called “tolerance, acceptance, and social equality.”

The ideology has no limit in seizing the opportunity to promote the individual belief, rights, political clout and image. Such irrationality stems from defiance against one’s own reasoning faculties.

If religion is commercialized by the religious authorities, the political opportunists politicize for their personal agenda.

As for the mainstream media – they do not wish to be left behind in the popularity contest.

So they play a dominant role in sensationalizing the issues and elevate narcissism to evangelism.

United States is confronted with two social issues surrounding Islam.

Burn the “Qur’an” day and the interfaith community center construction in Lower Manhattan, New York.

With respect to the provocative declaration against “The Holy Qur’an,” – The pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida – an unknown entity for obvious reasons until yesterday is now a celebrity in his own rights predominantly due to unnecessary media attention.

Amid speculations on the consequences following the desecration threat, the global condemnation from the highest hierarchies is justified but fails to recognize the real forces behind the inflammatory remarks and actions.

Pastor Terry Jones having assumed the responsibility to preach the gospel teachings of “Lord Jesus Christ,” is preparing to demonstrate his misconceptions about Islam and the religious scripture that personifies peace in every aspect.

The pastor’s intention overrides the virtues exemplified by the founder of Christianity – “Lord Jesus Christ,” – peace, love and compassion icon.

Attempts to insult Islam or any religion without exception are a direct assault on the religion they pretend to represent.

For true believers and the faithful ones would do everything in their power to be inclusive and not exclusive as witnessed in the contentious religious discourse.

As a result ignorance is pervasive in claiming that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are distinctive in one way or another regardless of all religions epitomizing peace and solidarity.

Denying equal respect to all religions is blatant rejection of “Almighty God,” – one supreme spiritual power worshiped by all through different sources.

Notwithstanding the discriminatory practice being disingenuous to the religion upheld as superior against the rest.

In this instance, the pastor’s decision to denigrate Islam suggests “Lord Jesus Christ” repeat crucifixion.

Allowing hatred, malice and presumptuousness to prevail over peace, harmony and humility is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

Islam is revered by Muslims in the same manner as Christianity by Christians, Judaism by Jews, Hinduism by Hindus, Sikhism by Sikhs, Buddhism by Buddhists, Jainism by Jains, Zoroastrianism by Parsis, Baha’ism by Baha’i…and all others whose forgiveness is sought for not being specified.

Any dispute in this regard would be arising from personal disposition against universal acknowledgment.

Pastor Terry Jones needs soul searching and reconciliation with reality.

If the pastor is submitted to Lord Jesus Christ and the lord’s clearly defined morals then he would wisely refrain from negative thoughts, words and deeds with an inevitable harm to fellow human beings whether they are American troops or Muslim friends and neighbors – essentially the humanity at large.

Pastors and priests have a greater obligation to pursue peace and help easing tensions in communities not become the cause for publicity.

Hence for Christ sake and the love of Jesus, abandoning disrespectful and demeaning activities against other religions would lead to discovering peace within and eventually assist in spreading peace around.

Hopefully, the pastor would heed to the concerned citizens plea and devote his attention in bringing people of all faiths together rather than indulging in divisive motives.

Peace to Islam and all other religions around the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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