Turkey in Libya and Syria

February 13, 2020

Turkey in




Padmini Arhant

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ambitions in Syria and Libya is interventional with Turkish leadership having been directly responsible for Syrian refugees status quo through participation in providing refuge to terror outfits like al-nusra front in 2011, 2012 onwards that cost not only innocent Syrian lives but also claimed many Turkish citizens lives from terror blowback against Turkey.

Furthermore, Turkey exploring occupation of Libya would be illegal invasion of foreign land that would not be appreciated by Turkish leadership and citizens upon similar attempts from any regional states against Turkey.

Syria has been the bedrock of violence due to international powers sponsorship of terror evolving into various terror groups such as IS, ISIL and ISIS as the latest one. Turkey’s role was instrumental in aiding and abetting terror factions attracting Turkish population dissent and protests across Turkey in recent memory.

The non-violent peace march in Turkey at that time in 2012 was quelled with brute force by Turkish leadership Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then serving as Prime Minister of once secular democratic nation regrettably transitioned into conservative hardline governance denying citizens political and civil rights. Turkey was once regarded the model democracy for muslim nations in the region and outside.

Unfortunately, the Turkish leadership’s quest for power along with external forces harmful and destructive backing allowing then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to amend constitution transforming the political system from Parliamentary to Presidential form of government nascent in the existing trend.

The political maneuvering slighting opposition in Turkish Parliament by then PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan having exhausted term limit led Turkey into the  current situation.

Any aspirations to revive earlier centuries empire status viz. Ottoman empire would be egregious and importantly impact the country of origin planning such move now or in the near future.  The erroneous calculations proved pessimistic time and time again for imperialism. The twentieth and twenty first century imperialistic goals invariably affecting the source in terms of economic liabilities in sending troops to foreign soil and humanitarian costs that are irreversible would be the occupier’s concern prompting abandonment of such flawed decision and counterproductive strategy.

Syria and Libya having been utilized as the battle ground for international forces launching terror attacks essentially behind massive humanitarian crises in the form of refugees turning Syrian and Libyan population stateless in their homeland.

Besides, the continuous warfare depriving Syrian and Libyan people the urgent economic revival endangering ordinary lives survival further exacerbated with western imposed economic sanctions. In promoting terror through recruitment, training and funding of terror groups, these two nations remain the target for relentless hegemonic pursuits within and outside the region.

Turkish leadership and political members exercising diligence and renouncing any incursions against Syria and Libya would demonstrate wisdom and maturity in dealing with border related issues and other factors that are best resolved through civil non-violent and constructive democratic course rather than unnecessary present confrontation.

Syria and Libya are sovereign nations with citizens entitled to self-determination rights that are not to be taken for granted or ignored by foreign powers espousing unwanted annexation desires that could only prolong the difficult moments into eternal conflict which is needless to say not a viable option for any nation or the Middle East for that matter.

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Padmini Arhant

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