UN General Assembly – 66th Session 2011

September 24, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To Honorable leaders and dignitaries from different parts of the world currently attending the United Nations 66th Session in New York.

Since the last session, the bright and gloomy forecasts on global events from political, economic, social, educational, environmental, humanitarian to ethical matter are thought provoking with substantive actions required to address the prevalent crises and achievements thus far.

It would be appropriate to begin with economy being the major concern in the international domain.

The aim is to provide synopsis in this presentation with comprehensive layout to follow for G-20 and global markets in a separate submission.

The common syndromes in the slow economic growth among the industrialized nations are debt and possible credit default.

United States and Europe share the budget and deficit related problems prompting austerity and necessary tax hikes against the wealthiest,

Besides higher unemployment, lower GDP, currency effects and investment choices delaying economic revival.

In other regions – Russia expanding oil exports to Asia and bilateral trades utilizing the geographic vantage all around.

Asia viz. China and Japan as primary US debt holders, closely monitoring the U.S. fiscal policy and economy.

With overseas exports under pressure, China’s focus is on domestic demand.

India’s efforts are on inflation and growth sustenance.  However, government commitment required in affordability reaching the lowest economic strata to bridge the enlarged disparity.

Other Asian economies are adapting to normal range stimulated by regional trade, while adjusting to U.S and Europe performance.

Africa and Latin America – Transnational trade and overseas investments facilitating economic activities with developmental obstacles experienced along the way from political and social dynamics.

Middle East – Political transformations briefly interrupted oil production and economic functions in the region.  Nonetheless the pace is returning post-political upheaval gaining momentum to restore supply and demand.

Politics – Middle East attracts attention with Arab Spring revolutions leading to long overdue evolution at the martyrs and survivors remarkable sacrifices in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya whereas Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Qatar yet to be liberated from the prolonged authoritarianism.

The political uprisings suppressed with violence only delegitimize the ruling power with the heads of the state futile determination to overcome the inevitable change across the Middle East and elsewhere.

Instead the leaderships honoring the popular will with peaceful transitioning of power to people for democratic rule would avoid unnecessary aftermath ordeal witnessed among deposed leaders in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Iraq under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki government is confronted with explosions and sectarian violence hindering economic activity. Iraq is a secular nation in requirement of national leadership and government that is inclusive not exclusive to reach the milestones in every aspect.  Security is compromised with violence attributed to the presence of U.S and allies troops in the beleaguered nation.

PalestinePalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas direct plea to the United Nations for statehood and individual membership is legitimate approach given the biased and unsuccessful peace talks in the form of negotiations over decades has exacerbated the two states solutions gradually converted to one state proposition under United States strongest ally and the militarily powerful Israel,

Ignoring Palestinian dissent against Israeli occupation and settlements expansion in Palestine State – Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Also not to mention the loss of precious lives on both sides caused by intransigence in the otherwise resolvable dispute demonstrating genuine empathy and rationality.

The recognition sought on 1967 borders by Palestinian citizens is valid and the United Nations overwhelming acknowledgment could potentially expedite the much anticipated political independence and sovereignty for Palestine with the established State of Israel co-existing in peace.

Palestine statehood in-depth discussion will follow the UN address.

Egypt: Post revolution developments in Egypt under the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces fall short of expectations and unfortunately not delivered the promises on many issues.

No election scheduled for transfer of power to Egypt republic.

Supreme Council appointing governors and provincial heads representing the military rather than being elected from the mainstream.

Again government staff selected within the army depriving the Main Street from public service.

Imposed restrictions on freedom of speech, human rights and independent press and media access…reminiscent of the predecessor hardline governance to remain in power.

Egypt freedom struggle is not over until civilian rule is established in 2011. Egypt revolution might have to repeat the earlier peaceful and non-violent political resurgence to implement the realistic change.

Tunisia: Tunisian political stability is largely dependent on economic growth – trade prospects with other nations could ease the burden on the North African nation.


Japan: Japan’s high premiership turnover and political alternation at frequent intervals contributes to economic uncertainties with a direct impact on the global economy.

The trend reversal could be reassuring and promote national recovery from the devastating natural disaster and the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

China – Turbulence in international relations is a distraction for the world’s largest manufacturer and the emerging economic power.  China could play an important role in balanced trade and foster strong strategic ties with neighbors for multilateral benefit.

Tibet Congratulations! To Lobsang Sangay – New Prime Minister of Tibet’s government in-exile on the extraordinary feat with great vision for the Buddhist nation.  The imminent independence from Mainland China as part of the political sea change worldwide would conclude Tibet’s freedom struggle.

Korean Peninsula – Peaceful exchange between North and South with probable unification in the near future would strengthen the fragile relation eliminating military interactions.

ASEAN Members – Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia. Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, VietNam – Solidarity is the key factor in the renewed economic goals reflected in the survival of the global recession.

Myanmar – The future lies with National League for Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi leadership replacing the Military Junta oppression.

Singapore – Conforming to twenty first century political system with democratic values would enhance the island nation’s accomplishments in all dimensions.

MalaysiaPrime Minister Najib Razak pledge for a mature, modern and functioning democracy preserving public order without infringement upon civil liberty and racial harmony is welcome and,

Furthermore repealing laws such as the Internal Security Act (ISA), the Emergency Ordinance allowing government detention without trial, media censorship via license restriction and forbidding public assembly – set forth the nation on the progressive path.

Indian Sub-Continent – India and Pakistan

The nuclear neighbors peace initiatives are often disrupted with terror attacks on Indian soil.

Simultaneously Pakistan is also the target for the terror networks in the country under constant shelling with bomb blasts on the ground and U.S. drones from aerial assault notwithstanding calamities like flooding rendering existence merely impossible.

Remedial strategies could begin with Pakistan delineating the intelligence agency ISI and the military to the relevant job operations with no interference in civilian rule.

Any objection from these two powerful institutions would clarify the need to exercise the civilian authority in retaining the personnel committed to national interest and removing those submitted to personal and/or external sources whether they are terrorist organization or foreign power.

It is imperative for India and Pakistan to withstand any foreign pressure or intervention with the intention to create permanent tension for vested interests like territorial incursions and arms supply triggering the blood river on both sides.

Instead both nations moving forward with full-fledged diplomacy resuming trade relations, cultural exchange and disclosure on terror plots along with cross-interrogation of terror suspects on either side would reinforce mutual trust and cooperation.

India and Pakistan bilateral relationship is significant to alleviate poverty, hunger and disease prevalent in both countries.  Divestments from defense to economic and social development would be substantially positive.

Sri Lanka Dominating the headlines for the worst crimes against humanity in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Tamils by denying human rights in modern times is not only regrettable but also deeply reprehensible.

Sri Lankan President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces – Mahinda Rajapaksa implicated for authorizing the inhumane executions of unarmed men, women and children calls for international investigation and prosecution to condemn the state sponsored violence against own nationals.

Sri Lankan Tamils have been alienated without political, economic and social opportunity driving the islands minority to the point of no return after having economically prospered from the exploitation of the same groups since the British Raj mobilization within the Indian sub-continent.

It is a moment of reflection seeking reparable action through reconciliation with equal status to uplift the marginalized ethnic demography.

Meanwhile leaderships forging ties with states like Sri Lanka and Myanmar foment abuse of power undermining democracy they represent in the new millennium.

Bangladesh – The controversial water distribution between Bangladesh and West Bengal, India could be amicably settled deriving common use of resources for the vast population survival.

Nepal – The communist infiltration subsequent to monarchy dissolution is proved detrimental to the nation in the Himalayan foothills with the influence reaching across North Eastern India.

China, Cuba and North Korea are prominent examples of the system with citizens plight conspicuous to worldview.

Bhutan – The Himalayan kingdom emerging from the recent earthquake is offered necessary assistance to contain casualties. Politically the existing Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy could pave way to republic-governed democracy in synchrony with other democracies in the region and the world.

Africa – Sudan split into two nations with South Sudan controlling the oil fields and North Sudan in possession of refineries and distribution output.

The sensitive location – the oil rich Abyei is due for referendum in this partition to choose between Muslim North and Christian South with Darfur in the largest African nation having paid the price in the civil war.

Most African nations have dealt with the ramifications of civil war erupting from religious discord, economic woes and poignantly disagreements on electoral outcome in Kenya and Ivory Coast…are urged to invest in peace and unity to guide Africa towards pervasive tranquility and prosperity.

Latin America – The economic upsurge in Brazil, Argentina and Peru serve as the model for other nations in Latin America.  The public and private sector collaboration notably produced the desirable growth rate. Political leaderships in Latin America are adopting innovative approach to solve unique problems.

War on drugs in Mexico and Columbia is consuming enormous resources that could be invested in life betterment.

Education in concurrence with law enforcement could bring relief in curtailing drug consumption,

Pacific Islands: Being the primary victim of natural catastrophes,

Environmental protection is the predominant request to the industrialized, developed and developing nations,

Tourism depended economies in these areas are adversely affected from environmental damage.

Global society support to the environmental cause would be universally beneficial.

Western Nations advancements could be emulated where applicable without disinheriting the individual cultural heritage.

Global Security and Warfare: Ending wars and curtailing violence across the globe would guarantee peace and security with non-violence, peace and diplomacy substituting the status quo.

Environment: Off shore and shallow water drilling, Coal mining, Mountain top removal, Nuclear power plants are pursued with government permission irrespective of the fossil fuel and nuclear contamination endangering life on earth.

It is critical to pause and review the adversarial effects of these options in due respect to the environment and successive generation.

Humanitarian Issues: Women, Gay Community, Transgender Citizens, Ethnic minorities, children and anyone perceived as weak and vulnerable fall prey to religious, social and state victimization.

Activism to dispel ignorance using technology would immensely safeguard citizens’ rights across the spectrum.

Ethical Matter: Combating corruption, retrieving black money and tax evaded funds…apart from institutionalizing transparency and accountability without prejudice and preferential treatment in the society is monumental step towards character building invoking compassion, selflessness, credibility and patriotism.

All are created equal and therefore None are above the law.

Finally, United Nations Security Council – Permanent membership reconfiguration accepting Japan, India, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Norway and Germany would categorically signify the UN as the international organization with diverse ideas and resolutions to global crises.

On that optimistic note,

Best Wishes and success in all endeavors to nations around the world.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/EGi1vhfQiSM http://youtu.be/f7qwjRlrj8k http://youtu.be/09dAc6eiHnM http://youtu.be/Ru-L7eYfP3Y

Democracy under Siege – Dismantling New World Order

May 14, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

When the political establishment in the so-called democracy is protected with impunity and exempted from any accountability, the political system could no longer be identified as the republic rule.

The mainstream press and media as well as certain networks in cohort with political power decision to defy public demand in bringing the culprits behind 9/11 to justice,

Illegal invasion of Iraq under false pretext that has claimed thousands of U.S and coalition troops’ lives not to mention the millions of innocent civilian deaths and displacement.

Similarly Osama Bin Laden died a decade ago and the recent alleged elimination through extrajudicial execution in a unilateral decision without any evidences,

Hence severely lacking in credibility is slighted making a mockery of democracy.

New World Order sworn to secrecy convene meetings in secret locations barring journalists and press corps from the public domain with the NWO media personnel to cover the event and,

The members representing the powerful wings of political, economic, mass media, military, intelligence, royalty…formulate policies on global matter without the world population knowledge or consent.

The premium membership provides exclusive privileges like high profile and key positions in the international organizations such as IMF, World Bank and United Nations.

Notwithstanding government leaderships regardless of the political system represented in the United States, EU, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Most importantly the value added benefit from NWO membership is derived from –

Authorization to illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land,

Reserve the right to kill in a underworld style,

Toppling democratically elected governments for political and strategic advantage with IMMUNITY as these actions are never even recognized a crime.

NWO is a conglomerate comprising powerful forces thus far responsible for the status quo.

Obviously the objectives being dominate the world as a shadow government undermining and depriving citizens meaningful democracy across the globe.

NWO aim evidenced in the surreptitious and blatant attacks to amass world resources for distribution among the few amid causing death, chaos and carnage is tolerated by those complacent and apathetic to the vast majority plight.

It is poignant to highlight the United States and allies’ role in the systematic military aggression and use of force in various parts of the world under NWO chartered course to establish one world controlled by the nexus group having successfully derailed economic prospects, political stability and suppressing social equality through unpopular governments appointed against electoral mandate and virtue of royalty viz.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan …to name a few.

New World Order economic pursuit is diversified and reflected in energy, finance, agriculture, health, education etc.

Health insurance and health care industry reining control over the health care legislation in the IUnited States unfolded during the health care deal between the industry and the White House that guarantees 30 million mandatory subscribers to the health insurers facilitating exploitative incentives with no premium caps on the subscription.

Social Security privatization as seen in France Pension plan with extended retirement age much against public revolt is already making its way through in the U.S. Congress.

Energy policy designed and developed by the energy behemoths in the oil, mining and nuclear industry much to the environment disaster are granted unlimited access to conduct offshore deep and shallow water drilling including hydrofracking, mountaintop removal for mining, nuclear power plants without safe disposal of nuclear waste – despite catastrophic impact on life and the habitat.

In the United States, the energy industry especially the oil companies, coal and nuclear sectors are currently in the process of receiving tax subsidies per the latest Congressional hearing.

Elsewhere the energy minister is erroneously the environment minister strongly defending the coal, oil and nuclear industry.

Challenging the energy industry against planet destruction has been a daunting task for the environmental groups.

In fact the environment organizations coming together as a single indomitable force is necessary to save the planet from ruin.

The fragmented environment organizations unified measures would be formidable in achieving the desired goals than otherwise.

With respect to foreign policy – The U.S. State department has conspicuously moved away from the real purpose of restoring peace, diplomacy and democracy.

On the contrary the track record exemplified in espionage, coup d’état, illegal wiretapping and advice to conceal evidences in national and international issue viz. Osama Bin Laden alleged killing in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The Defense department and Intelligence agencies maintaining synonymous trajectory worldwide in the supposed war on terror and violation of civil liberties with utter disregard for life and international law exhibited in the prolonged detentions without due process in Guantanamo bay, torture, renditions, mercenary operatives in occupied territories overseas resulting in the local population calamity and embarrassment for the nation.

Congressional lawmakers and judiciary alike until now have not taken any initiative to inquire, investigate and indict anyone with the justice department under White House concerted declaration to extend ‘classified’ information indefinitely claiming redemption and not retribution in the matter to absolve them on prevalent wrongdoings.

The pattern continues with the political class particularly the executive branch systemic abuse of power on national and global issues refuting ground reality and rejecting the request for transparency.

Former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, White House political adviser and Confidante Karl Rove, Former CIA Director George Tenet, Former U.S. Secretaries of State Gen. Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Attorney Generals John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonsalez…

Not excluding the Military Commanders and Intelligence officials serving at that time are –

Required to stand trial for 9/11 truth behind horrific attacks.

Prolonging Afghanistan war under the pretext “Hunt for Osama Bin Laden” after knowing and admitting that CIA aided leader Osama Bin Laden was dead in Dec 2001.

Illegal invasion of Iraq under false premise.

Vice President Dick Cheney for Halliburton related various corporate and war crimes.

Bankrupting the U.S. economy generating global economic depression.

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair – a staunch advocate for Iraq war promoting the agenda that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction proved not to be true.

Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo bay, torture, renditions – the torture authors Professor John Yoo, Judge Jay Bybee for their contribution in the treatment of combat and non-combat prisoners held in different detention cells in the United States and foreign soil.

NSA wiretapping, surveillance and private citizens personal data infiltration through Patriot Act.

Ironically, the crimes have been consistently committed by authorities at the helm posing a major security threat to citizens world over.

International Court of Justice is selectively utilized at NWO will.  If not, justice would have been served to the millions victimized in the absolute authoritarianism disguised in myriad format.

In the present administration – Beginning with the Office of Presidency,

President Barack Obama for Health Care Scandal and dismissal of the public plea to clarify on the pact with Health Insurance industry – 30 million mandatory subscribers with penalty imposed on Health Care law non-compliance to become effective partially in 2012 and entirely in 2014.  At the same time no restrictions on premium hikes against health insurance industry.

Expanding wars and troops deployment in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and now Libya on unsubstantiated grounds.

Refusal to ban landmines and unwilling to ratify the international treaty.

Collusion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for permanent troops presence in the Palestinian State of West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem thereby halting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Bush-Cheney doctrine confirming NWO motto continued on economy, environment, foreign policy and warfare.

Skyrocketing national debt at $14.3 trillion burdened on middle class and lower income America.

Yet unwillingness to contain extravagant defense expenditure and coherence with opposition to Bush tax cuts extension for the wealthy.

Corporations exporting jobs overseas rewarded with consul positions at the White House.

Coup d’état against democratic governments – Honduras, Ecuador, Lebanon…

North Korea peace talks conveyed through former U.S. President Jimmy Carter ignored and instead approved provocative military exercise with South Korea on the Yellow Sea escalating tension with the nuclear nation.

Turkey threatened with possible coup during the Flotilla crisis involving Palestine.

Iraq – Permanent military base contemplated with the appointment of pro-Iranian government headed by Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki leading the nation to bloodbath and sectarian violence.

Iran facing potential nuclear attack in the emphatic Presidential statement underscoring all options considered to desist Iran’s nuclear ambition rather than addressing nuclear proliferation predominantly emanating from the hierarchical nuclear proliferation treaty affecting the nuclear and non-nuclear states.

Proposal on U.N. Security Council reconfiguration with memberships from Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, Norway, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Turkey in addition to the existing five-member panel abandoned.

Enabling military rule as opposed to civilian government in the post Mubarak Egypt.

Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia – Reservations on political uprisings compared with overwhelming anticipation in Syria fostering rumors on CIA intrusion rather than upholding a uniform policy in the region.

Libya – deliberation and procrastination to recognize citizens represented Transition Council in Benghazi emboldened Libyan dictatorship with the situation evolving into NWO long time aspiration – military invasion of Libya to sustain direct ownership on oil fields.

Osama Bin Laden resurrection to life and the purported killing in the no-evidence necessary entitlement proclaiming Presidential discretion as the rule of law.

Vice President Joe Biden – alliance with White House on Health Care, Foreign Policy and environment issues.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – The U.S State Department prominently engaged as the espionage epicenter and,

Incidentally availing Wikileaks as the tool to create drifts and confusion in foreign government rule per covert arrangement in the extradition charges repeal against the founder Julian Assange.

Orchestrating coup d’état in Honduras, Ecuador and Lebanon, launching NWO preferred leaderships in the regions regarded economically and politically vital for dominance.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates – in the implementation of NWO warfare across the Middle East and Islamic nations.

Attorney General Eric Holder – Diligently administering the White House policy on reprieving Bush-Cheney administration litany of evidence supported charges.

Intervention and influencing judgments in civil matter at the White House behest.

Military Commander Gen. David Petraeus for protracted wars in the absence of reasonable justification.

Unless these entities actions and decisions attributed to pervasive humanitarian crises are investigated in a judicial and Congressional impartial hearing in public view with appropriate findings typical to the application of law against ordinary citizens,

The judiciary and Congress are rendered ineffective for failing to exercise the checks and balances in reinstating republic rule.

Their complacency and to a great extent complicity in the reluctance to restitute democratic values by allowing extraordinary executive power until now is expediting democracy’s decline.

The seemingly democratic representation at the executive and other branches effectively serving as the NWO leaderships for global monopoly through parallel government set up to function as single indomitable force to reckon with.

If the twentieth century witnessed the fall of iron curtain in the former Soviet Union and the Berlin wall in the then Communist East Germany,

It’s time to peacefully and non-violently demolish undemocratic proxy empire New World Order and the Council on foreign relations (CFR), the counterparts in Europe and elsewhere in the twenty first century with worldwide protest to cease clandestine activities and insist the members – the governments and the rest to disavow allegiance to secret society.

Hesitation in honoring the legitimate terms would categorically reveal the facade.

The conglomerate having successfully revived pre-World War II repressive era through violence, oppression, persecution and most relevantly endangering civil rights and political freedom in the perceived democratic but realistically non-democratic governance.

Since the call to dismantle New World Order largely discarded and possibly smirked,

It is incumbent upon the citizens in civil society to rise against double standards delineating the privileged political class with special protection from interrogation or prosecution while the average mainstream population subject to the maximum culpability.

Global revolution is paramount to abolish the paradox system favoring the perpetrators of crimes against humanity and punishing the innocent as ‘collateral damage,’ causing widespread poverty, hunger, disease and,

Economic despair triggering political upheavals heightened by social injustice.

New World Order existence is conclusively harmful to peace and harmony due to the discreet society’s pledge to wage wars and maintain universal discord for individual gains.

The international community cannot afford to remain dormant with the mushroom cloud about to permeate across the sky.

Therefore bringing down the New World Order responsible for global misery is a priority and preliminary step towards democracy revival.

It is incumbent upon every citizen to safeguard democracy with liberty and justice for all.

Please remember the planet survival is dependent upon the inhabitants’ dedication and commitment to steer the respective nations’ future in a positive direction contradictory to the present time – diminishing to the point of no return.

Citizens’ active participation in policy-making is quintessential much to the governments’ dissent.

Considering significant percentage of policy makers as elected representatives trend periodically demonstrated in their misplaced loyalty to special interests, unscrupulous internal and external sources for assorted reasons excepting national and republic interest.

Please act now and preserve your rights – born to be free and not in bondage by deterring the forces against humanitarian and environmental cause.

Silence and inaction are the worst foes to democracy.

Solidarity movement around the world for common good is vital to realize political independence that would eventually deliver economic prosperity, social equality and global peace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/FnkdfFAqsHA http://youtu.be/0Jw_WQEYbMQ http://youtu.be/VnV_pNe_BB0 http://youtu.be/ek7ZHenQnu4 http://youtu.be/W64oq1nqLJI http://youtu.be/prZL44W7zKc http://youtu.be/voAE5oBKR00 http://youtu.be/kNvj5MPWf9o http://youtu.be/2eBEqSu440I http://youtu.be/2eBEqSu440I http://youtu.be/krZDnFZ_Vrg http://youtu.be/7-LCvRQxDhc http://youtu.be/jTDNixCHlJM

U.S. NATO, UNSC and UN Clarifications Required on Libya

February 22, 2011

By Padmini Arhant


Is NATO Preparing to Invade Libya?

What is UNSC action on ‘No Fly Zone’ proposal by Libyan victims dying from artillery shelling?

Does Libya matter to U.S. in the same manner as Iraq did in 2003?

United States positioned as the leader of the free world and the United Nations as the umbrella organization for the international community including Libya and,

NATO representing the U.S. and European Union dependent on Libyan oil for the economy are yet to offer legitimate explanation on all of the above questions related to Libya.

Additionally the U.S. has not clarified the bizarre stance for not having directly condemned the brutal dictator Muammar Gaddafi and his sons Saif al-Islam Gaddafi as well as Mutassim Gaddafi implicated with evidence on hiring henchmen to murder Libyan civilians.

The press conference and daily briefing by the U.S. State Department today i.e. February 22, 2011 was disappointing for it did not address the key issues on Libya and the response was evasive.

Please watch the featured video on the U.S. State Department briefing.

Following questions are from the conference transcript made available by the U.S. State Department. – Thank you.

Please view the featured video for the complete version of the briefing.

QUESTION: All right. And then more broadly, what did you make of Qadhafi’s speech?

MR. CROWLEY: I actually haven’t received a debrief on his speech.

QUESTION: Well, surely you saw some of it.

MR. CROWLEY: I did see some of it.

QUESTION: Enough – what did you think of him vowing to stay and to die a martyr and never to give up?

MR. CROWLEY: Again, this is ultimately and fundamentally an issue between the Libyan Government, its leader, and the Libyan people.

They, like others, are standing up and demanding a greater say in the events of their country.

As the Secretary indicated yesterday in her statement, we have grave concerns about the Libyan response to these protestors.

We continue to be guided by our fundamental principles; we don’t want to see any further violence.

And she called directly on the Libyan Government to cease the – its response that has led to significant bloodshed in Libya.

We want to see universal rights respected and we want to see the government respond to the aspirations of its people.

QUESTION: P.J., this is essentially a bloodbath that’s going on there, and it seems when you were talking about this that it’s a very calm approach. I mean, many people are saying that something has to be done right now to help the people who are being attacked by airplanes, air attack. So what is the United States doing? Is there a sense of urgency?

MR. CROWLEY: Of course, there’s a sense of urgency. Our first focus is on the security of American citizens in Libya. But I mean, our response has been joined by many others in the international community.

There was a Security Council meeting this morning. There will be another Security Council meeting this afternoon, and I expect that the international community will speak with one voice in expressing its ongoing alarm at events as they unfold in Libya.

QUESTION: Thank you. What is the Secretary doing specifically on this?

MR. CROWLEY: We have had a number of conversations as a Department over the weekend. The Secretary has engaged with many regional and European leaders.

Our Assistant Secretary Jeff Feltman had multiple conversations over the weekend with Libyan officials, including Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa.

We have been in touch with also other leaders in the region, and there is a united view here. We view the situation in Libya with grave concern.

QUESTION: Just one more. Just one more. Their ambassador to the Arab League calls this genocide, and in cases of genocide, there might be a consideration of taking some type of united action to rescue people. Is there any consideration for that?

MR. CROWLEY: Well, Jill, I would just simply say that right now our challenge – just as your challenge is to fully understand what is going on in the country.

Just as you have had difficulty in getting your reporters into Libya, we have a relatively small post, and we’ve had difficulty in verifying some of the horrible reports that are emanating from Libya.

I’m not minimizing our level of concern here, but it’s going to take some time to evaluate and understand exactly what is happening, what has transpired already.

We are focused right now on trying to do everything that we can working with others who are in touch with the Libyan Government and Libyan leaders directly to stop this bloodshed.

We have great concern about this, but we are still trying to fully understand exactly what’s happening in a very complex, very difficult environment where we do not necessarily, as we have in other countries, have as many eyes on the ground.

QUESTION: Has the U.S. Government contacted Qadhafi directly? Have you – has an effort been made either from this building or from the White House?

MR. CROWLEY: We are aware that others have contacted him directly, I think, over the weekend. The Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had a direct conversation with him. We have not.

QUESTION: — would not ask him step down.

MR. CROWLEY: Just as we have said quite carefully in each of these cases, it’s not for the United States to choose the leader of Libya or the leader of any other country.

It is for the people of Libya who are standing up and protesting the policies and actions of their government. Ultimately, they will be the judge of what is happening in Libya.

We are expressing our grave concern and alarm, as the Secretary’s statement said yesterday. And certainly, we can see that there is a contrast between the decisions made by Egyptian security forces in response to these protests, and the contrast is very stark between the response of the Libyan Government.

QUESTION: P.J., I just want to make sure —

QUESTION: The National Security Advisor Mutassim Qadhafi, one of his sons was here two years ago meeting with the Secretary. Has anyone spoken to him? Has anyone spoken to anyone else who still claims to work for the Qadhafi government directly? Or is Ban Ki-moon acting as the interlocutor here?

MR. CROWLEY: I just – no, no, no, no. I just said that Assistant Secretary Jeff Feltman has had multiple conversations with Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa and others.

We’ve expressed our concern directly. We’ve explained to the Libyan Government exactly what we’re doing in terms of the ordered departure.

We’ll work with the Libyan Government as we move our families and our diplomats and American citizens out of Libya. So we are – we have been in, more or less, daily contact with the Libyan Government through this last few days.

QUESTION: Do you support a no-fly zone over Libya?

MR. CROWLEY: I’m sorry?

QUESTION: Do you support a no-fly zone over Libya?

MR. CROWLEY: Again, we are meeting as an international community. We are trying to gather facts on what is happening. And I’m not going to forecast what steps might be taken.

QUESTION: Because during Qadhafi’s hour-and-a-half long speech, he indicated that he wasn’t listening to what the U.S. or what the Europeans wanted, that he would be willing to die until the last drop of blood, and that he would then go house to house to try to put down this rebellion.

That’s – how effective is the U.S. conversation then with Libya if he can go on television and say these things and make these threats against his own people?

QUESTION: — the problem is that here you’ve been talking about how this has to solved within – resolved through an internal debate in Libya; you want to see the government engage the protesters.

And the problem with that is that the debate so far has been anti-aircraft guns and bullets and fighter jets bombing the people. That’s the government’s side of the debate.

MR. CROWLEY: I understand that.

QUESTION: They have shown no willingness to engage.

MR. CROWLEY: I understand —

QUESTION: And Qadhafi’s speech, which you didn’t watch —

MR. CROWLEY: I watched. I didn’t —

QUESTION: — said exactly —

MR. CROWLEY: I watched some of it.

QUESTION: — said that they’re not going to engage and that he’s going to go – that the people who are protesting deserve the death penalty —


QUESTION: — and they’re going to crack down on them. So I don’t —

MR. CROWLEY: And Matt —

QUESTION: So there’s no indication that they’re listening to your message.

And by saying that you don’t know, you’re waiting to find out the facts on the ground, you can’t confirm any of these atrocities that have been reported, you’ve put yourself squarely in the camp of your favorite Western Hemisphere dictator Fidel Castro, who wrote exactly the same thing and said that no one – people shouldn’t be blaming Qadhafi yet. I mean, you haven’t come out and condemned Qadhafi himself for doing any of this.

And he — the other thing that Castro said was that – I think this is along the lines of the no-fly zone –

Is that NATO was preparing to invade Libya?

So, setting Castro aside for a moment —

MR. CROWLEY: Again, which is why I said earlier that ultimately this is an issue between the Libyan Government and the Libyan people.

QUESTION: P.J., how can you frame the debate as it’s internal things between the Libyan people and the government when some reports talks about thousands of people dead, and one of – part of the Qadhafi’s speech – I don’t know if you heard it or not –

He was talking about the violence has not been used yet against the demonstrators. Isn’t surely the responsibility of the United States to stand up against the thousands of people being killed?

MR. CROWLEY: Well, and the Secretary of State said very clearly and very compellingly in her statement yesterday that the bloodshed needs to stop. We condemned the violence that’s occurring. I don’t know that we can be any more clear.

QUESTION: But how many people have to die? I mean, we’re already hearing of hundreds of people.?
Gaddafis’ Western Relations – By Padmini Arhant

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi known in the affluent circle for his close relations with Prince Andrew, Lord Peter Mandelson, 4th Baron Jacob Rothschild along with heir Nat Rothschild at Waddesdon Manor of Buckinghamshire.

Saif al-Islam having been hosted at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle is also believed to be a frequent royal guest at Rothschild manor on Corfu.

It is further established that Saif al-Islam was the favorite nominee to lead Libya among the Western oligarchy.

Powerful entities without lucrative economic deals would be indeed oxymoron.

It clearly explains the western powers’ deafening silence in the face of massacre by their autocratic ally.

The political establishment behind dictatorships in the Middle East and elsewhere bear responsibility for the ongoing civilian deaths in every uprising prompting worldwide citizens protest to the systemic abuse of power for purely economic and strategic interests.

People in the democratic society across the globe need to rise against the shadow world government wreaking havoc on the planet with innocent men, women and children indiscriminately killed through their puppet regimes,

The declining global status quo is a sharp indication for democracies to reject the pervasive dominance by selective powers operating under one organization – the New World Order.

These leaderships do not espouse democratic values and alarmingly exerting authority in semblance to fascism – a pre-world war II environment.

If the average citizens do not challenge the unscrupulous powers despite the ominous situation then it could lead to no point of return.

It is the duty of every human being to oppose the conglomerate powers’ complicity and demand for their immediate action in the removal of the totalitarian governments engaged in native population genocide.

Universal revolution is the only effective strategy to rein in the apex power governing the political apparatus around the world.

Complacency could no longer be the option for it would expedite the possible apocalypse.

The poignant questions pertaining to Libya including any NATO plan on Libyan invasion during the U.S. state department briefing was evaded and,

It is a great concern for the global society considering the western powers’ increasingly discreet policy on international matter.

Real democracies would be transparent and subject to accountability rather than remaining exclusive with decisions or the lack thereof on humanitarian issues.

The oppressed victims of aerial bombings in Libya are justified in their request for a ‘No Fly Zone’ – essentially a no brainer compared with similar imposition on Iraq by the U.S and allies during their mission to oust Saddam Hussein sharing same legacy as Muammar Gaddafi.

United Nations Security Council hesitation in this context is simply unacceptable and reasons provided thus far claiming that it would be hard for the members to gain consensus on humanitarian grounds reveals the disingenuous reaction particularly after the United States veto of Arab resolution on Jewish settlements obstructing Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

It is extremely important for NATO and United States to present the precise agenda on Libya with unequivocal clarification on the alleged NATO plan to invade Libya.

On the question regarding Egypt – the State Department Assistant Secretary P.J. Crowley only highlighted in broadening the economic prospects with no mention on the political transfer of power to civilian rule.

Again the United States commitment to Egypt in this respect is quintessential based on U.S. military aid and consequently Egypt’s military caretaker government direct reporting to U.S. military high command including the defense secretary.

These developments marred with tremendous uncertainties attributed to U.S. and European Union failure to depose Muammar Gaddafi and reserved successors.

The characterization of Libyan political crisis as an ‘internal affair’ at the state department briefing is disturbing to say the least not to mention the impact on U.S. image as a reliable crusader.

Political transformation in the Middle East and across the globe is predetermined and non-negotiable.

The decadent powers under the global empire are on the brink of collapse epitomizing the conclusion of the Dark Age.

Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Palestinians from Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem in the Middle East and,

China, Tibet, Burma, North Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lankan Tamils, Pakistan, Afghanistan…in Asia

Ivory Coast, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo…in Africa

Honduras, Haiti, Cuba…in the Western Hemisphere

All others across the globe are urged to seek political rights, social equality and fair economic opportunity only possible with people power in a democracy.

Life is a gift and born to be free. Hence rise like a phoenix against the falcon for a new beginning on the horizon.

Good Luck! To the Universal Revolution for resounding success in the liberation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International Recognition of Israeli Palestinian Peace Process

January 10, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Israeli Palestinian peace talks have come to a grinding halt following the moratorium expiration on Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem last September.

The Palestinian casualties in early January 2011 involving a man and a woman in the northern West Bank checkpoint and the barrier is a setback for the long anticipated peace resolution between Israel and Palestinian authorities.

Additionally the recent tension in beleaguered Gaza with Israel reporting on the rocket firing by Hamas across the southern border resets the status quo after a prolonged ceasefire promoting hope for exports from Gaza to Israel.

Subsequently Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for direct dialogue is praiseworthy.

However, the Israeli Prime Minister’s terms on negotiations without preconditions in the backdrop of ongoing settlement expansion is a dilemma for the Palestinian President considering the political challenges in their domain.

Any agreement would be feasible upon instantaneous settlement freeze that has long been contentious in the crucial interaction between the two heads of the states.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu having previously proved Israel’s commitment to two states solution through temporary settlement containment could perhaps persuade opposition within Israeli coalition in this matter rather than expecting Palestinian approval of the continuing occupation.

The two states recognition could be easily achieved with natural understanding and acknowledgment of 1967 lines for an Independent Palestinian State concurrently suspending settlement activities in Palestinian territories viz. West Bank and East Jerusalem.

As mentioned earlier Israel’s security will be strengthened by expediting the peace treaty that would enable free Palestine to focus on nation building beginning with infrastructure, economic growth, education and health care…guaranteed to promote social progress transforming existing mistrust and discord into a reliable trading partnership fostering bilateral relationship with their neighbor, Israel.

Further the Arab world would widely accept Israel’s sovereignty when peace protocol per 1967 territory is honored ceasing claim on Palestinian meager land with exponential rise in the local population.

Again reiterating requests made to both parties per post titled “Peace Dawns on Palestine and Israel – Two States Solution,” published 9/2/2010 under International Politics on this website,

Both states could reach common destination by removing roadblocks such as occupation, settlement, troop presence with checkpoints and barriers from the Israeli side and,

Palestinian efforts in maintaining solidarity within political factions while pursuing their goals through non-violent means is the pragmatic course to prevail in the decades old conflict.

Peace deal is not attainable with demolition in East Jerusalem, skirmishes in Gaza and West bank under siege. The Palestinian preparation to approach United Nations Security Council for international endorsement of liberated Palestine along the 1967 lines reveals the peace brokers’ lack of influential power and interest in resolving the Mideast crisis.

Therefore the international society could intervene in ending the Palestinian plight and Israeli political gridlock over settlements and troop withdrawal by reviewing the reality and the impact of ignoring the humanitarian suffering currently benefiting terror recruitments serving as the reason for perpetual warfare.

By addressing the Palestinian political struggle and Israeli desire for national security, the international community would effectively contribute to the success of the Israeli Palestinian peace process.

On that optimistic note, the Palestinian and Israeli leaders are urged to set their differences aside and cooperate in signing the peace accord with international blessings.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to Palestinian, Israeli and world leaders in finalizing the amicable Mideast peace doctrine.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

COP 16/CMP 6 UN Climate Change Conference Cancun 2010

December 11, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The two week conference from November 29 to December 10, 2010 on climate change strived to approach the global environmental challenge by adopting UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and Kyoto treaty mandating the carbon emission reduction below 2 degrees Celsius or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit in addition to COP15 Copenhagen proposals such as –

Industrialized nations $100 billion pledge by 2020 towards financial assistance to the poorer nations in combating environment disasters.

The Green Climate Fund for technological aid and forest preservation appear to have been recognized leading to a consensus among the negotiators.

Although the fund sources and management details have not been presented as yet, the preliminary step to provide economic relief to poor and developing nations is a positive measure.

The debate arising from the once contentious issue is – expediting funding and setting the eligibility criteria due to the demand from many nations seeking financial help under ‘vulnerable’ category that could potentially deprive the precarious recipients from qualifying for adequate benefits.

Hence it is essential to arrive at a conclusion on the specific content and fund allocation to the qualifiers in desperate situation as part of the post-Cancun agreement.

Further there is an urgent requirement to accelerate the transformation from fossil dependency to green energy economy.

Unfortunately the political will necessary to enforce the change is controlled by corporate investments denying the people in the rich and developing nations an opportunity to a clean energy economy and lead the less affluent nations achieve similar status.

No climate meetings are meaningful without addressing the catastrophic incidents from mining to off shore and shallow water oil exploration.

Wars and relentless military operations continue to have devastating impact on the environment in the economically struggling regions of the world. The use of deadly weapons and incessant bombings in retaliation is attributed to extreme environmental damage.

Pakistan for instance experienced the worst floods recently amid explosions and ongoing drone attacks exacerbating the flood victims’ plight. These are fundamental reasons to hold international forum to discuss never ending conflicts resulting in widespread destruction and loss of life.

Environment cannot be safe and secure without ending violence claiming innocent lives through prolonged artillery attacks and use of explosives.

Peace and healthy environment are inter-linked in the evolutionary process.

The Cancun summit emphasis on the Kyoto treaty renewal in 2012 is vital to realize the environmental goals.

Japan and Russia’s objection in this regard is related to the major carbon emitters’ viz. China and United States non-commitment to the Kyoto accord ratification.

Kyoto agreement is currently reported to have 37 signatories representing 27% of the carbon emission in the atmosphere. Unless the remaining pollution contributors unconditionally endorse the Kyoto Protocol and exemplify through actions, the climate talks would not be entirely purposeful.

Other members’ efforts and determination could easily be offset by those in violation of the environmental standards with no accountability for their dominant role in the negative impact.

During Copenhagen negotiations, the economic powers elected voluntary emission control rather than a universal policy and at Cancun the checks and balances to that effect is hopefully enacted for fair verifications.

While it is encouraging to witness the powerful nations’ acknowledgment on the individual obligation only the demonstration would confirm the facts.

The mandatory reporting scheduled every year in June could be more effective when an independent international committee comprising scientists, environment activists, economists and ethicists appointed to review the progress or the lack thereof by each nation.

It could also possibly eliminate mistrust and political influence in the monitoring and assessment of the vital environment regulation.

Considering the grim forecast on the ozone depletion and ocean rising it is imperative to sustain greenhouse gas emission below 1.5 degrees Celsius against 2 degrees Celsius or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit and incrementally drop to pre-industrial level at 280 parts per million from the present 390 ppm.

Community awareness and involvement in basic programs such as tree planting, recycling and green job creation with eco-friendly products and services in the market evolving into a national environment protection plan are crucial in the immediate and long run.

Industrial wise, the recommendation for greenhouse gas levy on aviation and maritime transportation would not only generate revenue but also contain carbon and other gas emission.

United States clean energy legislation is predicted to be a foregone conclusion given the Republican majority in the House following the mid-term elections.

The scenario is no different from last year with the reversal and the climate bill was still regarded a tall order that precipitated COP 15 failure.

Washington gridlock is predominantly sponsored by special interests with their investments in both political parties. The elected representatives bear responsibility for their decisions in national and international issues.

It is incumbent upon United States to establish a track record as the leader of innovative green economy and environment bastion in the twenty first century.

Political blockade in passing climate bill is endangering self and the future generation survival.

Scientific data and prevalent weather patterns with 2010 declared the hottest year in a long time proves the relevance to reconcile terms with reality.

Ignoring the ramifications on the island nations and other inhabitants could eventually hurt the origin in the human manufactured greenhouse gas causing global warming.

There are no winners for there will be no survivors in the profit motivated environment degradation. With the escalating temperatures and melting glaciers the alternatives are conservation and preservation of natural resources.

Nevertheless, it is a refreshing start to gain assurance from China, United States, India, Brazil, EU…in accepting Cancun climate deal despite selective terms and conditions applied to suit the domestic agenda.

Mexico deserves credit for the exceptional organization of the global event and successful mediation between international delegates in arriving at mutual concurrence on some key elements in the climate matter.

Congratulations! To Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, President of the COP16, President of the United States of Mexico Felipe Calderon, the Honorable delegation from 194 nations, NGO’s and every participant at the sixteenth United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico for the solidarity and initiatives in reaching a preliminary agreement.

The transparency and inclusiveness reflected in the United Nations sixteenth conference is praiseworthy setting precedence for forthcoming summit in 2011 – Durban, South Africa.

Please Save the Planet – the only habitat for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Freedom Struggle – People vs. Power in the New World Order

October 14, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Evidently, the facts in every respect confirm that the nation is heading in the wrong direction.

The NWO chartered by the secret society elite members has grave consequences.

It is exacerbated by their unwillingness to confront the people on the illogic strategies behind relentless warfare, sinking economy, alarming national debt, rising health care costs, cataclysmic energy undertakings and importantly – gross violation of the constitution in every possible civil and human rights issue.

When the incumbent administration launched the Presidential campaign in 2007, the core message was about the country and the world in need of a dramatic Change with tremendous Hope raised on the campaign trail.

The message for most part of the campaign resonated the impending Change and delineated from the opponents as them being –

More of the Same citing the Bush-Cheney administrations’ disastrous course on war, economy, environment and utter disregard for the constitution.

Although the Bush-Cheney record is unique in aimlessly leading the nation and the world on wild adventures causing immeasurable misery all around,

The current administration’s Bush policy continuation and complicity to the crimes committed by the predecessor is a major concern among the electorate that casted their vote for Hope and Change.

Upon reflection, Obama campaign swiftly deviated from the initial pledge after securing the party nomination in 2008 democratic primary election.

From voting for FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) favoring the Patriot Act, surpassing the opponents in receiving corporate donations towards the campaign by rejecting the McCain – Feingold campaign finance reform rules that was acknowledged by the then Senator Barack Obama in 2007,

To joining the rest in the drill baby drill contest at the height of induced gas crisis in 2008 –

There was no ambivalence in the dramatic change even prior to the campaign promise Change coming into fruition.

The stark contrast between the candidate Senator Barack Obama in 2006-2007 and the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008 subsequently the 44th President of the United States cannot be overlooked for it has evolved into an accelerated Bush-Cheney policy especially on the extensive military operations, corporate deals with finance, energy and health care industries and regrettably the nuclear disarmament issue, the campaign’s hallmark that captivated world attention.

Again upon careful observation, there is no revelation on the warfare, U.S. foreign policy and Wall Street negotiations.

The Ex-Presidents warnings and the former President FDR experience related to corporate coup d’état attempts along with the worldwide events throughout the twentieth and twenty first century exemplify the catastrophic damages inflicted on innocent civilians, brave young men and women in uniform and the planet.

The NWO secret society would not comply with the request to hold meetings in public view and invite the independent press representing democracy.

Like stated earlier, if the powerful entities assemble to resolve the problems that they have successfully created as the ultimate authorities in the respective discipline i.e. politics, economics, finance, energy and military operations…

Then why not share the self-proclaimed noble doctrine with the people for whom the NWO is apparently devised through the secret policies.

Even the iron curtains eventually came down due to public resistance to economic struggles imposed by the hard liners’ inherently flawed governance.

When the authorities evade legitimate public demand for reasons behind warfare leading nowhere and issues directly affecting their lives such as health care, constitutional rights violation…

It arouses doubts in the public mind and generates mistrust against the power.

How do the NWO treat the dissidents raising these questions on the republics’ behalf?

They deny the dissidents the civil rights and completely strip away the privacy by invading their homes with the 24/7 surveillance eavesdropping on family conversations, not even sparing the private moments with nature calls,

Monitoring on-line and off-line regular communications from email, telephone to typing on the personal computers detected via the FCC approved microchips implanted keyboard.

In addition to snooping on every routine normal activity, cripple them financially, disable supporting progressive political candidates, confine to house arrest and keep close tabs on every single breath of their victims.

A bizarre approach to seek support was made when,

The blank birthday card sent with a message – “Praise the President in your own words,” and mail it back by the deadline. It was followed by a reminder when the earlier message was discarded.

Subsequently the birthday message was written to read the following:

“Dear Mr. President,

I hope and pray for all your decisions to be guided by peace, wisdom and truth. Happy Birthday with Best Wishes.”

An appraisal on the economy and the state of affairs at both national and international level was also sought in the same context.

In response, candid evaluation was presented based on the deteriorating situation in economy, health care costs etc.

Simultaneously the uncanny similarities with the previous administration in warfare, foreign policy and civil rights indicated did not bode well with the authorities.

Pushing the envelope, the Presidential aide through selective networks was conveying that;

“When the Commander-in-Chief expects any citizen to do any task, it should be carried out without any hesitation” implying whether the citizens are employed by the administration, federal, state, any branch of the government or not.

These individuals in their faithful demonstration of their duty forget that –

The President is the Commander-in-Chief to the armed forces in uniform serving the nation.

To the civilians – President is the civilian authority in the capacity as the democratically elected leader bound by constitutional rule of law that appropriately sets limits on the executive power over the republic represented by the Congress in a democratic society.

Above all, the constant propaganda is in place through their selective loyalists on payroll as newspaper columnists, television hosts and some introduced as the movie director on foreign soil with the tailor made delusional scripts maligning the dissidents’ image to propagate rumors for non-cooperation.

Yet the interesting factor being them playing the victim as their paid defenders define it as an unfair game given the authority they amass within a short period of their time in power against the constitutional law.

As pointed out by concerned citizens in their comments on this website – it’s all about three R’s.

Rubber stamp on legislations regardless. Refrain from scrutiny as the public watchdog.

Upon refusal, deal with the baseless Rumors spread by the agents operating in the vast dragnet to mislead the inevitable next target – the people at home and the world over.

The excessive authority on the dissidents is an experiment to be applied on the mass once the position is secure to unleash more power.

All happening in the so-called democracy.

What hope do the people in China, Iran, and Myanmar…nations under overt iron-fist regimes have in the supposedly modern civilization run by the elitists focused on safeguarding their personal interests by implementing unconstitutional and undemocratic rules to dictate and dominate the world?

That’s why they have the warrantless wiretapping on American civilians, policing cyberspace and going beyond to legislate shutting down the internet last year.

Conducting the so-called war on terror by ignoring the immense casualties,

Contributing to undesirable political situations in the war zones and the developing nations yearning for peace and,

Declining to substantiate the false pretext for war…cannot be accepted in silence.

Incidentally, the world is still waiting on the authorities to present Osama Bin Laden – the NWO by-product, dead or alive.

Resurrecting the dead virtually is a no brainer for the NWO authorities controlling the cyber space.

However, the mortals immortalizing the mortal would be presumptuously assuming an impossible feat with a guaranteed defeat on the horizon.

The irony with the established demagoguery is the global issues such as the economy, energy, environment and poignantly the incessant warfare are discussed in a clandestine consortium.

Meanwhile the same NWO elitists are in control of the private citizens’ private life in a democracy becoming more a hypocrisy through their over-indulgence in citizen rights.

The Cabal recently made the following declaration:

“If you get ahead of us, we will not follow you.

We are here as one, an exclusive group set in our own agendas and determined to enforce them sooner than you can do anything to prevent it. NWO is real and happening.”

Since peace and diplomacy is a misnomer with the conglomerate espousing the archaic philosophy of concentrated power,

The cabal is entrenched in colonialism, misused capitalism and communism strengthened by cronyism in the empire survival with baron, baroness, multinational corporations, Communist leaderships, certain heads of the state, intelligence agencies, military top brass, media moguls as the privileged members in the organization.

Winding up military operations that are proved to be a fundamental failure from the onset primarily due to false premise, propaganda and rising death toll on all sides is rejected.

Stop preying on innocent civilians in the United States and around the world with the doomed decadent policies that is designed to favor the minority in the NWO against the majority.

Cease offshore drilling and environmentally dangerous energy pursuit on the planet, the only habitat for innumerous life.

Planet earth belongs to all and not just the ostentatious powerful members in the society.

New World Order is oxymoron because there is nothing new, worldly or orderly in principle.

The elitists with the power to control the society are not new rather an old ideology and disturbingly bear semblance to the pre-world war II fascist era at the worst reverting to stone age in the master-slave mentality intended to pervade across the globe.

In this exclusive club, the definitive goal to profit in every frontier at the populace and the planet’s peril is not representative of the world but a narcissist agenda.

Last but not the least;

The entire framework is diabolical especially with reference to the term Order promoting authoritarian rule suggestive of a disorder in the offing.

NWO is a recipe for disaster aimed at the world population by the oligarchy engaged in a kamikaze mission.

Hence, NWO should have never existed and will no longer prevail in the domestic or global decisions severely affecting humanity, the weak and the vulnerable in particular.

Defiance in this respect would precipitate the dismantling with people power.

New Global Era is imminent with power entrusted to people in a democratic setting, restoring individual freedom yet embracing solidarity to achieve equal rights and opportunities for all.

The Real Change with the people governing themselves as the republic through their democratically elected representatives in Congress under constitutional guidance with power assigned to the executive, legislative and judicial branch according to the constitution.

Freedom will be cherished as the inalienable human right.

Those nations invaded and occupied will be free and recognized as a sovereign state.

Repressive regimes will have to exit and pave way for the republic rule.

Big and small nations would receive equal respect and attention on various issues affecting the local or the international community.

Global resources will be shared for greater good and the planet sustenance.

New Global Era would epitomize peace and unity among people from different cultures and traditions coming together as one race – the Human race nurturing life on the planet.

Nuclear disarmament is no longer an option but a necessity with compliance from all nations through forced entry into CTBT, NPT,FMCT, START and PAROS irrespective of stature outlined in the 09/29/10 article –

‘The 65th U.N. General Assembly on Multilateral Disarmament Treaty’ under National and Global Security on this website.

In the latest development, the U.N. General Assembly – 187 out of 191 nations overwhelmingly approved India for a non-permanent Security Council rotating membership after nineteen years.

It is a significant honor for India and the U.N. General Assembly members’ magnanimous gesture is commendable.

Likewise, every other nation deserves representation to signify their individual importance in global affairs.

Permanent Security Council membership expansion is vital to reflect the twenty first century reality and the new members would enormously contribute to resolving complex global crises.

It would be helpful to subject the current permanent memberships for U.N. General Assembly review and make necessary revisions to accommodate the present global requirements.

Nations retaining their sovereignty but working together for global peace, progress and prosperity is the vision in the New Global Era.

Humanity thrives through consolidated efforts for mutual benefits made possible by the unified world.

Peace to all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

War and Geo-Political Status 20th Century

October 7, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The global economy is still far from recovery and most nations are dealing with austerity, Europe in particular much against their population will.

Meanwhile, among them an overwhelming majority have disproportionate defense budget that is not targeted in the spending cuts. United States has an exceptionally higher defense expenditure that is invariably passed with bipartisan approval regardless of the political party in power.

Whereas, the other life threatening issues concerning jobs, health care, social security, housing…are usually subjective to filibuster and marginalization at the worst resulting in a meaningless final product.

The contemporary society is currently confronted with the so-called war on terror. Although terrorism took birth in the twentieth century predominantly through Middle East conflicts, it escalated in the twenty first century with 9/11 becoming the premise for relentless warfare fomenting terrorism seeing no end in sight.

After two world wars to contain imperialism, fascism and ‘Great Depression,’ the expectation among the international community was long lasting peaceful environment with the governments focused on alleviating poverty, hunger and disease contributing to a healthy habitat for all living beings.

Subsequently the United Nations Charter was created with the U.N. Security Council formation comprising the five nations – United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and France maintaining the status quo until now, despite the titanic shift in the economic realm over the latter part of the twentieth century leading till date.

The authorities then in power with the responsibility to establish peace and harness diplomatic relations, instead steered in the opposite direction with communism rising in the former Soviet Union, Germany in the West and the entire Eastern Europe as well as China influencing South East Asia.

It’s noteworthy that the arms race proliferated rather than being terminated at the end of world wars with the United States and the then Soviet union followed by the remaining Security Council members successfully conducting their nuclear test that empowered them as the largest nuclear arsenal holders and continue to remain so.

Further, the U.N. Security Council members’ illegal invasions and occupations in the aftermath of the world wars proceeded throughout the twentieth and now into the twenty first century with certain occupied territories annexed as the regional state again at the prevailing horrendous humanitarian plight such as Tibet, Palestinian territories and the disputed regions in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The cold war between the two major powers – the United States and the Soviet Union vying for ‘Super Power’ status caused the ‘United Nations’ to split with the two contenders choosing partners conciliatory to their respective political positions at that time.

In the sixties, it is also well known that the cold war brought the two major powers on the brink of nuclear confrontation with the Cuban Missile crisis.

Notwithstanding the Korean War notably the significant armed Cold War conflict with the reunification negotiations eventually evolved into a proxy war sponsored by the three U.N. Security Council members – the U.S., Soviet Union and China.

The infamous Vietnam War spreading to the neighboring Cambodia and Laos certainly aroused the anti-war sentiments in the United States and around the world at its peak but it did not necessarily deter the wars in Africa, Latin America, Central Asia and the Middle East with the United States and the other permanent U.N. Security Council members involved in almost all of them either directly or indirectly as the arms supplier including the combat forces viz. Afghanistan on the ground.

Increased military aid to Indonesia in 1977 at the height of the East Timorese massacre produced more than one-third i.e. around 200,000 East Timor population deaths in war related starvation, disease and atrocities.

Likewise in 1978 the military aid to Central America against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and similar assistance to El Salvador compounded the regional turmoil with incredible loss of lives from brutal killings.

In 1979, the U.S. tax payers’ approximately $40 billion dollars investment to train Mujahedeen in Afghanistan generated Osama Bin Laden.

Arguably, the United States footprints in Latin America and Middle East are comparatively prominent with the other members concentrating in their region, Central Asia and Africa.

However, the genocide from the civil wars in Africa through the permanent U.N. Security Council members’ arms trade and distribution was entirely ignored since 1991 and up until now – such as the Democratic Republic of Congo referred to as ‘African World War,’ Burundi, Rwanda earlier on, and Darfur, Sudan.

It’s imperative to mention Haiti during the Democratic and Republican administrations’ at the White House going back to 1977 when agreements were made to decline Haitian refugees asylum claims and between 1990 and up until now – the Democratically elected popular leader Jean Bertrand Aristide indefinitely exiled in South Africa.

The combined powerful U.S.and NATO forces delayed intervention in Bosnia, Herzegovina or for that matter regrettable deliberation on Rwanda rescue operation could be regarded worthwhile, leaving other missions a territorial conquest and/or an economic interest.

It’s obvious that the military industrial complex war strategy is the same with the players alternated between the two major political parties in the United States and the trend replicated in other western democracies as the permanent U.N. Security council members.

Twentieth century wars fought in the regions desperately seeking economic and social development were categorically denied the opportunities to merge with the rest of the world converting those nations into a fertile ground for terror recruitment.

Therefore, the cyclical violence is a revenue source for the conventional and the nuclear weapons industry at the horrendous loss of lives and economic cost.

That raises many questions surrounding the wars and the global community priority in the tough economic times. They are evaded with no logical explanation often confirming the doubts in the public mind.

The war architects owe the domestic and international citizenry evidence based legitimate reason for the decade old conflicts severely affecting the weak and the vulnerable in the so-called war on terror.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The 65th U.N. General Assembly on Multilateral Disarmament Treaty

September 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

On September 24, 2010, the United Nations held a “High-level Meeting on Revitalizing Disarmament Conference” attended by 65 nations’ dignitaries in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Conference objectives were to initiate discussions on the –

Biological and Chemical weapons,

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and,

The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) including,

START – Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms,

PAROS – Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space and,

Last but not the least – Nuclear States threats against non-nuclear nations.

Although the statements from these organizations’ representatives and U.N. members defined the international community role and the urgency to begin nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament discourse, the session ended in an impasse.

The reason behind the unsuccessful outcome is attributed to the Multifaceted Treaty’s one aspect and that being,

The FMCT – Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty reportedly blocked by Nuclear Pakistan insisting on the Fissile Material Treaty fairness and effectiveness on the whole, an identical position shared with its Nuclear neighbor India.

The fissile material related to the plutonium and uranium enrichment for nuclear weapons capability is crucial in the disarmament dialogue to implement a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

In fact, Pakistan’s position in this regard is absolutely legitimate and worth examining.

Pakistan’s claim that FMT mandate be internationally incorporated and multilaterally verified to accommodate the majority nuclear and non-nuclear states’ national security concerns comparable to “equal security for all,” principles is in direct alignment with India’s request.

India has raised the legitimacy and credibility factor surrounding all treaties i.e.

Non-Proliferation, Nuclear disarmament focused on FMT, PAROS, START and negative security assurances for they are all at present severely lacking in accountability and transparency among the NPT-5,

The U.S and Russia in particular as the pioneers currently in possession of over 95 percent world’s nuclear arsenal.

Poignantly, the very first nuclear disarmament and permanent ban on nuclear testing was set forth by the First Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1954 – the nuclear era with conspicuous disdain for nuclear ban proposals that is evidently prevalent until now into the twenty first century.

Subsequently, India remained persistent and called for an international convention in 1978 prohibiting the nuclear weapons use or threats against any nation followed by,

A daring initiative in 1982 submitting to the United Nations – a “Nuclear Freeze,” on fissile material production facilitating nuclear weapons and related delivery systems.

Further, in 1998 India put forward an Action Plan comprising phased elimination for all nuclear weapons and WMD within a specified timeframe setting the cornerstone in the nuclear doctrine.

None of the nuclear weapon states with far more nuclear potential responded to the cause then or for that matter now in the CD conference.

Pakistan and India share the sentiments in the non-cooperation and disingenuous display by the real players the NPT-5 with a burden of responsibility to exemplify their verbal commitments through actions that is being demonstrably evaded as the privileged Security Council members.

All the more reason for the imperativeness to expand the U.N. Security Council permanent membership with broad representation by nations such as Japan, Brazil, India, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Turkey and UAE besides the extensive diversification called for in the recent CD Summit only to be ignored denying global interest.

Had the powerful nuclear weapon states engaged in earnest participation with appropriate and definitive content mutually agreeable to third party verification in the nuclear treaty throughout the twentieth and twenty first century, the world would not be dealing with nuclear proliferation or terrorism.

Even the new START agreement between U.S and Russia signed in 2010 is subjective to ambivalence on both sides based on past experience specifically –

The exchanges with Kremlin during the former President Ronald Reagan START introduction referred to as SALT III at that time and evaluated by the American arms control advocates as;

“A deceptively equal-looking, deliberately nonnegotiable proposal that is part of what some suspect is the hardliners’ secret agenda of sabotaging disarmament so that the U.S. can get on with the business of rearmament.”

Similarly, the then Soviet Union had not disclosed the ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) data accurately in the submission.

Such inconclusiveness in the international security matter since the nuclear age precipitated the nuclear and conventional arms race to an unprecedented and unsustainable level.

The repetitive failed attempt to invigorate meaningful disarmament talks is a cliché in the contentious yet easily resolvable issue.

Moreover, the notion that U.S, Russia, China… are responsible nuclear states while disqualifying others from the league is a misnomer considering the status quo and proved detrimental to the nuclear deterrent policy for it encouraged defiance against compliance.

The unanimous frustration and disappointment among the non-elite nuclear states and the vulnerable non-nuclear NPT nations leads to a concrete decision in enforcing;

The universal CTBT – Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty ‘entry into force’ rule effective immediately beginning at the fissile material ban targeting both supply and production in the present and the future.

Pursuant to NPT article VI, CTBT entry by force would have a profound impact on the NPT obligations binding the NPT and non-NPT nuclear states along with non-nuclear NPT countries.

Forced entry CTBT statute would reveal the observance or the lack there of by the respective nuclear and non-nuclear States.

It would also determine the Treaty viability and the multilateral apparatus adherence to NPT apart from restricting the sophisticated nuclear weapon upgrade or new development by any or all.

A worldwide Monitoring System and a neutral committee dedicated to NPT and WMD elimination would concurrently phase out the nuclear weapon prospects and systematically retrieve the stockpiles from all parties commencing with the major stock holders i.e. United States, Russia, France, U.K. China and others.

The grievances expressed by the scapegoats earlier India and now Pakistan in the CD failure,

Arguably found in the consistent setbacks on all treaties pertaining to conventional, WMD and nuclear weapons suggesting the so-called summits frame work designed to weaken rather than strengthen the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation institutional policies aimed at the regional and international peace and security.

Given the facts on the ground with the relentless and widespread violence through warfare, the agenda do not match the false exhibits in the previous summits.

Therefore, the United Nations General Assembly members consolidated commitment to global peace and security could be made possible by –

Forging the U.N. Security Council permanent membership expansion and,

Implementing the CTBT to accomplish the non-violation and irreversible NPT complemented by strategic and general weapons substantive and complete disarmament.

The U.N. members at the general assembly could essentially review and restructure the umbrella organization policies to conform to the twenty first century in every respect.

Non-nuclear NPT and nuclear states have a unique opportunity to change the dynamics with a paradigm shift by being inclusive not exclusive in the nuclear negotiations eventually resulting in pervasive nuclear disarmament.

The ICBL (the International Campaign to Ban Landmines) treaty is also vital in the disarmament process with certain key powers not having ratified the protocol despite the staggering toll on the children and economically disadvantaged population across the globe.

Again, the collective pledge to safeguard life and the planet is guaranteed to produce the desirable result –

A peaceful, prosperous and unified world.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to the United Nations and nexus organizations for phenomenal success in the humanitarian goals.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The 65th U.N. General Assembly honors 2010 – International Year of Biodiversity

September 27, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

On September 22, 2010, the 65th U.N. General Assembly session contributed to the
“2010 – International Year of Biodiversity.”

Biological diversity representing the ecosystems is on the decline threatening planet sustenance.

At the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, 2005 and 2006 – The States committed to the biodiversity strategies and agenda, in addition to providing the necessary financial and technical resources to the developing nations.

The objectives during these summits were to efficiently reduce the biodiversity loss at the national, regional and global level as a contribution towards poverty alleviation and benefit to all life on Earth by 2010 that led to;

“The 2010 Biodiversity Target.”

It has been enacted with the Millennium Development Goals as part of Goal 7 on environmental sustainability.

Biodiversity is the life support for the ecosystems that helps the planet survival and the sensitivity cannot be underestimated.

The conservation and preservation action plans are continually challenged with the escalating energy demands and the twentieth century energy sources maintained by the leading industrialized nation such as the United States, the emerging economies and the developing nations.

Biological diversity comprises the mechanisms for the entire life species contributing to the evolutionary process.

The precipitous biodiversity loss could be attributed to a variety of human generated problems prominently pollution from carbon emissions, industrial chemical contamination, waste management negligence and above all deforestation, overfishing, whaling and dolphin hunting, mountain top removal in coal mining, off shore oil explorations, uranium mining for nuclear energy,

Notwithstanding the catastrophic environmental damages during and after incessant warfare in the vulnerable regions with the battered war survivors left breathing the highly contaminated air from White Phosphorous and the deadliest ammunitions used in the combat.

It’s clear that the environment is under assault from all directions – air, land and sea, despite the clean, renewable and natural energy sources available in the form of solar, wind, hydroelectric and biofuel methods.

The biodiversity loss reduction strategy could perhaps include the focus on the paradigm shift in energy use, industrial smoke elimination, technology operated recycling plants and prohibiting all of the above highlighted activities related to the systemic abuse of planet earth.

Biodiversity importance could be further elaborated with the emphasis on the natural elements – air and water.

Clean air and pure water is truly a blessing for an overwhelming world population deprived of the life dependent sources.

As stated above, the air and noise pollution is a growing detriment for healthy living especially in the densely populated urban areas of the developed and developing nations.

Biodiversity policy could be enhanced by promoting infrastructure investment, town planning – incentivizing people to move outskirts from the city parameter facilitated by rapid transportation for commute and modern conveniences with adequate power supply.

Simultaneously rewarding industries and residents for limited energy consumption, consolidating efforts in curbing pollution from automobiles, industrial smoke and civic habits through non-smoking zones in public areas and work place – such initiatives would complement the biodiversity strategy.

In the rural areas, the air pollution is largely associated with the lack of development in basic survival conditions – for coal still remains the only energy source in daily existence. The outdated machinery equipment used in the developing nations’ farming and agriculture could be replaced with modern technology.

To attain the biodiversity goals across the national, regional and global level, the measures need to be implemented at the origin responsible for the harmful environmental effects. Identifying the issues and resolving them with appropriate remedies could expedite achievement.

Water scarcity is experienced worldwide particularly among the developing nations and the rising economies. Within a nation, the water disputes between states are fairly contentious and the public suffering is exacerbated during hot summer season.

It’s also a fundamental cause for global poverty, hunger and disease. Without enough water the rural communities face tremendous obstacles in producing good harvest. The urbanites are equally affected with water shortage and the majority store water at every opportunity.

It is extremely hard on the poorer population in the absence of sanitation and basic living conditions consequently becoming the breeding ground for preventable yet life threatening diseases like malaria, diarrhea -severe among children, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, hepatitis…found among the population barely existing at or below the poverty level.

If the government and the private sector could combine resources in projects aimed at clean water distribution across the nation and direct funding to improve the living standards beginning with the poorest of the poor, then it would inevitably result in the environmental and economic gain.

There is yet another crucial component in containing the biodiversity deterioration i.e.

The natives involvement – Such as the natives from the Americas, the Inuit from the Arctic region, the different tribes in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Aborigines in Australia and the Adivasis in India…

Being the indigenous population and the responsible guardians of the planet, they would be able to guide as the natural expert in all matter related to ecosystem. Their immense understanding and accurate knowledge of the species in the Amazon Rain Forest, the Australian Great Barrier Reef or the Fauna of Africa…would allow the precise course of action required to sustain biodiversity.

The natives are instrumental in safeguarding the planet until the industrialization massive intervention with nature created the imbalance leading up to rising sea levels and global warming.

Unfortunately, the world has not paid much attention to the natives, the planet’s original inhabitants and their descendants secluded from the modern civilization’s economic progress.

Their dependents are deprived of good education, health facilities and proper housing accommodation. It is tragic to witness the natives’ plight while the remaining global society moves forward leaps and bounds.

Although 192 States reportedly ratified the Biodiversity Plan, the desirable status is yet to be realized due to misplaced priorities.

Since it’s a collective responsibility with a common goal – it’s paramount for all nations to pledge their strong support interpreted in actions to protect life on earth.

Every individual share equal burden to save the planet.

Hence, please rise to the occasion and ensure the “2010 Biodiversity Target” is a phenomenal success.

Best Wishes to the U.N. members and the organizations behind the Biodiversity Protocol.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The 65th U.N. General Assembly Focus – Millennium Development Goals and Biodiversity

September 25, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

A warm welcome to the Heads of the State and dignitaries around the world attending –

The 65th U.N. General Assembly in New York, U.S.A.

The 65th U.N. General Assembly key meeting held between September 20 and September 22, 2010 reached an accord on Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and coordinated with the International Year of Biodiversity.

Per the U.N. Accord on MDG, more than $40 billion is pledged towards women and children’s health, hunger, poverty and technology access over a five year period.

According to the U.N. statement – the unanimous agreement from the various groups such as the Heads of the State and the Government, private sector, foundations, international organizations, civil society and research companies expected to expedite the targeted goals.

There is no doubt that an overwhelming world population is battling with starvation, preventable diseases and chronic illnesses due to lack of health professionals and inadequate facilities exacerbated by natural disasters, political and economic crisis.

The U.N. effort is praiseworthy. However, in addition to the international community consistent engagement in rescue operation, the United Nations and the nexus organizations could address the issues causing the human misery.

Otherwise directing focus on prevention and cure.

What is the reason behind global poverty, hunger, disease, social injustice and gender inequality?

The mass opinion in this regard is Politics.

Politics has not entirely committed to alleviate human suffering in their respective domain.

Policies are geared towards political expediency i.e. remaining in power and adhering to decisions benefiting a selective few rather than the general society especially the average citizen.

Further, experimenting the same methods for different results have conspicuously widened the gap between the haves and the havenots.

Divisiveness in the political discourse is polarizing the society on religious, ethnic and gender related concepts.

Understanding and appreciating the cultural differences, religious and human rights would enormously benefit the people in a cosmopolitan global village.

Social challenges are often best dealt with proper knowledge and facts on the issues promoting empathy and unity in the society.

Political situation directly affects the citizens’ life and determines their future. With the prevalent close relationship between politics and economic leaderships, the political system is represented by all interests except the public.

There is a unique prospect for the government-business relationship to work in favor of the people being the electorate, taxpayers, workers, employees and consumers in the society.

Poverty and disease is a universal problem more visible in the poor countries and shielded in the industrialized nations. The desperate human conditions around the world are created by both economic and political warfare declining peace and persistently pursuing the agenda that are counterproductive.

If peace were to be embraced in the same manner it’s rejected, half the battle against the social and economic disparities would be won. For every nation has some natural resources and possess the valuable asset – the human capital that has been deprived the opportunity for progress.

The damages inflicted with ill choices and the declaration of war against the weak and the vulnerable are later attempted for salvation thereby being the cause and the remedy in the ceaseless cycle.

In the developing and some developed regions, election is perceived as a mere democratic formality adding to the public frustration and disappointment.

Politics essentially controls the life existence and sustenance. From economic to environmental issues, the political dynamics play a major role in shaping the human evolution.

Communications Media aid politics in propagating information with truth being the primal casualty.

Even in the so-called democratic settings few media hosts and anchors volunteer as the political surrogates rather than being the voice for democracy transforming the medium into a state owned enterprise.

Meanwhile, in the economic front – globalization has provided incredible means to corporations with options to empower and exploit the local population. Unfortunately, the reality confirms the latter exceeding the former in most economic areas.

The basic survival factors – jobs, health, and energy resource under finance, health and energy sectors respectively revealed the extent of greed in the recent crises pervasively affecting humanity and the planet.

Yet, compromises are made with the health care industry, finance sector rewarded with $19 billion tax exemptions and energy giants allowed unlimited oil explorations, mining and nuclear programs across the globe despite the past and present catastrophic experience.

Waging wars for economic purpose is an acceptable norm in the modern civilization with accountability and transparency becoming a misnomer at the easily dispensable human lives cost not to mention the environmental degradation.

More disturbing aspects emerge from the judicial systems made redundant with the imprudent silence to the escalating death tolls and civilian displacements granting refugee status in their homeland.

Law and order only applicable to the law abiding citizens to display the political strength in the domestic turf.

Once again, the innocents abandoned to fend for themselves in the quest for political and economic freedom.

The synopsis is the synchronization between certain economic, political and religious factions along with a narrow communication media not sparing some internet entrepreneurs enable in disabling advancement across the social demography.

Such coordination could be applied towards talent enrichment among the less privileged communities worldwide seeking a diverse platform for their political, social and economic development integrating with the twenty first century growth.

The MDG or the Millennium Development Goals are commendable but improving the women and children’s life is also dependent upon the political will imperative to nurture the providers’ dreams and ambitions in a peaceful and prosperous atmosphere.

There is tremendous hope and optimism in the noble humanitarian goal.

Contributions at all levels in the MDG framework and agreement deserves recognition and the commitment is honorable.

Best Wishes to the United Nations and all participating members across the political, social and economic spectrum in their noteworthy endeavor.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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