Hegemony – Diminishing To The Point of No Return

June 26, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Having reined control over the planet using violence and robbery to usurp to power until now,

Imperialism and globalism legacy to mankind is misery and slavery.

The hegemony fundamental values such as greed, envy, prejudice, hatred, hubris and acrimony…being prominent among many negative vices espoused individually and collectively are the basis for self-destruction.

Reiterating the fact the empire is on the decline due to abuse of power and immorality legitimizing deceit, distortion, perversion, extortion, manipulation, connivance and terrorism to prolong the evidently unsustainable status quo.

The forces defiance of humanitarian law – the last remaining bastion of justice considering the national and international laws are under hegemony influence is the precursor to degenerative process.

Hegemony nearing end is also indicative in the paradoxical state of mind adopting desperate measures to achieve ill-conceived aspirations at the expense of millions of innocent lives and depriving the rest from natural freedom.

The formation of secret society with clandestine meetings implementing massive surveillance and prying on law-abiding citizens unlike the members and loyalists nefarious activities deserving public scrutiny is preemptive conditioning of acceptance to authoritarianism.

Hegemony policy targeting truth seekers and speakers contributes to plain exposure of criminality cloaked in secrecy with grand immunity on crimes against humanity.

Those defending the illegal snooping and state obsession with citizens personal matter are complicit in the unconstitutional and undemocratic act aptly qualifying as treason.

The entire system premised on deception justifying the unjustifiable actions with guilty being glorified and innocent as well as honorable incarcerated is reflective of the establishment in decay beyond salvation.

With systemic erosion within undermining reasoning faculty, hegemony denial state is an illusion and impetus to mislead self and others despite the efforts proved counterproductive.

For instance, perpetuating warfare in Syria by arming terrorists and cannibals with lethal weapons producing mass graves of children, women and other civilians in that country while being protective of own family demonstrated in extraordinary care and preparation to ensure they come under no harm during any given time reveals hypocrisy – the standard practice and hegemony expertise in all global affairs.

The ideology driven ambitions with Machiavellian approach pursue power at all costs with no regard for immense suffering inflicted on victims in the delusional status of invincibility.

Furthermore, power and dominance attained by terror, propaganda and false allegations essentially attributing self-committed atrocities to opponent in warfare and otherwise exemplify lack of courage and integrity to face challenges especially truthful revelations rocking the crime epicenter in honest and normal engagement.

The loss of credibility and existing mistrust in scandalous operations threatening civil rights besides endangering lives and livelihoods held ransom to state hostility would precipitate much anticipated hegemony downfall relieving global society from anguish and agony.

The injustice having reached a crescendo would ultimately deliver the ill-fated outcome to perpetrators behind human plight and environment degradation.

Unless there is trend reversal following recognition and acknowledgment of wrongdoings emanating from irrational decisions directly related to en masse tragedy, the prevalent unfolding ramifications would intensify expediting terror syndicate departure.

The laws of nature has set limits including expiry date on all creations with tyranny in particular designed to succumb to presumptuousness and folly.

Hegemony at the crossroads heeding to wisdom and practicality could perhaps choose reform for peaceful co-existence or seek permanent refuge in dismal destiny.

Wishing the world unity and tranquility for pervasive progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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