Complexion Complex – Skin Politics

December 4, 2021

Complexion Complex – Skin Politics

Padmini Arhant

The new millennium i.e. the twenty first century is the new era for transcending race, gender, religion and other classifications in the human genre. Then there are some elements unwilling to get passed the divisive politics predominantly emanating from lack of self-respect and ignorance weighing down the opportunity to hone in individual skills to achieve dreams and aspirations in life.

Those preoccupied in pulling anyone down even leaving the nature’s gravitational pull far behind are typically resigned as saboteurs and losers with little or no self-esteem evidenced in their character and legacy. 

As for the skin politics constantly highlighting the skin tone is a bone in the trachea for those unable to swallow or spit the splinter – the situation rather precarious for them considering the choice they make to reverse course and not move forward exemplifying serious inner disabilities to abandon prejudice and false pride wasting own life on earth.

The beauty discovered within upon intense soul searching is the real deal and not the one on the surface appropriately fitting the skin deep adage. 

The beauty and skin complexion are skin deep whereas the internal treasure within defines the entire profile. Besides, like everything else with patent rights established by the presumptuous, the skin tone or the natural ability to perform is individual attribute that cannot be traded or terminated to suit anyone’s whims and fancies describing their internal turmoil. 

Ironically, the selective half and half in racial representation making a mountain out of molehill is the trend in skin politics to exhume controversy instead of skills oriented attainment that are evidently not their asset. 

There is much more to life than being stuck on complexion complex that are insignificant in comparison to reaching for the stars exploiting maximum individual potential and determination to realize own dreams in life.

Above all, it is time for politics to shed thin skin and adorn thick coat viz. integrity to address major issues and crises brought upon citizens due to failed flawed policies and inactions confronting the people they are elected to serve in public office. Unfortunately, there is no desire in this respect and the politics’ priority remain as the domestic and international agent for personal and vested interests.


Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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