Environment Protection and Endangered Species Act

December 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

United States pledge to contain carbon emission and enact effective environmental laws in accordance with global objectives at the 2010 COP16 Cancun summit is now challenged by energy sector promoted new bills that violates the existing laws and threatens life sustenance.

The Environment Protection Agency’s postponement of rigorous emission standards on smog and toxic pollution is capitulation to energy industry defiance jeopardizing the clean air requirement for survival.

In this context EPA declaration to adopt California rule as national policy was much anticipated to combat air pollution proved to be directly related to serious respiratory and various other illnesses affecting the vast majority – the children and seniors in particular.

Therefore delivering the intent through verifiable action would confirm EPA role as the legitimate regulatory authority living up to the reputation to ‘protect’ the environment against any opposition.

Similarly the federal agency as the oversight for U.S. oil and gas exploration is preparing to allow Shell Oil company to drill for oil in the Arctic nearing summer.

After the worst environment disasters from BP oil spills in the Gulf coast the federal agency consideration to grant permission for drilling is disappointing especially with the responsibility to safeguard national environment.

It also confirms energy companies’ dominance over the governing power.

The energy sector monopoly in striking against environmental measures is fostered by the entities prioritizing self and special interests over national interest.

Any negative consequences affecting the inhabitants such as BP oil catastrophe is neglected in the profit oriented scheme.

When mistakes are repeated despite the inevitable harmful effects then they are intentional to serve individual purpose at the humanity’s detriment.

The energy corporations’ reluctance to transform from fossil fuel use towards renewable energy viz. solar, wind, hydroelectric and biofuel…is a major impediment in the international environment goals.

Furthermore, the dismissal of CO2 factor in global warming during the committee hearing on climate change is denial of the present reality i.e. the extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures, drought, floods, tsunami, hurricane, tornadoes etc. experienced by the world population.

Somehow subversion of facts prevails over hard core evidences in climate debate enabling polluters to accelerate destructive operations regardless of the devastating results.

It has come to light that the Bureau of Land Management has proposed a 1,000-acre timber sale in the heart of old-growth forest vital to the spotted owl.

This issue is relevant to deforestation contributing to greenhouse gases and again vehemently rejected by the industries engaged in depleting natural resources essential for ecological balance.

Life species that were once statistically well represented are increasingly becoming part of the endangered species due to reckless utilization of the planet’s natural substances.

Mankind failure to respect the environment relied upon by myriad sources providing lifeline support to human existence is best characterized as kamikaze indulgence for materialistic gains.

United States bears greater responsibility given the enormous energy consumption while ranked second following China in atmospheric contamination.

Hence the elected officials entrusted with power by the people are urged to exercise diligence in the approval of the energy sector activities decisively focused on generating personal wealth at the environment degradation.

Planet earth is the natural habitat for infinite life and the energy industry’s egregious engagement in the assault on air, land and water leading to the status quo can no longer be ignored with political rhetoric claiming climate change a ‘myth’ – an irresponsible stance precipitating the environment decline.

However, the powerful energy industries refutation in this matter could be countered with citizens’ collective response through their Congressional representatives at any time. Please call the lawmakers and request them to end the environmental damages caused by energy industry’s adverse strategies.

Public participation in legislation and governance is paramount for it can produce the desirable outcome that guarantees planet preservation.

Unity is the indomitable force in defending mother nature.

Please Save the Planet – the only shelter and a precious gift to humanity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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