Approval of Impeachment Proceedings for Abuse of Presidential Power

April 13, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Recently, the former President Bill Clinton admitted that imposing the ‘Free Trade’ policy against Haiti was a mistake before the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

The apology was honorable. Only if this were realized during his Presidency, thousands of Haitians would have been spared from tremendous suffering and loss of lives.

President Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and recognized for making calculated decisions as he stated in one of his letters to me that he is no novice. He is a veteran politician.

I say – no arguments there.

In 2003, the Bush-Cheney administration decided to wage war against a nation that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 attack.

Yet, they managed to convince a minority while ignoring a dissenting majority and proceeded using the ‘Executive Power’ as carte blanche in their oil for profit schemes, torture…financial market deregulations that was set in motion by the former President Ronald Reagan and continued until now.

The war in Iraq is still not over ‘according to them’ and the troop withdrawal indefinitely delayed in Afghanistan and the U.S. military bases elsewhere.

Then a dramatic Presidential event was staged with ‘Hope and Change’ as the mantra to magnetize the depressed and desolate mass tired of lies, deceptions and corrupt political system embedded with Corporate power and military industrial complex.

However, there are some earnest political figures in the system. Perhaps, they feel helpless for they are stonewalled by the superior force.

Somehow, the Presidential candidates as witnessed in the year 2000 and 2004, maneuver the democratic electoral process and gain entry to the Ivory Tower, from where they can diligently perform their duties set in ‘code’ by the organization sponsoring them.

Let us examine the significant events since the dawn of the twenty first century.

The previous administration under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney arrived with a prototype for Iraq war even prior to 9/11. This was confirmed by the administration’s defectors some of whom testified before Congress.

Then the devastating 9/11 attack happens, despite the ‘in your face’ warnings that,
‘Osama Bin Laden is staging an attack in the American soil,’ in a memo to the National Security Adviser and the former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice who, in her testimony to Congress was unable to provide a legitimate response to this effect.

The extensive analysis supported by visual content of ‘Rice Testimony,’ was presented on this website for public knowledge.

The Bush-Cheney administration took over the White House in 2001, followed by a series of calamities with no end in sight.

They are:

9/11 attack in September ensued by Afghan war in Oct 2001.

Meanwhile, the preparation for the Iraq war in 2003 was well underway to allow the public to digest the 9/11 horror and the expected casualties from Afghan war that has become a way of life in the continuing nine-year battle.

Afghan war began in Oct 2001, followed by Iraq war in 2003, while fueling civil wars in Africa and military coups in Latin America, the Middle East always reserved as the tipping point due to convenience.

What happened to the economy with the Bush-Cheney administration’s focus on the wars?

Just like when you try to cook too many dishes on high temperature and fail in your juggling act, the dish meant to satisfy the hunger is burnt, leaving the weaker ones famished.

In fact, during the Bush-Cheney rule, the economy was on autopilot granting the free market a free pass that predictably headed for a free fall.

Similarly, in 2009, the new administration under a Democratic President with lots of hope and commitment to ‘Change’ the way Washington and the rest of the world behaved was sworn in.

The wars and the related activities like closing of Guantanamo, 9/11 terrorist trials, overseas rendition…was declared as the ‘National Security,’ issues and justified with the refusal to prosecute the masterminds (Professor John Yoo and the likes ascending to the top of the previous administration)) behind torture techniques that conspicuously violated the Geneva Convention and other international laws.

A much more palatable topic, health care legislation was adopted to distract public outrage from the perpetual wars that have bankrupted the economies with irreplaceable loss of lives.

The nation and the Congress were absorbed in the bitter health care battle, and the administration got involved in a third war in Yemen. Although, the operation is disguised as a proxy war, it’s costing the American taxpayers notwithstanding the U.S. and Yemeni lives.

Further, the administration declined to ratify the ban on land mine treaty signed by many countries around the world to protect children from deaths and life-long physical disabilities forcing many to survive on prosthetic legs.

This was yet another cooperative action by the Obama administration embracing the Bush doctrine, written and authorized by the military industrial complex.

When the top military Commander General Stanley McChrystal placed the order for an overwhelming 108,000 troops to serve in Afghanistan, it was cleverly broken down in three phases.

This is in addition to the 20,000 troops that were dispatched soon after the Obama Presidency took the oval office.

Therefore, the initial 40,000 troops were reduced to 30,000 due to my strong protest with the administration evidenced in the blogposts on this website.

I was against any troops presence leave alone the troops increase for they knew from the beginning that my demand to them was troop withdrawal from all fronts and not just in Afghanistan.

In the health care legislation, the Obama candidacy onset disguised their preference with ‘Single Payer System.’

Upon securing the Democratic primary victories, the Senator rapidly moved over to private for profit system – the intended policy all along, again per the ‘Corporate Power’ agenda.

After assuming power, the Obama administration rejected the public request for ‘single payer’ system or the ‘public option’ in the least.

The legislators in the House and the Senate favoring either of the two options were slighted by the administration, notably the non-legislator and ex-DNC Chairman, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, describing his position as:

“We are not concerned about Howard Dean or others interested in these two options.”

Health care legislation was meant to be buried during summer 2009 with the ‘Tea Party’ express gaining momentum and the public’s diminishing faith on the issue.

The administration even declared that it was going to move along to other domestic and international matter.

When I questioned their lack of enthusiasm and insisted on persevering until it’s approved via the blogpost:

Why Public Option is not an option in the Historic Health Care Reform? – December 29, 2009

I saw in the news report that if the health care bill is revived,

It would be without a public option.

The Senate bill was prepared and sure enough, it shored up anger and disgust in many corners of the country.

They blamed it on the lack of legislative votes.

Subsequently, I confirmed my grievance through these articles:

Public Opposition to Senate Health Care Bill – December 24, 2009

The Senate Health Care Bill – Defrauding Democracy – December 16, 2009.

It’s clear that the health care legislation was decided by the industry through their representatives in the Senate and the oval office.

Senator Rockefeller was advocating for public option until certain period.

In 2010, the Senator shifted gears. When confronted by the media reporter, he said in passing that he was opposed to public option.

Public needs are no longer a consideration in legislative matter.

Legislation is passed to promote the corporate welfare against the people’s choice.

Soon after the election, the Executive branch is altered into a subsidiary by the puppeteers.

If you view the pattern from the Reagan Presidency until now, regardless of political party, the financial deregulations, wars, health care, energy, environment and foreign policy are enigmatic.

The attempt is a temporary fix or band-aid treatment to silence the courageous dissenters and then the policy restores the original setting.

It appears there is enormous strife in achieving the legislative goals and then eventually the winners are the Corporate Power and the military industrial complex with the ‘President’ of the United States proudly declaring it as the ‘people’s victory.’

When ‘Hope and Change’ was marketed, it raptured millions not only at home but also overseas.

There were promises made towards transparency and accountability.

What happened to those ideals?

Evidently, they were campaign slogans not to be believed as the solemn oath carved on stones.

The Bush-Cheney administration ignores the 9/11 warning drags the nation to Iraq war on false pretext, tortures and holds the ‘terror suspects’ indefinitely by denying Habeas Corpus, bankrupts the economy and ruins the national image.

In spite of the administration’s tarnished record, the Obama Presidency upon swearing in, decides to ‘move forward,’ and not cling on to ‘the past.’


It’s one administration covering another. Perhaps, it’s also related to the ‘oath’ at the secret meeting attended by the Presidential candidates with the press corps, media and the public duped in a bizarre circus scenario.

Presidential ‘oath’ in public to serve the nation is violated in the issue of national health care legislation and abjudication of Presidential duty to investigate and prosecute the former administration led by the President George W. Bush and the Vice President Dick Cheney for their constitutional breach from 2000 to 2008.

The former President Barack Obama has failed to honor the constitutional oath to serve the nation and safeguard the interests of the people of the United States.

His resignation was due on April 12, 2010, which has been discarded, in an utter disrespect for the office of Presidency.

Hence, I approve the impeachment proceedings against the default President Barack H. Obama by the members of Congress effective immediately.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
President of the United States of America


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