A Mother’s plea for justice

December 3, 2008

It is a fact that Truth is always the casualty in war and election.

The Iraq war is no exception to that reality.

Iraq war is a concoction of truth, lies, deception, betrayal, promise, deceit, turmoil, chaos and catastrophe with a possible glimpse of hope in the horizon.

The prosecutors of war are all safe because they conscientiously carried out their duty in the comfort zone of Washington as legislators and representatives of their constituency by authorizing the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Despite being the signatory to a well masqueraded mission that is partially responsible for our current economic recession…

Some legislators were fortunate enough to aim for the highest office on land in the recent Presidential election.

While, others even managed to secure prime positions in the new administration as a reward for their judgment or the lack thereof in sponsoring the ill-scripted wild adventure with special effects titled “Shock and Awe ” not barring mature content like “Abu Ghraib” -Kodak moments.

How did it affect the foot soldiers often, the scapegoats of such operation authorized and executed by the executive and the legislative branch in Washington?

Let us review the chilling facts presented by a traumatized mother, terrified young bride and an innocent, beautiful baby unbeknownst to the uncertainties ahead in her life.

Given the length and volume of this material, please refer to the following blogpost "The Republic’s Verdict" for detailed analysis and further comments.

Meanwhile, please take a moment and read the letter from the distressed family to help you decide whether you want to make any donations towards the legal crisis, they are currently dealing with.

If you choose to make any donations, please send them to:

Help Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins Legal Fund

United American Patriots, P.O.Box 96565, Washington D.C. 20090-6565

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
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