United States – Ending Violence And Terrorism For Sustainable Peace

December 16, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The spate of shooting incidents in succession across the nation has sparked reaction from all factions demanding political action on the burgeoning issue.

United States dilemma is not merely confined to gun control laws that obviously in need of review and revision considering the incumbent administration relaxation of rules exceeding the second amendment in the Bill of Rights granting citizens the right to bear arms perhaps aimed at deterrence to state tyranny.

The administration reportedly waived ordinances allowing firearms possession in common areas such as national parks and during commute on trains and other public transportation.

Civil society is always at risk in the pervasively violent surroundings regardless of perpetrators profile.

The law enforcement personnel use of excess force and lethal tactics that are often associated with racial prejudice resulting in civilian deaths prior to being charged of any crimes cannot be ignored in this context.

Notwithstanding inherently flawed criminal justice system with outdated inhumane practices in juvenile detention as well as penitentiary promotes violence within and outside the premise.

Instead, the jail atmosphere conversion into correctional facility in humane conditions with greater emphasis on positive attributes encouraging inmates to utilize latent talent for economic productivity would change maintenance from liability to an asset.

The prison enterprise emulating military industrial complex together are responsible for the status quo.

Unfortunately, the police and judiciary as oversight for law and order are not necessarily in compliance with civil rights contributing to mistrust and mishandling of citizens complaint.

The political power responsible for judicial appointments exerts influence in selective circumvention and subversion of verdicts undermining efficacy of reliable judiciary increasingly evolved into fiduciary.

Although streamlining gun ownership eligibility criteria is paramount without infringement upon constitutional law in order to prevent unnecessary civil unrest,

The problem lies beyond the realm of citizens’ safety not precluding diversified means of attack endangering life and environment.

Latest report on evacuation following bomb threat at the church in the tragedy hit Newtown, Connecticut barely recovered from elementary school massacre and,

In early November 2012, an African American female citizen from the state of Louisiana reportedly set on fire by assailants clad in Ku Klux Klan (KKK) garb while she was working out in the park.

Overseas, the stabbing of twenty two primary school students in China on the same day of Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in the United States baffled many deploring the heinous crime against children and adults at the learning center.

Almost on all occasions, the crime suspects either claim their own life or described as mentally ill revealing state failure in providing proper medical attention through programs like free counseling, therapy and alternative care that could save lives in many respect.

Divestments from disproportionate military spending to the economy for these services is essential to rebuild a peaceful society.

Additionally, other elements viz. toxicity in environment – the air pollution, drinking water contamination, GMO, artificial additives, hormones and chemicals in food products and over prescription of drugs… taking toll on physical health and mental well being exacerbating daily existence in the current dire economy amid manufactured crises world over.

Aircrafts spraying hazardous air contaminants known as Chemtrail and harassment techniques using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for 24/7 unlawful surveillance including frisking at the airport under the guise of national security constitutes state aggression elevating underlying stress among people coping with fast paced lifestyle.

The abuse of authority at the political helm misusing taxpayer funded institutions and agencies against citizens is all time high.

The political establishment reining control over intelligence agency, judiciary and taxation office maneuver rules favoring them to discredit legitimate voices of concern against corruption and dysfunctional governance.

Entertainment industry share fair responsibility in political appeasement – glorifying violence and purvey materials affecting impressionable minds on celluloid screen and retail medium like video games deploying mind control strategy.

Corporate media asserting proprietorship on government role dedicated to propaganda and distortion of events disregard journalistic standard on objectivity.

Negativity comprising fear mongering and intolerance at peak to push forward politically motivated doctrine.

Segregation disguised in condescending legislation and secession conforming to divide and conquer ideology reflected in foreign usurpation on indigenous matter.

The educational curriculum and teaching methods deviation from opinionated knowledge adopting original thinking and concepts would develop better understanding of issues relevant to individual and general interest.

Above all, mankind presently enduring violence in state sponsored terrorism by the powers exhibiting military might and innovative defense capability not barring intimidation with nuclear arsenal to prove formidability against nations perceived weak and vulnerable.

The concentration of power among few entities implementing policies to benefit the privileged at vast majority detriment is the fundamental cause of turmoil inflicting pain and suffering worldwide.

Any attempts to establish undemocratic rule i.e. martial law or new world order premised on subjugation already effective in Patriot Act, FISA, NDAA emanating from false flag 9/11 terror activity should be thwarted at the roots restoring liberty and pursuit of happiness – the inalienable right of all citizens in a sovereign state.

Mass consciousness exemplified in collective participation at national and global level is vital in alleviating human plight.

Solidarity committed to peace, diplomacy and dialogue is the solution to national and international disputes settlement.

Ending violence and terrorism is imperative for peace leading to a new beginning and promising future.

Wishing humanity unity, freedom, universal progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/JZJ_s7UXEWg http://youtu.be/zf8bnYF-WxE http://youtu.be/6yMOzvmgVhc http://youtu.be/tCKhN_QbXpE http://youtu.be/fAsAo3RVWwQ http://youtu.be/ThL-nAOB3Qw


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