Chemtrails – Crime Against Humanity and Environment

May 5, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Modern warfare is not necessarily restricted to conventional and nuclear arsenal.

The use of biological and chemical weapons was introduced by western industrialized nations –

The imperialists evolved into globalist power represented by defense and other industries in the contemporary period.

Humanity confronted with three-dimensional threats comprising economic sanctions, military intervention and chemical ammunition such as Vietnam Napalm, depleted uranium witnessed in Iraq and White phosphorous bombings in Gaza.

Another form of attack targeting political dissidents and/or anticipating mass casualties is chemical interjection in the environment depicting sinister agenda.

Chemtrails – Jets spraying Aluminum, Barium and other toxic compounds evidently posing serious health hazards widespread in the United States and reportedly Europe as well as elsewhere.

Speaking from personal experience with chemtrails becoming routine over the house and effects noticed in the tree on the property exposed to toxicity prompts the warning to perpetrators regardless of stature –

Any repeat incidents will be dealt with cosmic interception of unimaginable magnitude to deter heinous crime against humanity.

Attempts to disregard ramifications on life and environment with continuous hideous activities would potentially be an invitation for self-disaster.

The experiments on humans as guinea pigs unbeknown to them by military and political apparatus under the guise of geo-engineering or diverse reasons are nothing new and proliferated since cabal inception.

Whatever might be the objective – depopulation, challenging global warming, facilitating genetic modifications against organic methods …obviously they are detrimental to humanity and habitat carried out in opposition to natural process not to mention the criminal endeavors in the absence of accountability.

Injustice anywhere would affect citizens world over and condemnation important through global resistance towards these practices aimed at collective destruction.

Besides bringing down the empire responsible for inhumane tactics and cavalier approach to sustain dominance.

Creating public awareness at grassroots level and demanding legislation to prevent extra-judicial execution lately having become the prerogative imperative to restore civility, law and order in society.

Instead legislators’ active role in introducing bills curbing freedom of expression online and main street signify allegiance to shadow authorities demonstrably engaged in exacerbating inhabitants suffering for convoluted vested interests.

Power granted by the people are increasingly exercised against them in the so-called democracy rendering constitution irrelevant despite inevitable electoral backlash-

The significant non-violent response to strategies attributed to human plight.

Ironically U.S. State Department currently lecturing nations on human rights record while conscientiously ignoring the gross neglect and disrespect for citizens’ basic rights at home and abroad is yet another hypocritical stance regularly maintained at political helm with self-assigned privileged status in international domain.

Educational institutions from elementary to higher standards including civil society members are urged to participate in informing the public on environmental pollution endangering life predominantly due to political and economic powers catastrophic pursuits.

In this context, Japan’s recent decision to shut down last nuclear reactor subsequent to devastating Fukushima nuclear power plant melt down is commendable for prioritizing human safety defying external pressure.

Japan has unique opportunity to lead the world in exploring renewable energy options and perhaps even export technology to developing nations in dealing with global warming pervasive impact.

Similarly Germany preceding Japan in this regard is praiseworthy setting precedence in clean and healthy conditions for planet sustenance.

The posted videos involving investigative journalists, environmentalists, social activists, experts in related fields and some dedicated political figures share their thoughts, findings and dire consequences in remaining silent to the persistent attacks on air, land and sea with intent to harm trusting innocent population across the spectrum.

The greed driven policies specifically designed to serve the preferential ruling class i.e. feudalists has no limits and at present accountable to none.

Unless the victims – humanity at large come forward in solidarity and enforce irreversible measures on deliberate contamination of essential life elements viz. air and water,

The atrocity would perpetuate taking advantage of the lack of checks and balances with prevalent lawlessness forced upon people to prevail in cause doomed to be a colossal failure.

Citizens’ efforts via networking and social movements would be a formidable challenge to any organization rejecting others rights to survive in the common space.

Not surprisingly the authorities expending national resources and taxpayer dollars to quell legitimate voices viewed impediment to ill-fated goals.

Remember complacency to crimes is complicity particularly when terror sees no boundary in reining control on life born to be free and treated equal sharing bountiful endowments meant for all and not merely exclusive club in the world.

Please watch the informative visual presentation below and make valuable contribution in promoting materials on protecting natural surroundings benefitting all.

Good Luck to earth preservation – the duty and responsibility of every human being and best legacy to mankind.

Wishing enormous success to crusaders risking life, career and reputation for universal peace, progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










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