India – New Delhi Government Intervention Leads to Rape Victim Fatality

December 28, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Indian Capital, New Delhi erupted in mass protest in the past two weeks when twenty three old young paramedic student was attacked by nefarious group in public transport and the government gross mishandling fomented youth euphemism vis-a-vis identical crime reportedly comprising names of individuals in incumbent political party.

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Ref: Regarding Government intrusion on civilian care.

The rape victim apparently died overseas upon New Delhi Government direction to shift the patient in critical condition to Singapore despite Medical experts and attending physicians’ strong reservations against such action.

Perhaps it is time for Indian youth to rise to the occasion and demand justice not only in this tragic situation but also call for public investigation on the previous rape victim Sukanya evidently shared similar experience with a difference being the perpetrators in this particular case were allegedly members of the ruling political party not barring the prominent entity expected to be the contender for the highest office on land – Prime Minister post in 2014 national election.

Any nation’s future is dependent on younger generation spirit to protect national integrity and credibility.

Although the burden of responsibility is on entire society, the youth as potential leaders in various fields especially politics that obviously in desperate need of decontamination and sanitization are expected to come forward in defending nation from degeneration.

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Prior to Delhi incident there was another alarming report referenced above in the link – involving a 17 year old young woman in Patiala, Punjab – again a target of brutal sexual assault by a group of criminal elements and the victim denied access to file First Information Report (FIR) – a prerequisite to pursue legal course against offenders per relevant judicial law.

However, according to the reports the law enforcement personnel deprived victim and family from the legal right exemplifying their complicity in the crime.

As though that was not enough, the corrupt police officers reportedly humiliated the teenager with the suggestion to drop the idea of filing formal complaint and,

Further advised her to either accept financial settlement or marry one of the rapists in compensation of her lost dignity and honor.

Subsequently, the teenager committed suicide much to her family’s devastation.

Obviously, there are more gruesome incidents waiting to be exposed and threatened from being brought to public domain likened to Sukanya matter due to high profile political entity being implicated in the criminal act.

National sovereignty and democratic system is tested in the demonstration of fairness and equality on all issues specifically social justice conspicuously on the decline in the world’s largest democracy under foreign rule.

Jago Bharat! Wake up India! Save the nation from subjugation.

With prayers for the departed souls to rest in peace,

Sincere condolences offered to all rape victims’ families and survivors in the nation enshrined with female deities and goddesses epitomizing valor in the resurrection of righteousness and dharma.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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