Health Care Bill – HR 3962 – Twenty First Century Milestone

November 7, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To the American public, President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House members for the successful passage of the long overdue Health Care reform.

The American citizens and the members of the Congress deserve the accolades for the hard work, determination and relentless campaign to reach the milestone in the twenty first century. After several months of grueling discussions, exhaustive debates, and personal experiences shared by millions of suffering Americans, the historic reform is materialized today.

Despite threats, ultimatums and partisan politics the achievement is indeed remarkable and praiseworthy. Now, it is dependent upon the Senate members to meet with the national expectations in completing the legislative requirement for President Obama’s signature.

Surely, it was the most contentious battle in the legislative affair and predictably emerged resilient against the anti-progress forces in Washington and Wall Street. There are other equally important issues confronting the nation and the health care legislation has paved the pathway for the ‘Cap and Trade Bill’ and many more to follow in the immediate future.

Again, the sick and the frail population’s voices heard in the Capitol Hill.

I hope that the regulations in terms of ‘pre-existing’ conditions, unaffordable premiums…will be effective immediately to allow the urgent caring and medical attention for the vulnerable members in the society.

Finally, America is on the road to recovery with the health care costs incrementally declining over a decade and simultaneously the approximate 36 million uninsured Americans guaranteed medical coverage that was declared a far-fetched dream by the opponents not long ago. The other factors in the bill will be dissected and critiqued accordingly.

Nevertheless, the dedication by the individuals across the nation contributed to the phenomenal success of the health care legislation.

Hope is turning into a reality and Change is inevitable with this new beginning.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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