Global Security

July 30, 2017

Global Security

By Padmini Arhant


Any threat to humanity is from the forces and nations diligently engaged in anti-humanity and anti-environment causes like sponsoring terrorism creating al Qaeda, ISIL  evolved into ISIS besides illegal invasion, occupation, territorial annexation, imposing unlawful and unreasonable sanctions against anyone not towing the line along suicidal missions and kamikaze operations proved self-destructive thus far.

The bellicose rhetoric and belligerence are best abandoned to exercise reasoning faculty that could enable sensible solutions to unnecessary problems manufactured to benefit the few at the rest of the world expense.

The reasonable minds capable of comprehending issues despite false propaganda and massive subversion realize and recognize the real enemies to peace and unity in the world.

The world could no longer remain beleaguered under Secret Society and UNSC unipolar decisions to isolate and target nations or citizens regarded adversaries to enemies of humanity.

It is time now to relinquish aggression, military might and Superpower or economic power syndrome as none of these would guarantee accomplishment of devious goals denying others their legitimacy, sovereignty and inalienable rights in the ever changing geopolitical and economic dynamics.

On the contrary there is a great opportunity in extending cooperation on unconditional bilateral talks aimed at reaching consensus on matter and actions responsible for any dispute.

Sowing the seeds of peace, dialogue and diplomacy bears fruits beneficial to all rather than confrontational disposition resulting in eye for an eye blinding the entire world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

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