Facts vs. Fiction

April 20, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

My work in the past two years is mischaracterized and spun around to suit the individuals’ theory.

Yet, the bizarre and false allegations have not been substantiated with evidence in public.

Negative emotions hurt the one’s harboring more than the one’s it’s aimed at.

It reflects fear and insecurity.

Contrary to the assertions, I never received any payment or benefits from anyone who directly and indirectly availed the sincere and honest service thus far.

Pay cut is possible when one is being paid for the job and not in the absence of it.

The criticism is that ‘money’ and not charity or volunteer operation considered in the matter.

I have worked in the past two years having placed my life and family on hold for which I was appreciated by many and ridiculed by those with reservations.

I convey my gratitude for the support and respect the positions of those who disagree.

I’m vilified for presenting the reality that I need to generate an income for survival.

Never mind the fact that I have the same commitments as any other ‘average human beings’ dealing with their family’s financial expenses and future.

Neither the banks have exempted me from the mortgage nor have the utility and essential service providers agreed to free supply.

Mandatory service without pay does not qualify as ‘volunteering.’

The irony is those who expect me and my family to survive on merely air and water, although that is not freely available either, refuse to set an example of their own demand.

While being secure with extraordinary remunerations and reaping financial rewards at every opportunity, depriving others of basic needs to exist is oxymoron if not narcissism.

It is imperative for those seeking such requirements to lead by demonstration prior to imposing their ‘double standard’ values on others.

Unfortunately, the victims are marginalized in the distinction between common rights and privilege.

Volunteering for humanitarian service is noble.

Nevertheless, yielding to undemocratic principles and discriminatory practices is cowardice.

Another matter that is attention worthy and deeply troubling in a democracy,

The constant harassment, death threats, invasion of privacy and propaganda to subvert facts represents an attack against the individual’s civil and constitutional rights, besides confirming the inherent paranoia or xenophobia.

In conclusion, humanity thrives with empathy, respect, love and peace for one another.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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