Health Care Reform – A National Scam

April 25, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The revelations on the Health care legislation published via articles ‘Health Care Legislation Amendment,’ dated April 22, 2010 and ‘Health Care Reform – Facts and Flaws,’ April 23, 2010, based on the facts is a serious national crisis that cannot be slighted for political or personal ideology.

Legislation that is designed to favor the industry with dire consequences for the citizens, desperately relying on immediate relief from the abominable insurance and health care industry abuse have been defrauded under the guise of reform.

A thorough analysis of health care components on this website along with contributions from neutral economic experts, Medicare Office of the Actuary, Congressional Budget Office, Department of Health and Human Services unequivocally confirm the legislations’ serious implications on millions of lives and the national deficit at $35 trillion from 2010 to 2019.

The health care law in 2014, with mandatory insurance purchase from the private for profit health insurance industry, targets the struggling average Americans and the corporations with penalties for failing to enroll in the system.

However, the requirement on the insurance industry to accept patients with pre-existing illnesses has no similar conditions.

The cost-benefit determination for the decade – 2010-2019 and beyond is disproportionately alarming due to the essential national health care service exclusively privatized and exacerbated with compulsory insurance on federal funding via tax credits to middle and low-income families.

Federal funding to the economically disadvantaged population is necessary.

Unfortunately, the funding is also the means to facilitate private insurance purchase at the industry’s discretionary price conveniently subject to market rates and the costs burden related to health plan taxes, fees etc., factored in as the government’s revenue ultimately transferred back to the federal source through aid recipients and taxpayers.

The report found that “the overhaul will increase national health care spending by $311 billion from 2010 – 2019, or nine-tenths of 1 percent.

To put that in perspective, total health care spending during the decade is estimated to surpass $35 trillion.”

In other aspects, the Medicare cuts are lethal to the seniors gravely concerned about the health care law with the following review:

“The longer-term viability of the Medicare reductions is doubtful.

Assessment flagged the Medicare cuts to hospitals, nursing homes and other providers as potentially unsustainable.

Further, it projected that reductions in payments to private Medicare Advantage plans would trigger an exodus from the popular program.

Enrollment would plummet by about 50 percent, as the plans reduce extra benefits that they currently offer.”

Instead of providing the Universal Medicare with 24/7 access across the nation, the so-called reform is geared in the reverse direction and clearly aimed at weakening Medicare system that is appreciated by the beneficiaries and the legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Again, the Universal Medicare – Single Payer system is affordable and the only permanent solution to the burgeoning health care crisis and national spending.

The expenditure to exceed $35trillion through private for profit health care leaving millions penalized for possible default on insurance subscription and the 34 million Americans expected to wait until 2020 for coverage is not a reform.

It is a direct assault on the vulnerable and ailing population,

For whom the legislation was initiated.

Those who pretend to be tone deaf reflect callousness on this issue for they think it would not affect them.

Apart from narcissism, the attitude is a potential threat to democracy.

As for some advocating to ignore the call, it reveals their priority in promoting self-interest through cronyism, the catalyst to the broken political system that replaces national interest with special interest needs.

The ramifications on silence in the national issue inevitably impact every citizen regardless of political allegiance.

Even the A-political consumers and taxpayers are not spared in the massive health care scam.

Complicity in the widely acknowledged defective national health care legislation is a dangerous setback for democracy.

Anyone who considers this issue to be isolated ought to be in a parallel universe, for it’s the tip of the iceberg with more legislations of this kind – whether financial, energy, climate bills…replicating the pattern.

Despite the grim facts endangering life and the dismal national deficit forecasts,

The White House response to move ahead on other issues for political expediency is deeply regrettable and demonstrates the lack of respect for the citizens’ well being in the national health care law.

Congress is the republic’s true representatives and,

I extend my support to the lawmakers willing to come forward to amend the health care legislation to conform to the reality and that being:

Universal Medicare for all citizens with 24/7 access – Single Payer System and,

It would be funded within the allocated revenue sources to contain the phenomenal health care spending.

I’m prepared to work with them from the public domain to protect the citizens’ interest.

I guarantee every lawmaker that this unique step on their part would be highly rewarding for them in the midterm elections, seemingly challenging around that time.

If the legislations were proved detrimental to the citizens’ welfare and progress as established in the national health care law and there is reluctance to amend the bill,

Then such act is unconstitutional and regarded as treason.

Health care is a life and death matter.

Existing Medicare expansion for all is the only effective policy to deal with the national coverage and escalating deficit.

Legislators and the Executive branch opposed to this amendment owe legitimate explanation to the American electorate in public.

I hope the lawmakers will be guided by their constitutional oath to serve the nation and safeguard the public interest by amending the bill to “Universal Medicare,” commencing immediately, not in a future date.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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