Iraq’s New Government – Imperative for National and Regional Stability

May 15, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Following the article titled “Iraq’s Political Stalemate – Solution to a Promising Future,” published on the website May 14, 2010,

The topic is continued to lay emphasis on the serious ramifications for a nation without the republic approved political power in office.

According to the latest reports, the Iraqi election results declare the secular Shiite leader – Ayad Allawi, the winner with strong Sunni and other minority party support for having secured the most parliament seats.

The former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s undemocratic stance by excluding the Sunnis and forming a coalition with religious Shiites to challenge the electoral outcome is worthy of condemnation.

Further, the election commission has confirmed in response to vote verification demand for inaccuracy that:

“A full recount in Baghdad province showed no fraud or major irregularities.”

Thus invalidating the ex- Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki’s claim against the winning party on voter fraud.

Meanwhile, the Sunnis concern about being eliminated from the coalition by the Maliki government and the repercussions are evident in the relentless violence orchestrated by the militants with a yet another bomb explosion outside a mosque South of Baghdad reportedly killing 20 people, in addition to the 119 people who died earlier last week.

Simultaneously, the reports cite the tragic 10 people deaths caused by a suicide bomber in the northern city of Tal Afar, near a soccer field.

Above all, Al-Qaida is wasting no time in exploiting the worst developments for a potential full-blown ‘sectarian warfare,’ attributed to political obstinacy displayed by the former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

Al-Qaida’s network in Iraq operating under the name ‘Minister of War,’ is a by-product of the brewing tension arising from the illegitimate political power espousing partisan politics in a secular society.

The deliberate attempt to destabilize the political environment contributing to sectarian attacks is favorable to the militants, terror networks, occupiers and the political power seeking indefinite term in office despite the electoral defeat.

Therefore, it’s incumbent upon the vying candidate and the former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki to honor the national election mandate and concede to the democratically elected winner, and secular Shiite leader, Ayad Allawi.

Democratic elections are meaningless if the losing party defy the electorates will and the transition in power deemed discretionary.

Iraqis have endured tyranny, persecution, endless death and destruction.

The people of Iraq regardless of religious sect deserve peace and political stability.

Iraqis must come together instead of rising against one another and exercise their power to restore democracy by granting the winner with most Parliament seats, the leader Ayad Allawi, the opportunity to assume office as the Prime Minister of Iraq effective immediately.

Throughout history, the civil movements have been responsible for changing the course of their country towards freedom, peace, social and economic progress.

Iraq is home to all citizens irrespective of the perceived differences among them. It’s important for both sides to renounce violence in thoughts, words and deeds in order to become trustworthy.

What they are struggling to achieve individually, they will accomplish collectively upon accepting one another as human beings and Iraqi first prior to any classification.

By staying united as Iraqi citizens, they can drive the forces causing indiscriminate chaos and carnage including the epidemic – political corruption.

Both Shiites and Sunnis need to put their grievances aside by moving forward with a common goal to make Iraq a shrine of peace, unity and prosperity.

Political uncertainty without a functional government is a major threat to national security.

The recently elected Iraqi officials are constitutionally bound to form a government and it’s been over two months past the elections, the democratically elected leader has not been sworn in officially.

Unfortunately, the status quo is not denounced in spite of the innocent Iraqi civilians targeted in the erupting sectarian conflict.

The electorate has spoken in the democratic electoral process with the secular Shiite leader, Ayad Allawi as the preferred head of the state.

Congratulations! To the Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allawi and,

Wishing Success in the unified Iraq through fair Parliamentary representation to address the individual and common issues.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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