Bahrain Army Violence Against Peaceful Dissent

February 18, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Yet another strongest U.S. ally and dynasty in the Middle East unleashes violence against unarmed civilians during the plea for political freedom.

According to the latest news reports – Bahrain army and security personnel under the direct order from the royal authority violently attacked the pro-democracy participants camping on the site.

The crime was committed pre-dawn when the people were sleeping in the tents and had to scram for their life. The government’s cowardly act has claimed four innocent lives and several injured in the ambush against citizens caught off guard by the brutal use of force.

Bahrain is the United States’ key strategic partner having never refused any requests from the U.S. military with President as the commander-in-chief and the location being the ideal naval base for the U.S operations in the ongoing Iraq war.

The Kingdom rulers in their effort to continue the medieval tradition of monarchy treating citizens as subjects and slaves in the extreme environment like in Saudi Arabia are western allies resisting republic governed democracy.

Bahraini government aggressive response towards peaceful and non-violent protesters deserves worldwide condemnation legitimizing citizens’ demand for the authoritarianism removal.

It is evident that these puppet regimes are following the conglomerate instructions in the aggression against demonstrators seeking end to oppression.

The apex power has been unable to masquerade the pretentious act in the rebuke of the incident while having authorized the army intervention in the peaceful gathering for political rights.

As seen in Egypt, the transfer of power has shifted from dictatorship to military rule at the foreign helm unwilling to honor the Egyptian democratic rights for self-governance.

However, the Egyptian army could exercise their discretionary power rejecting foreign influence regardless of stature and empower the people they pledged to defend at all times.

Similarly, in Bahrain, Yemen, Iran and throughout Middle East it is the military and security guards’ national duty to protect citizens especially the non-combatants against domestic and foreign assault.

Instead the army and police offensive methods to curb civilian protest is in breach of conduct and military code of honor.

People are being subject to harsh treatment with metal plated rubber bullets, truncheons and tear gas used against defenseless public resulting in more casualties that are completely unacceptable in the civilized world.

If the motive is to suppress uprising through undemocratic tactics then the citizens’ call to eliminate such powers needs to be expedited in a unified manner within the society.

It’s important for the people in Bahrain and across Middle East striving to liberate them not to relent until they achieve their goals i.e. declining political rule other than meaningful democracy in the region.

Army crackdown on non-violent civilians is deplorable and accounting for it as mishaps does not bode well given the ground reality.

Besides pictures are worth thousand words.

Hence, Bahrain nationals are encouraged to stand up for their natural rights and fair economic opportunity rather than wealth distribution among the regal entities.

Without social justice and equality the economic benefits will not reach the main stream worst affected in any form of government.

Bahrain can emerge victorious in their political fight for republic rule.

Reiterating the earlier message – perseverance in the path of peace and non-violence would not let the revolution down.

Bahraini government must refrain from inflicting any harm to people in the solidarity movement desiring fundamental political change.

Citizens in Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Algeria, Syria…. are close to realizing their dreams and determination to succeed in the cause would guarantee the positive outcome.

Again it might appear to be a hard battle to win but they are not alone in their quest for political emancipation.

Please stay on course to gain momentum for you will prevail over unjust political rule that is nearing termination.

Wishing strength and rapid success to revolutions aspiring political transition in their respective domain.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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