Egypt Assistance to Libyan Revolution

March 9, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Considering the reluctance to implement ‘No Fly Zone’ guaranteed to save lives evidenced in U.S. and NATO alignment in Bosnia, Kosovo…the aerial attacks by Muammar Gaddafi needs to be curbed immediately.

Egypt and Tunisia being the neighbors and Islamic nations are requested to come to Libyan revolution rescue in providing logistic support and issue a stern warning to Libya against air attacks.

The direct plea to the Supreme Council for armed forces in Egypt is to send a message to Libyan regime to ceasefire against innocent civilians allowing free access for humanitarian aid especially medical assistance to the wounded and dying citizens.

Egypt as a sovereign nation has the capability in terms of air power to deter Gaddafi helicopters and bomber planes currently raiding the skies in Western Libya.

On moral grounds and humanitarian operation – The Egyptian Air Force, or EAF (Arabic: القوات الجوية المصرية‎, Al-Qūwāt al-Gawwīyä al-Miṣrīyä) headed by Air Marshal Reda Mahmoud Hafez Mohamed is urged in the name of Almighty God Allah (Arabic: وهناك vaste كي ) and Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be Upon Him) (والنبي محمد (عليه السلام) to monitor the air space and relieve the victims in the revolution.

It is important for every Muslim to lay down their arms against fellow citizens whether in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Palestinian Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Any further onslaught against the advancing revolution by pro-Gaddafi elements would have to deal with the wrath of the natural phenomenon.

The defiance has crossed the limit in massacre declining to heed to the Libyan citizens’ call to flee or face the consequences like the dictators throughout history.

Those involved in the overt and covert facilitation of genocide would meet similar fate for none can escape the judgment in the conscientious and deliberate crimes against humanity.

Libyan people having been oppressed for more than four decades are now annihilated in worldview and the brutality is emboldened due to lack of response in implementing the ‘No Fly Zone’ – creating the reality of passive endorsement to the mass murder.

It is essential to highlight the misinterpretation of Libyans request to ‘No Fly Zone.’

The past record reveals the ‘No Fly Zone’ swiftly introduced against Iraq and previously in Kuwait.

Arguably the procrastination on Libyan crisis could not be justified when compared with the bellicose statements accompanied by blatant nuclear threat in reaction to Iran’s uranium enrichment.

The convoluted theory on arming the anti-Gaddafi forces is a convenient position ignoring the actual demand to disarm the belligerent Gaddafi government rather than generating confusion about ammunition supply to revolutionaries, which has been categorically rejected, based on the peaceful and non-violence uprising to defeat the ruthless autocratic rule.

Besides the pro-democracy movement clearly not interested in the blood bath unlike the global empire backed successor Saif al-Islam assertion now transformed into aggression on the ground through cowardly air attacks.

Hence the Egyptian authority regardless of $1.3 billion U.S. military aid is presented with an opportunity to display their loyalty to the Egyptian people at home and rise to the occasion in protecting the Libyan population comprising Muslim brothers and sisters mercilessly targeted under the influence of power mongers.

Both Libyan and Egyptian army refusal to strike unarmed or poorly equipped citizens is the honorable act in the morally corrupt battle to prolong oppression.

Furthermore extending desperately required security against air and ground assaults would fulfill their oath to defend the weak against the tyrannical power.

The mighty and the maniacal too have to go down the mortality lane for none are exempt in the imminent departure from the planet.

Any assumption of vain invincibility becoming immortality is being delusional expediting the inevitable ending of the repressive era.

Once again every Muslim and non-Muslim Gaddafi loyalists are sought in the name of the merciful Almighty God (تعالى الله رحيما) to grant you courage in defecting to the revolution side and bring down the ruler behind the monstrosity unleashed since the initial peaceful protest.

Libyan revolution – With justice on your side you will prevail over violence.

Good Luck and Best Wishes for a great new beginning on the horizon.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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