Enemy Profile

February 11, 2021

Enemy Profile

Padmini Arhant

The enemy unable to fight own battle within self and succumb to self-destruction is least threatening and unworthy of any attention.

Could an enemy taking marching orders from Saitans within i.e. own mind and outside be smart, courageous and powerful?

Obviously not. Instead they are dumb, weak and powerless.

Could an enemy using proxies, pawns and puppets in nuanced attacks and insinuations have any merit and credibility?

The fact they rely on manufactured concoctions much to self-embarrassment and self-defeating purpose suffice response. Not to mention the inability to face whom they target via ethics and intellect, the attributes oxymoron to them except developing mob mentality.

The enemy utilizing own dead or alive inventory against the target exemplify fait accompli. 

More than anything, the morbid culture to associate target with deceased exalt the challenged to glory in repeat resurrection to life compared to Jesus Christ in one time resurrection. 

Could an enemy’s obsession and chronic fixation gain anything other than wasting life?

Such indulgence invariably result in self-mortification.

Why worry about an enemy preoccupied in self-termination?

Padmini Arhant 


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