Dalit Representation in the LokPal Panel

April 23, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The statement from the Lokpal committee undecided member Mr. Santosh Hegde on dalit representation that-

“Lokpal panel is five men panel with no room for such representation.  Such request made to derail Lokpal bill” is precisely required to be transcended with their inclusion in the highly politicized national cause.

Lokpal panel claimed to be premised on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles yet disenfranchising the society’s specific segment – the dalits unequivocally supported by Mahatma Gandhi in the crusade for social reform is contradictory to Gandhian philosophy of inclusiveness rather than exclusivity.

Further the committee need not be strictly restricted to five members considering the representation of a secular diverse society in every aspect.

The female member absence in the committee pronounces the gender alienation and therefore the recommendation of Mrs. Kiran Bedi, a dedicated social activist with relevant knowledge in the matter was made to reflect the contemporary society.

It is important for all concerned parties to prioritize national interest and set aside the personal and political differences for greater good.

The unique opportunity is available to exemplify the individual commitment to national service without heeding to distractions from sources against the phenomenal step to renew the image of a country that was established in moral and ethical governance.

Again it is earnestly hoped that Lokpal bill will be passed with overwhelming approval in the Parliament to begin a new chapter in history for the world’s largest democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




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