Easter Meals for Wounded Troops and Their Families

April 20, 2011

From:  Padmini Arhant

Please reach out to the service men and women in need of support with your affordable donations.

Their dire situation is a stark reminder to care for the wounded and the vulnerable in the society.

Unfortunately their plight is slighted in the political standoff over budget disagreement with certain corporations like GE and the CEO Jeffrey Immelt maximizing their gains through tax evasions while the average Americans are targeted in the federal spending cuts – demonstrating the misplaced priority.

The message from the non-profit organization elaborates the different payment methods and distribution towards the humanitarian cause.

Let us not forget those who pledge their lives for the nation and the citizens.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Emergency Easter Meals Project


Help provide Easter meals for our wounded troops and their families

This Easter Season many more disabled servicemen are desperate to feed their families.

Take Paul Thurman, for example, who appears at right along with his family. After Paul was brain-damaged by a roadside bomb in Iraq, his wife had to resort to selling her blood plasma to buy food.

And Army Private Dexter F, who was wounded in Iraq, called the Coalition, pleading,

“We are running out of food, the phone bill needs to be paid and the lights were turned off this week.”

As you know, the Coalition has made a commitment to help brave but broken heroes like Paul and Dexter and others who have been severely burned, blinded, paralyzed and even brain-damaged in Afghanistan or Iraq. But we can’t do it without generous, patriotic Coalition supporters like you.

So please make a generous, tax-deductible gift right now to the Coalition’sEmergency Easter Meals Project. Your gift will help feed our wounded heroes and thank them for the painful sacrifices they’ve made while serving our country.


When you donate, we will also send an Easter THANK YOU and GET WELL card (shown, right) to a serviceman or woman severely wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq in your name. You can also send a greeting card to a disabled service member without donating.









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