Hydrofracking – Endangering Life and Environment

April 19, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Despite oil spills, mining accidents, gas and nuclear power plant leakages proved catastrophic to life on planet, the exploration continues in defiance of environment laws further endangering lives and livelihoods.

Congressional Democrats investigation revealed the drilling process known as hydrofracking i.e. hydraulic fracking – an operation carried out by the oil and gas industry injecting toxic chemicals into underground bedrocks to extract petroleum and gas is a direct threat to the natural sources of drinking water.

The findings also suggest that the water contamination from the several million gallons of heavily concentrated hazardous chemicals used in the wells is a serious health concern and portends major risks for residents in more than thirteen states across the nation.

Oil companies’ discreet policies and reluctance in complete public disclosure on the chemicals poured in substantial volumes is a greater challenge in identifying the exact chemical compounds presenting an imminent danger to life.

The hydrofracking companies hired by the energy industry are evidently in violation of the safe drinking water act due to the pervasive carcinogenic effects from the harmful agents such as benzene and lead in massive quantities for fossil fuel production.

Democrat lawmakers’ report is an awakening for setting rigorous standards calling for ban on hydrofracking given the devastating impact on water supply and the residue settlements on the wastewater treatment plant for redistribution into the rivers.

With the BP oil spill anniversary on April 20, 2011 it is poignant to recall the irreparable damages caused by the biggest environment disaster yet to be contained in various fronts and,

The subsequent permits issued by the federal agency not to mention the moratorium on offshore drilling lifted even prior to addressing the environmental and economic losses from the negligence as well as delayed action in plugging the hole.

As for the energy industry assuming responsibility in preventing environment degradation –

Unfortunately prolific investments are made in maintaining the status quo and any political efforts in passing legislation successfully derailed through representatives against environment preservation.

These impediments combined with persistent environment abuse prevalent in the exploration techniques contribute to pollution thereby increasing health problems.

Hydofracking is obviously detrimental to health and environment.

The elimination of such dangerous methods is essential to safeguard life and only possible through mass intervention seeking legislative prohibition along with granting authority to EPA in monitoring the abandonment of drilling to sustain purity in natural elements like water.

Clean air and safe drinking water are fundamental requirements for survival and adversely affected by untested and unverifiable applications depleting the vital reserves in the quest for energy fuel.

Affordable alternative energy from solar, wind, water and biofuel are the best hope to meet the growing energy demands across the globe besides providing healthy living conditions for all inhabitants.

Finally sparing Mother Earth from systemic assaults on air, land and water would guarantee the desirable results in promoting life, abundance growth and fair distribution of resources among the nations currently deprived from such access.

Ending hydrofracking and offshore drilling would be choosing to save life over greed driven profits.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant

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