International Events – India Independence Day

August 16, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Happy Independence Day to India on August 15, 2010.

India celebrated its 63rd anniversary amid stability and domestic crisis.

On the economic front, India is focused on GDP growth but struggling to contain food prices.

The inflation is contributing to the public anger and disappointment reflected in the national polls directed at the Central government.

Adding to the problem is the recent handling of the farmers’ plight in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The State government’s slow response to the situation is criticized nonetheless; the damage control measures are being implemented possibly with the Central government intervention if required.

While being steadily progressive, the Indian economy has been challenged with inflation in some areas like food that is demanding immediate attention from both the public and private sector.

The government authorities, i.e. the Agricultural Ministry is under lot of pressure to act effectively in controlling the rising inflation.

Although, India is known to be fairly self-sufficient in staple food and other produces, the price surge could be attributed to natural and superficial factors. The nation has been dealing with extreme drought and floods in different parts of the country lately exacerbating the farmers’ uphill battle against the economic woes surrounding a good harvest.

Alternatively, the supply could be restricted by the various merchant groups involved in the distribution right down to the government authorized ration shops diverting the stock for private sale influencing the market rate. It’s not uncommon and the artificial price hikes surface during consistent demand superficially escalated with the short supply.

Further, cash crop exports to promote GDP could be halted and instead used for domestic consumption until the affordable market price is restored.

Perhaps, the government and private investigation into such practices could ease the burden on the economy, the farmers and the consumers. It would also help if the State and the Central governments address the farmers’ various agricultural issues to improve production.

National Security – The Indian government is confronted with security threats within the national territory mainly instigated by external forces.

The Naxalite and Maoist Groups with communist ideology have remained in opposition to the democratic Central and state governments regardless of political factions.

At present the tension is compounded with the new evidence reportedly involving the Pakistani ISI and Pakistan sheltered fugitive – the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim hiring the naxals to wage proxy war against the Indian security force.

Neighboring nuclear nations’ incited insurgency in the world’s largest democracy is an unnecessary provocation and deserves global condemnation.

While one is portrayed as the ‘ally’ in the war on terror and the other a ‘reliable,’ economic partner, the reality being neither appear to be committed in the respective domains,

For, the terror masterminds especially Osama Bin Laden and other chief militants are at large and yet to be revealed from the undisclosed locations in Pakistan,

The currency adjustments against the U.S. dollar by China still remains a contentious issue despite China’s assurance in adhering to the U.S. and international request at the Toronto G-20 summit.

Meanwhile, the Indian Government’s best strategy would be to initiate a dialogue with the insurgents i.e. the Naxalites and,

If the grievances are economic and social disparities related, then those anomalies could be appropriately fixed by providing the necessary means to the segments including minority representation in the parliament.

Concurrently, freezing the proxy war agents’ bank accounts and financial channels,

In addition to, tracing and terminating the rebels’ ammunition origin would deter the uprising and encourage peaceful negotiations.

The other matter pertains to Pakistan based militant group – Lashkar-e-Taiba instigated separatist movement in Kashmir.

Upon the State Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh including the cabinet ministers’ review of the secessionist proposal and call for peace in the valley with sincere offers to reconcile the differences, there was glimmering hope for amicable settlement in Kashmir.

However, the militants across the border aided by the terror groups and the Pakistan intelligence agency,

Ever determined to sabotage the Muslim population peaceful existence ignited a renewed unrest leading to loss of lives and curfew imposition in Kashmir.

It proves that the institution like a national intelligence agency traditionally responsible to defend and protect civilians from harm are unfortunately dedicated to counterproductive activities claiming innocent Muslim lives at their domicile and in the neighboring state.

Ironically, the Muslim population is attacked and killed more in Pakistan than anywhere else by the same terror groups that are behind the separatist movement misleading them for an independent state in Kashmir.

A persistent and persuasive peace talk is an ideal approach for the Indian leaderships in resolving the political and social disputes. It is guaranteed to provide a positive outcome.

Avoiding firearms and excessive tactics against unarmed civilians in any circumstances is favorable to all sides.

In other areas of interest –

Investments in green technology and robust environmental policy are crucial to protect the planet.

India could lead in the renewable energy use by adapting to natural sources rather than fossil fuel or nuclear resource. Given the suitable weather conditions, India would highly benefit in providing cost effective energy programs to all.

Alleviating the suffering in hunger, poverty and disease among the vast majority would enhance development.

Completing infrastructure projects within time frame is better for business opportunities and national image.

Otherwise, India’s achievements since independence is exemplified in the status quo as an emerging economy, thriving secular democracy, innovator in science and technology and a cultural phenomenon to say the least.

Best Wishes to the Republic of India for a long lasting peace, eternal progress and prosperity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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