Korean Peninsula – Denuclearization and DMZ Prudent for North and South Korea Existence

April 3, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

North Korea frustration to United States military incursion in Korean Peninsula is understandable.

However, resuming mothballed nuclear reactor including uranium enrichment at Yongbyon facility foment more aggression all around that is favorable to none.

Nuclear options is extremely dangerous and best rejected to protect lives in Korea and United States.

North Korean military and political leadership should realize that direct involvement through peace talks with South Korea alongside communication revival reinstating recently cancelled hotline in the demilitarized zone is vital and effective to neutralize United States fueled nuclearization.

Pyongyang reactionary steps simply provide fodder for aggressor to justify unjustifiable actions and scapegoat victim as provocateur.

Instead North Korean leadership persistent peace efforts initiating dialogue at various levels with South Korean counterpart restoring communication, transportation, reopening industrial complex providing livelihood to both North and South Korean families etc. would decrease unnecessary skirmishes in the territory.

South Korean President Park conciliatory political approach to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un peace overtures equally important to scuttle foreign power enforced hostility against Korean population on both sides.

Reiterating the fact, United States imperialistic quest with substantial military buildup in Asia amid domestic double dip economic recession, anti-American sentiment worldwide and alarmingly high suicides among U.S. armed forces,

The passion for militarism accompanied by nuclear armed artillery squandering millions of dollars in flying B-2 bombers that cost American tax payers $5.6 million past week and F-22 stealth fighter jets is a political decision to appease hegemony.

United States military and political leaderships respect for national sovereignty and citizens right to self-determination without terrorizing North Korea with military might and,

Similarly proxy wars funding and arming terrorists in Syria would perhaps mitigate tension allowing peaceful negotiations in the respective states currently dealing with United States manufactured crises.

Again nuclear status do not deter Untied States led hegemony to undermine countries abroad as witnessed with nuclear states Pakistan, India or for that matter China and Russia.

U.S. infiltration through drone strikes in Pakistan, energy policy restriction for India and Pakistan, anti-missiles to NGO operations in Russia, cyber and currency warfare with China are few of the many wanton provocations presumptuously undertaken to prove United States declining credibility and integrity in the rapidly changing geopolitical dynamics.

North Korea focus in building local economy and strengthening ties with South Korea would be viable response facilitating bilateral relations and any further antagonism from United States would clearly subject the source to imminent withdrawal.

Hence, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un adopting positive and constructive course towards South Korea and accordingly President Park Geun-Hye honoring diplomacy as pledged on the campaign trail would deliver desirable results than pursuing offensive tactics that is potentially catastrophic to Korea’s existence and regional safety.

North Korea avoiding strategies such as nuclear weapons enhancement even for defensive purpose would essentially shift responsibility and burden on United States to retreat and renounce belligerence causing enormous strife in the otherwise resolvable internal sovereign matter between North and South Korea.

Power exercised with violence and warfare exacerbates problems with irreversible outcome whereas peace guarantee unity, security and progress to all.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Park Geun-Hye are urged to acknowledge peace ending the foreign instigated nuclear armed militarization of peaceful Korea.

Wishing citizens in North and South Korea amicable agreement on all issues concerning the republic of Korea leading to successful reunification process.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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