Iran Nuclear Program – U.S. NATO & Israel Military Strike – An Apocalyptic Mission

November 10, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Nuclear proliferation is a global challenge in the twenty first century. The nuclear states hierarchy has contributed to non-cooperation in ratifying Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

The explicit nuclear threats exemplified by the prominent nuclear nations are largely responsible for the prolific nuclear quest.

Since the nuclear nations share equal responsibility in adherence to non-proliferation, the lack of fairness in the nuclear capability verification and the absence of universal treatment is the deterrent factor for the non-compliance among certain nuclear and non-nuclear weapon states.

Further, the ‘peaceful purpose’ concept through civilian program is a convenient avenue for some nations to advance their nuclear weaponization ignoring the inevitable serious ramifications.

Iran seeking nuclear status under such premise is a legitimate concern among the international community. Besides, Iran’s nuclear ambition could be detrimental for national and regional security.

In the increasingly insecure global environment, the nuclear threat is a potential cause for preemptive strikes and the opportunity readily available upon the Iranian nuclear weapon development.

Iran would essentially facilitate the imminent targeted attack by moving forward with the fissile material production or in accepting any nuclear deal considering the inflammatory remarks against Israel possibly used as circumstantial evidence and the Arab nations’ conspicuous reservations against Iran as the nuclear power.

Iranian authorities’ influence over Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shia insurgents is well known and the speculative nuclear arms race in the Middle East following the Iranian nuclear armament could become the fundamental reason in the military operation against Iran unequivocally evolving into a recipe for disaster in the volatile region.

Given Iran’s extemporaneous nuclear undertaking the events leading to the military response would be catastrophic triggering a worldwide confrontation. The recent reports stated that the White House never ruled out the military option and the policy reiterated through the US State department.

Hence, it is in Iran’s best interest to terminate the entire nuclear activities effective immediately and allow IAEA inspection not only to meet the international requirement but also thwart the underlying inextricable military attack aimed at the Iranian nuclear facilities with a pervasive impact on the region and the rest of the world.

Iran is not in a position to procrastinate as the military strategy has been a work-in-progress and completely prepared for the appropriate time. Iran’s default would be self-endangering and devastating considering the ‘all options including nuclear warning’ has been the agenda in the long contentious nuclear dialogue.

It is imperative for Iran to realize that convincing the allies on the nuclear involvement as the sovereign right to nuclear energy and any decisions to pursue nuclear arsenal would precisely authorize the military intervention for the warring factions.

Moreover, Iran being the fourth major oil producer with an estimated 10% of the total global oil reserves, the civilian nuclear program arguably raises a credibility issue and declining access to the international monitoring agencies for assessment arouses suspicion implying the definitive expansion to a nuclear warhead in the discreet uranium enrichment.

Iran could perhaps end the nuclear program and consequentially the imposed economic sanctions that has created enormous trade restrictions affecting the national revenue especially investments for oil production.

It would clearly be a winning situation for Iran in renouncing the nuclear goals and most importantly prevent an apocalyptic occurrence with Iran being the initial casualty and originating point.

Hopefully, Iran would reconcile terms with reality and let rationality prevail over ideology.

Peace to Iran and the Middle East.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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