Gandhi Jayanthi (146th Birth Anniversary) – Remembering the Mahatma in 2015

October 2, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s 146th birth anniversary.

Peace and non-violence pioneer’s steadfastness to free India from foreign rule posed immense challenge to the imperial power.

Mahatma Gandhi’s simple and humble attributes was in contradiction to flamboyance and pompous disposition maintained in the position of authority.  The genuine leadership is often recognized in sincerity, integrity, courage and commitment to serve humanity.

Most importantly speaking the truth without fear or concern for smear determines individual character and selflessness – a rarity in power oriented politics promoting false image to subvert reality.

Gandhi exemplified virtues with emphasis on equality and harmony transcending prejudice based on race, religion, caste and creed. The world blinded by violence and acrimony emanating from greed and desire for dominance rejects peace with no respect for life other than own existence despite death a certainty for all.

Mahatma’s relentless pursuit on liberty and unity characterized Gandhian principle in the hope to alleviate suffering among the poor, hungry and oppressed population worldwide.

Freedom struggle continues in the aftermath of Mahatma Gandhi and compatriots sacrifice with corruption and criminality governing politics contributing to huge economic and social disparity.

In pre-independence period there were remarkable members in society pledging their life, time and resources for the country sharing the common dream to liberate homeland. 

The alacrity in claiming sovereignty from foreign control attracted volunteers across the spectrum with single goal in mind to decline subjugation.

In comparison, the present time sworn allegiance to sources embarked on treason and depleting state treasury with guaranteed political impunity.

The dominion republic status is acceptable due to benefits to political establishment and affluent class from subservience to undemocratic system compromising national and public interest.

Nonetheless, Mahatma Gandhi and legions dedication in  patriotic endeavor ever remain the beacon of light to awakened mind.

Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and other great souls for indelible mark on patriotism and honorable legacy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





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