Civil Rights Under Attack

June 14, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The entities behind deaths and destruction on this planet upon being requested to pursue the path of peace in the Middle East and elsewhere have demonstrated their true colors through assault on fundamental democratic right – freedom of expression.

Comments posted on the website reflecting public view worldwide has been hacked and deleted by the forces in power confirming their insecurity heightened by intolerance to non-violence and peace.

The latest action is by no means a surprise considering the repeat attacks endured since the website commencement to educate and inform the global society on the diabolical agenda implemented under the guise of democracy and other political systems representing plutocracy.

It is well known that communication is targeted to suppress free flow of information to the extent when proposal to shut down Internet was drafted in 2009 setting a dangerous precedence to undermine democracy notwithstanding direct violation of the constitution.

Democracy is threatened when freedom of speech expressing concern over –

Innocent lives killed in illegal warfare,

Profiteering from arms supply at the cost of human lives,

Economic policies benefiting the privileged thereby creating the gulf between the rich and poor,

Social injustice from selective domestic and foreign policy in the so-called war on terror and last but not the least,

The energy sector detrimental ambitions to drill, mine…and pollute to the environment’s peril destroying the  only habitat for life,

Prohibited by aggressive tactics confirming the contemporary era to fascist draconian rule of law.

It is time for world citizens to wake up to reality and defend the individual rights that are increasingly denied under the auspice of maintaining new world order.

Such undemocratic interventions would only precipitate the inevitable decline of powers having wreaked havoc indiscriminately across the world.

The commitment to truth exposure by unveiling the masqueraded behind the scenes events remain steadfast and determined to prevail in the establishment of peace and justice.

Global visitors to the domain are requested to demonstrate solidarity and promote peace by sharing the information on the website.

With profound gratitude to all supporters for their encouraging comments the website is dedicated to serving humanity.

Your incredible support is appreciated.

The website is resolute in delivering the important message on non-violence, peace and unity on humanitarian values in addition to persevering environment protection.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







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