Gandhi Jayanti – October 2nd, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

October 2, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

India blessed on the October 2, 1869, with the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, later became ‘The Champion of Peace and the Non-Violence Icon’ for his country and the entire world.

The righteous world leader was a saint rather than a politician. Gandhiji, a reference made in reverence, practiced what he preached to the world – a rare trait and indeed a misnomer in the contemporary politics.

Gandhiji’s presence was timely and poignant in the world that was subject to slavery, holocaust, colonizations and fascism all around. With hopelessness and despair at its peak, the frail yet feisty individual emerged to challenge the odds and beat it on his terms and they were –

War is not in the solution to peace and Violence is not the pathway to justice.

The leader’s ingrained principle and iron-will to lead the world with the unthinkable virtues is the hallmark of the twentieth century politics. The opposing factions regarded Gandhiji’s philosophy as ‘naïve’ and perhaps a far-fetched dream signifying the ignorance riddled environment.

Nevertheless, history is testimony to the leadership’s ingenuity that brought freedom to his beloved country India and paved the path for many other leaders like DR. Martin Luther King Jr., DR. Nelson Mandela…to prevail in the liberty and civil rights mission through his signature policy of ‘peace and non-violence.’

Gandhiji not only won the hearts and minds of his supporters, the leader eventually gained the due respect among his critics and the opposed imperial power as well.

Such magnificent feat by a leader, yet eternally humble and modest enhanced with simplicity as the motto of his life. Gandhiji referred to the people across the globe as ‘God’s children’ and vehemently believed in the power of Universal Love and Peace.

In fact, Ahimsa, which means Non-violence, is a cornerstone of Gandhiji’s freedom movement that led to the ceremonial victory for the nation occupied by the then British Empire for over two hundred years.

The leader dearly loved the world by embracing his fellow citizens as the beautiful flowers from the Eden Garden. Although, Gandhiji expressed grievances against those inflicting immense pain and atrocity, somehow there was never any acrimony towards another human being in his lifetime.

In return, the global community showered genuine praise, love and glorified the leader by honoring him with the unique title of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, the Superior Soul, which he truly was and remained even after his sad assassination on January 30, 1948. While battling with his life, Gandhiji pleaded with the world to forgive his assassin by referring to the offender as the ‘misguided soul.’

Mahatma Gandhi was also a sworn environmentalist and loved nature as ‘God’s best gift’ to mankind. Gandhiji famously remarked that ‘a nation’s progress should be evaluated on how they treat all living species i.e. plants, animals and humans alike,’ and not on material status.

Mahatma Gandhi legacy is the ideal paradigm for humanity enduring oppression, prejudice and unspeakable crime in the ‘so-called’ modern society.

Mahatma Gandhi is the light of the world, eclipsed in darkness from illusion and ideology.

A great tribute to Mahatma Gandhi essentially the world at large will be the perseverance of peace and non-violence to resolve the present and any future crisis.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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