U.S. and Allies War and Peace Quagmire – Global Dominance Part II

April 20, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Afghanistan – The key strategic location has been invaded by prominent powers with occupiers goals defeated despite military might and unparalleled technology against native fighters in the largely mountainous terrain.

Following 9/11the U.S. and NATO invasion of Afghanistan initially premised on war against Al Qaeda – the CIA brainchild to drive former Soviet army from Afghan soil along with then mujahedeen trained and armed by United States that are Taliban forces today seeking closure to foreign occupation after a decade old warfare seemingly fighting the loosing battle.

Another bone of contention is Intrusion in domestic affairs specifically puppet regime installation reporting to Washington and NATO through agreement for permanent base subsequent to the so-called troop withdrawal in 2014.

It is clear that the supposed war on terror for over ten years in Afghanistan having claimed many innocent lives and armed forces on all sides with controversial drone attacks until now in both Islamic nations – Afghanistan and Pakistan justifiably causing furor amongst local residents mostly tribal and rural population surviving at western air power mercy.

The prolonged war in Afghanistan waged against Taliban and fragmented militancy groups has exacerbated Afghans plight.

Notwithstanding U.S. army personnel morale reflected in the series of incidents ranging from Holy Quran burning, desecration of deceased Afghan fighters, U.S. army sergeant shooting spree killing unarmed women, children and men to the latest U.S. military personnel pictures posing with Afghan suicide bombers mutilated body parts…are disturbing signs indicative of troops war fatigue rebelling against protracted military presence having lost purpose and credibility in the misguided mission.

Afghanistan deprived of progress due to continuous foreign intervention is also burdened with systemic corruption,

Western funneled poppy production arming the insurgents and warlords,

Western backed government inefficiency in every aspect attributed to political instability, economic disparity other than civilization frozen in time on social issues such as women’s rights in particular.

A month ago, much to Afghan government’s frustration United States and NATO declared truce with Taliban reportedly head quartered in Qatar.  The short-lived situation was no surprise with both sides defaulting to carnage and destruction.

Upon reviewing Afghan history since 1970’s, mujahedeen evolved into Taliban never engaged in threatening United States and allies national security unlike radicalized networks courtesy Saudi Arabia targeting vulnerable tribal and disenfranchised segments in Pakistan, Yemen and lately behind sectarian violence in Iraq with trail leading to Libya and Syria.

However, then CIA manufactured militancy alias Al Qaeda initially to fight against Soviets has been a convenient tool until date in pursuing global military action to benefit the military industrial complex and globalists agenda  – access to natural resources by force under war on terror pretext and long term strategic gains in the designated regions asserting prowess against those perceived competitors in economic and military power.

Reiterating earlier statement – 9/11 direct links with Israel and Saudi Arabia shared interest for regime change to strike Iraq eliminating former President Saddam Hussein completely ignored launching military attacks in Afghanistan rendering the Central Asian hub and neighboring state Pakistan – fertile ground in testing and exhausting weaponry to boost defense and crude oil stocks,

Besides facilitating widespread violence and terror recruitments in both nations to perpetuate war policy that was never credible from the onset.

Similar actions perpetrated against citizens of Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Iran to destabilize volatile Middle East to secure indefinite troop deployment and naval fleet obstructing hope for democracy with western leaderships delegated as sales executives to promote arms purchase for defense industry.

Any environment riddled with constant shelling and decimation denying victims glimpse of optimism to emerge and rebuild lives provides immunity to chaos and criminality subjugating demography to internal and external influence.

Afghanistan devoid of foreign military interference and instead assistance towards economic development laying a strong foundation on education with schools across the country, health care facilities and modern infrastructure utilizing labor within society would not only occupy youth with positive productivity but also prevent terror recruitment.

As for training Afghan security personnel to prepare them in national defense – considering imperialism lack of success in Afghanistan evidently Afghan fighters are better equipped and qualified to organize national army.

With corrupt free competent administration succeeding incumbency, disciplined military institution and defense academy could be a no brainer for any nation.

The new government priority in maintaining law and order is largely dependent upon commitment to public safety and unified approach with opposition to commission diligent law enforcement agency.

According to U.S. and NATO public statements on Afghanistan readiness post U.S. withdrawal – the past few years spent in imparting skills to protect civilians and safeguard national territory.

Yet the events in 2012 with U.S. armed forces and Afghan soldier offensive engagement resulting in civilian and army casualties contradictory to U.S. and NATO position on ground reality alongside drone assaults in Northwestern Pakistan extended over to Afghan border confirm otherwise.

In the absence of military accountability including disproportionate Pentagon budget exempt from external audit, the extravagant spending with no checks and balances on wars and military bases deserve thorough review and fund reallocation to vital domestic programs and job creation in the United States.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai announcement to step down in 2013 a year ahead of scheduled troop pull out would mean transitional government to govern until early or full term election.

The interim governance headed by leadership with popular votes in 2009 election would guarantee stable governance per people choice.

Complete overhaul of political system and judiciary in democratic setting to curb corruption is paramount to move the nation forward.

Taliban impact on national security could perhaps ease upon offering gainful employment to misled recruits while disarming various factions operating in and around the borders.

Tribal areas urged to lay down their arms with trusting and respected Patriarch conveying the message in different parts of the country would restore peace.

Further addressing grievances in Tribal, rural and urban settlements with result oriented actions would win hearts and minds of the people.

Terminating poppy cultivation and replacement with agriculture especially staple diet could generate self-sufficiency in addition to government land provisions for organic produces allowing farmers to contribute to national exports and GDP.

Mutually beneficial trade investments in Afghanistan by international community substituting foreign military confinement could bring desirable changes in the economy.

Afghanistan neighbors concern over prevalent deteriorating conditions could be alleviated with peaceful transformation from killing to saving lives in unanimous call to expedite end to aggression on all sides consisting arms embargo and restricting ammunition supply responsible for the status quo.

Regional partners surrounding Afghanistan could play an important role through cooperation rather than competition in the establishment of pervasive peace and stability.

Afghanistan could no longer be subjected to bloodshed, drug trafficking, arms trade and above all globalists appointed government exploiting national wealth for self-interest at the vast majority misery.

In conclusion, United States, NATO and coalition comprehensive troop removal, not barring paramilitary, espionage agents, private contractors as mercenaries from Afghan domain is pertinent for Afghanistan sovereignty creating an opportunity to desperately required advancement under republic rule.

U.S, and NATO procrastination would clarify real motives not necessarily in Afghanistan or their favor given the precipitous decline in U.S. troop conduct having reached the breaking point demanding exit from the war zone prior to potential untowardness directed at authority.

Choosing honorable departure prudent than delayed debacle.

Wishing people in Afghanistan a new beginning on the horizon with long lasting peace and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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