World Event – United Nations General Assembly 69th Session 2014

September 27, 2014

The audio version is for visually impaired listeners and others convenience as well as preference.  Your interest is appreciated. 

Segment 1 of the UN address.

By Padmini Arhant

My Greetings to world leaders and citizens across the globe attending the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly 2014.

The global events resulting in death, devastation, decimation and destabilization premised on deception, deceit and depravation is a reflection on forces and facilitators preoccupation to proliferate violence and instability all around.

Contemporary politics under the guise of democracy using electoral process and referendum legitimize illegitimate rule and repeatedly beguile electorate to prolong status quo.

The vote rigging and irregularities accompanied by domestic and foreign illicit funding confirms the unlawful system usurp to power.

The world problems emanate from the conglomerate reining control over politics, economy, religion, communication media and press, entertainment, social issues and environment.

Mass manipulation through media propagation widely practiced to suppress genuine voice and facts presentation.

The overt and covert implementation of laws undermining constitution, democratic principles and citizens’ rights are diverse strategies for subjugation.

More relevantly the alter ego in proxy rule representing shadow power and behind the scenes operatives are increasingly and defiantly launched to deny people choice. 

The political structure sculptured to project authenticity even though actions and decisions are invariably favorable to imperial aspirations, ideological and personal advantage. 

Accordingly the immediate priority is to reject existing conditions and dismantle incognito command center evidently authorizing systematic destruction of life and habitat in general.

Accepting current developments regardless of detrimental results set dangerous precedence.

The trend predictably leading to abyss due to dysfunctional and demoralized management at the helm and representation in various format across the spectrum.

Following World War II, United Nations formation with United Nations Security Council consisting five permanent members assuming authority including veto power is predominantly responsible for warfare through economic sanctions and military operation against selective targets i.e. nations perceived adversaries by hegemony.

The hegemonic goals having no limit or boundary continue to assert aggression under false pretexts creating lawlessness and terrorism to justify illegal invasion, occupation and topple democratically elected governments in Ukraine, Thailand, Iraq and now in Syria.

The tradition continues in Latin America with ongoing attempts to derail democracy in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and other states in southern and western hemisphere.

Hegemony promoting candidacies and nominees renowned for corruption scandals, treason, embezzlements and communal violence besides dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey and elsewhere in the Middle East emphasize conformity in the surrender of sovereignty.

Similarly hegemony intrusion in the continent of Africa and influence over Asia and remaining world signify malignant foundation to avert the inevitable self-dissolution.

Furthermore, hegemony maneuvered United Nations as an international body is yet to demonstrate fairness and competence in diffusing crises albeit manufactured by UNSC permanent members and alliance.

Arguably recognition of organization involved in global mayhem is endorsement of authoritarianism and the degenerative process would only expedite imminent termination.

The provocation and intervention in Iraq, Syria and earlier in Libya in addition to Afghanistan and several other countries citing terrorism and militancy has no credibility whatsoever considering United States and coalition sponsorship of terror network al-Qaeda and affiliates in the Syrian conflict.

United States leadership at hegemony behest conducting air strikes in Syria and Iraq producing civilian casualties while refusing alternatives such as cease financing and weapons delivery to ISIL / ISIS reveal pre-conceived ambition seeking fall of Syria and neighboring Lebanon with contagion effect.

The counterproductive policy ignores consequences adversely affecting global economy and critically the origin – United States and counterparts rallying to revive flawed and decrepit concept.

The downfall of Syria would have drastic impact on Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, UAE and trigger regional disintegration conclusively yielding a failed mission for the architects and purveyors of terror.

Syria and Iraq affair would be extremely costly and perhaps debilitate aggressors in every aspect to point of no return. 

The cataclysmic adventure reminiscent of earlier attack on Iraq in 2003 paralyzed United States and European economy with no recovery in sight. 

United States and participants resurgence in Syria and Iraq guaranteed to backfire and precipitate the empire decline.

Whenever regency is desired at vast majority expense and loss of innocent lives, the malicious intent harm the source and catalysts with irreversible outcome.

Hence, United States, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia and associates abandoning catastrophic pursuits could be saving grace for them and ease the debt burden on guilt and responsibility to be settled with no exception.

The global mater covering myriad issues will resume and submitted in segment 2 of the UN address.

Your interest and focus is appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant