World Overview – Global Revolution

November 5, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Across the globe from Tahrir, Pearl to Times Square – the resonating message from the citizens is freedom.

Freedom from political oppression, economic depression, environmental degradation and social injustice ending the era of dominance for sovereignty with new age republic rule is the popular demand.

Politics, economics and judiciary control citizens’ destiny.

The political systems are set up to serve self and special interests than national service.

Campaign promises remain rhetoric for election and re-election purpose.

However, campaign financiers agenda supersedes citizens’ requirements such as jobs, health care, education, housing, and clean environment.

Political leaderships elected to address public needs use mandate to deprive human rights, equal opportunity and social justice.

At the national level, governance is weakened by political partisanship and corruption at the center stage trickling down to the bottom.

While defense expenditure in multidimensional warfare including widespread air base and army cantonments is the major debt contributor for global economy,

Not to mention the human and environment toll from perennial violence.

People concerns are slighted with inaction or exacerbated through extreme austerity directed at survival programs like social security, Medicare, Medicaid and women’s health, educational funding…in the attempt to deficit reduction.

There is an urgent need for global consensus on arms embargo and nuclear disarmament accelerating the bilateral agreements to universal treaty.

Middle East uprising is prolonged at enormous stake on human lives predominantly due to industrialized and developing nations defense industry i.e. the military industrial complex weapons supply to the oppressed nations fomenting regional volatility.

Palestinian statehood with full UN membership rejected by Israel and the United States with a veto threat at UNSC criticizing the move as unilateralism especially after U.S. enthusiastic vote on Israeli statehood establishment at the United Nations in 1947.

Palestinian land West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem is besieged with U.S. authorized Israeli troops at the controversial check posts and other parts of the meager area.

Similar strategy in Africa trigger ravaging civil wars denying peace for profitability aimed at disrupting normal existence with children recruited to fight in the combat zone.

Latin America is also mired with violence facilitated by guns sales and ammunitions influx from the United States given the proximity as witnessed in Mexico drug war having stalled the economy and enforced survival in fear.

AsiaKorean PeninsulaThe peace accord between North and South Korea including the call for unified Korea is discarded with provocative drills on the Yellow Sea to continue arms deal with U.S. partner South Korea.

Meanwhile economic sanctions against North Korea – the global powers’ standard policy against nations in the enemy category isolate the globalists for aggravated assault on the population enduring persecution within and outside the country.

ChinaArms exchange for oil with Sudan and rest of Africa led to ongoing genocide eliminating the possibility for peace.

Indian Sub ContinentIndia under foreign power maintain overwhelming troops deployment in Jammu and Kashmir Valley not excluding North eastern India ignoring public request to enable peace without military presence.

Indian government cooperation with Sri Lankan regime headed by President and Military commander Mahinda Rajapaksha in the execution of men, women and children representing Indian origin Tamils transformed the marginalized territory into killing fields reminiscent to ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within India, rallies against black money and corruption curtailed with violent crackdown resulting in the death of a peaceful participant Rajbala and several injured in the absence of any investigation quest from media or judiciary.

Indian authority excess force was also demonstrated in leaders arrests to suspend peaceful assembly.

PakistanThe global powers designated terror haven is the focal point to stir tensions in the sub-continent between nuclear neighbors generating constant need to replenish stockpiles from United States, China, Russia, France and Great Britain – the competitive arms suppliers to the beleaguered states.

Additionally Pakistan embroiled in terrorism on home soil is confronted with constant drone attacks from the supposed ally United States in the so-called war on terror.

Simultaneously key officials from Pakistan military and intelligence agency ISI on MIC (military industrial complex) payroll engage in derailing political stability and peace in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Once again necessitating arms race not only among three nations but also spreading into Central Asia with Afghanistan as the strategic location in the brewing pre-emptive war against Iran possibly with dangerous nuclear retaliation.

Notwithstanding the convenience to monitor the cold war nemesis Russia from Afghanistan.

New millennium warfare is diversified viz. conventional war with troops on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northwestern Pakistan sprawling into Central Asia.

Robot war in the unmanned drone attacks on Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

In other fronts, currency war against China, drug war across the border with Mexico spilling over to surrounding nations is preventable at the source upon mutual recognition to implement appropriate measures on both sides.

By and large, the powerful and developing nations’ defense industry global installations have depleted resources, burdened economies with debts and wiped out generations creating a vacuum in the society for senior citizens, baby boomers and youngest members bereft of providers during the vulnerable phase in life.

Civil society movement all over Please protest against war and ask for troop withdrawal from every frontier ending illegal occupation and invasion of foreign land.

Independence for Palestine, Egypt, Algiers, Morocco, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Burma, North Korea…to name a few among several nations.

Emancipation also required elsewhere to establish republic governed democracy.

Globalists strategyPuppet leaderships appointment through self-intrusion or indirect backing along with chosen local media as eager appeasers to sabotage peace and economic growth sustainability world over.

Mayhem is regarded lucrative for promoting prolific arms trade with wars premised on only available option to resolve manufactured crises – economic recovery in particular.

Alarmingly the war legacy in the present is intertwined with nuclear arsenal.

Aggression and assertive overtures for complete access to global resources at life detriment is the norm irrespective of policy failure.

Economics Corporations financing election campaign is impediment for people voices in the legislative process.

Public financing with election expenses cap restricting personal attacks and focus on policies related to national and international issues would be a refreshing change conforming to civilized society.

Corporate media and air power at the political establishment disposal is abused for false propaganda and truth subversion undermining democracy.

Special interests drafted legislation swiftly passed compared with bills concerning average citizens in dire state delineating corporation influence over politics.

Close ties between corporations and politics for exclusive favors is the bedrock of corruption leading to constitution violation and national subjugation.

Corporations confined to jobs oriented economic growth rather than nation governance would yield anticipated output in economy and political functionality.

There are at least 802 lobbyists from powerful industries to negotiate with 436 House members and 100 Senators in the U.S. Congress drowning citizens cry in the current corporations run political environment.

Taxpayers funded government subsidies and bailouts in billions of dollars to energy and finance sector respectively is invested in lobbying directing legislation to suit industry agenda i.e. banks deregulation and environmental damage from drilling, mining and nuclear sites.

Similarly the desperately required revenues through tax reform closing tax evasion loopholes to recover national income stashed away in tax havens by wealthy corporations and individuals successfully thwarted with money power otherwise bribery.

Occupy Wall Street and alike across United States and the rest of the world need to restore power to the people beginning with political leaderships removal either through recall or upon term completion in the election to convey a strong message to the infiltrating elements.

Corporations owned media in cohort with politics is an imminent threat to democracy.

Media reform and public boycott of networks indulging in state broadcast adaptation could deter bias and myth propagation to exemplify consumer power and viewer discernment.

Judiciary: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary branch comprise the governing body in active democracy.

Judiciary framework encompasses constitutional law and civil rights preserving democratic values with checks and balances on entities both elected as well as non-elected officials in matter related to state governance and national interest.

Corporations and political powers ability to sway decisions in high profile legal quagmire debilitates democracy affecting judiciary credibility,

Besides diminishing constitutional power of the Supreme Court – the bastion for common man and nation at large to obtain justice.

Department of Justice and Investigation bureau under executive branch or incumbent administration increasingly misused in –

Obstruction of justice, intimidation, selective investigation and prosecution of whistle-blowers.

Department of Justice and Investigation Bureau would be legitimate and productive independent of the executive or administrative branch terminating political authority’s deflection following exposure.

Presidential power exercised in extrajudicial executions.

Continuation of rendition, indefinite detention of suspects without due process,

Habeas corpus denial,

In the Indian sub-continent those held in police and intelligence custody are subjected to ‘encounter’ parallel treatment to torture, electric shock…and variable techniques routinely carried out on prisoners throughout the world.

Concurrently impunity granted to political class and privileged members in the society on crimes against humanity and national wealth embezzlement.

The irony being those accountable for treason and equivalent compromising national image authorize illegal wiretapping, 24/7 surveillance distorting information to distract public from political reality – unscrupulous practices under the guise of democracy.

Police rough handling with firearms to disperse Occupy Wall Street inspired peaceful demonstrations in different parts of United States is disturbing and deeply regrettable.

Social Injustice: Poor and powerless often bear the brunt of discriminatory system with several thousands serving time for the non-verifiable crimes.

On the contrary, chief protagonists and beneficiaries in national scams are free utilizing political clout and economic power in defying judicial probe and accountability to taxpayers in the country.

Public awareness accompanied with national and global revolution to reinstate republic rule with democratic principles happening now through Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, anti-corruption rally gaining momentum would expedite mission accomplishment.

Solidarity, non-violence and peaceful movement without interruption to public or private operations are the key to success in realizing hope and changing status quo.

Food for thought people hold the power as audience, consumers, taxpayers and most importantly electorate in any society.

People power united could roll boulder downhill clearing the roadblocks to humanitarian peace, progress and prosperity.

Good Luck and Best Wishes! To civil society en masse for a glorious victory in republic rule revival.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















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