Trojan Horse

May 24, 2021

Status Quo

Padmini Arhant

There is persistent alarm about the so-called A-symptomatic COVID carriers threat to others while sinister and serious global financial system sabotage under GREAT RESET underway since 2015 neither discussed openly nor presented with facts for once in adherence to transparency.

The A-symptomatic GREAT RESET catalysts endanger average ordinary lives with their secrecy and sycophancy to architects behind financial system maneuver and manipulation.

The digital currency and much more in operation merit scrutiny and open public discourse to save ordinary lives across the globe from being robbed and ruined as witnessed in nation like India.

The Indian government and leadership in 2016 obliging international monetary authorities’ order implemented woeful demonetization to eliminate cash economy in preparation for digitalization of monetary units worldwide beginning with Indian economy having wide cash circulation.

These setbacks suffered among ordinary citizens increasingly warrant transparency from those setting and promoting financial and economic apocalypse experienced in global economic shutdown via pandemic.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Trojan Horse

Padmini Arhant

Lot has happened and more happening in the occupation of throne and re-establishing mantel of power, yet the media is far from displaying courage and integrity in bringing the actual situation to light.

What and whom are they protecting in the eternal game of secrecy?

The media hints and headlines pretending to spill the beans but not necessarily having discussion on the content explicitly made public. The latest trend reveal true colors in the communication outlets’ adeptness in propaganda adding insult to human intelligence.

What is the goal behind such gimmick?

Haven’t there been enough shock waves on citizens beginning with unleashing scientific lab engineered virus branded COVID-19 and the intentional economic collapse to sync with World Economic Forum’s sinister Great Reset?

The latest developments in Washington D.C. and across the globe deserve transparency.

The tech oligarchy viz. Facebook, Twitter and Google’s You Tube gag order on free speech to subvert democracy, electoral process and basic rights witnessed and experienced in 2020 United States Presidential election was mere tip of the iceberg in silencing public voice. Not to mention the tech giants actions suppressing facts and truth in every angle.

Those using these so-called social platforms that are anything but social are predominantly responsible for status quo.

Why would anyone promote any business or social platform that are unabashedly in violation of individual rights and privacy besides denying fair and equal access to all maintaining political bias and social prejudice?

Facebook, Twitter and You Tube partisanship clarified them being partial to one political view and faction against another rather than them remaining unbiased and neutral as service providers in public domain. Such policy speak volume of their ideology determined to replace democracy with secret society represented feudalism worldwide.

Notwithstanding Facebook’s overwhelming election funding exceeding United States election commission rule limiting campaign contribution explain the overarching support and emboldened role in delegitimization of democratic election.

On accountability, the game changers and saboteurs such as George Soros and alike with long standing record in political and economic destabilization of sovereign nations presumptuously remain steadfast in their ominous activities regardless of mayhem and catastrophe inflicted on humanity. Again, these individuals and organizations they create are aimed at serving personal and vested interests at global population expense and misery.

As they gain momentum, they eagerly expend their influence and direct indulgence wherever possible i.e. across the globe. With media and communication channels under their control, they engage in deciding global destiny. These fierce wicked minds completely detached from own soul never deter unconscionable deeds ultimately succumbing to self-inflicted peril.

The recent events transpired in the month of May 2021 until now in Washington D.C. – the Capital of United States hosting government and judiciary could no longer be camouflaged especially in the information era.

The political theater long been a kabuki theater much to performers’ carnage with credibility having lost meaning in the entire script, the show by design necessitate unveiling of the Trojan Horse.

In doing so, the audience would also be relieved from propaganda fatigue in the perpetual twilight spin zone.

Openness and candid revelations demand grit and honesty. These characteristics in scarcity leave the stage with impostors and opportunists sooner than later crumbling to the point of no return.

Without a shadow of doubt, all  actions bear consequences delivering outcome based on internal and external involvement.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Pandemic and Vaccine Dilemma

April 27, 2021

Pandemic and Vaccine Dilemma

Padmini Arhant

Why aren’t COVID vaccine experiments on corona virus and study conducted on mammalian species prior to direct human trials?

The scientific research and development trend in prevention i.e. vaccine creation and cure with drug treatment until before the pandemic has by and large involved mammalian experiments before moving towards human clinical trial. 

The COVID 19 vaccine presented as emergency use with or without FDA approval (?) to contain the spread of infection is one side of the argument. However, the time lapse since the emergence of corona virus in terms of molecular analyses suggest the common ancestor of corona virus existence as far back as 10,000 years ago.

In recent memory, the public data in SARS corona virus reveal the pattern established back then nearly two decades ago in 2002.

“The 2002–2004 SARS outbreak was an epidemic involving severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. The outbreak was first identified in Foshan, Guangdong, China, on 16 November 2002.”

Why were there no sense of preparedness among scientific community to develop vaccine to combat emergence and spread of SARS corona virus earlier on considering there were fatalities 774 registered from SARS virus then in 2002 – 2004?

What held the scientific community then – the ones in particular in the frontline pushing for vaccine and boosters now?

Where were they in 2004?

The SARS virus produced at least 774 deaths in 2002-2004 provided more than adequate time to study the pathogen and prepare humanity against SARS COV2 -the one exposed to global population in 2020.

When science directs evidence of corona virus existence 10,000 years ago, the co-existence of humans and corona virus found in many domestic and wild species acknowledged in scientific data.

“Science Journal – Nature publication by L van der Hoek2004Cited by 1773 — Published: 21 March 2004 … Coronaviruses have been identified in mice, rats, chickens, turkeys, swine, dogs, cats, rabbits, …”

That means the presence of corona virus detected in wide range of mammals in contact with human species for extensive period had not contributed such alarming reaction as SARS-COV2 i.e. COVID 19.

The human natural immune system had verifiably developed natural immunity to corona virus with the absence of adverse reactions or deaths until earlier SARS virus in 2002-2004 and two decades later at the outbreak of COVID-19 designated as SARS-COV2 resulting in pandemic.

The 2020 COVID-19 pathogen not only outpaced transmissibility among humans compared to SARS virus 2002-2004, the current virus with mutant variants capability enhancing virus characteristics in the vicious transmission and replication is unique for patients ordinarily may or may not have been introduced to corona virus in natural environment.

What has triggered SARS COV2 aka COVID19 rabid behavior and infection level that was never experienced before even during the SARS – COV1 in 2002-2004?

Is the spike protein in SARS – COV2 i.e. COVID 19 the active component in accelerating respiratory disruption otherwise depleting oxygen supply leading to hypoxia? 

Were there any scientific investigations to previous SARS virus related deaths in 2002-2004 based on respiratory syndrome and acute pulmonary abnormalities detected now in SARS – COV2 aka COVID 19?

Relevantly, where was World Health Organization (WHO) since 2002 and up until now? 

The scientific explanations to all of the above questions are requested for proper understanding and reasons behind the unconventional protocol in the current vaccine campaign. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


————————————————————————The origin of COVID19 evaded up until now despite the pandemic causing phenomenal health and economic catastrophe. The COVID19 vaccine is the contentious issue with the vaccine launched in a short period of time against scientific conventions and traditions maintained in vaccination program thus far. Though COVID 19 vaccination efforts and drive are lauded as scientific and technology marvel in expediting the vaccine availability, the potency and critically short term and long term side effects as well as any serious harm to human body, immune system and cells are barely evaluated i.e. the risks vs. benefits are projected as virus related deaths v. vaccine protection against the virus without revealing the vaccine caused damages to natural immunity.

The pharmaceutical industry whether Pfizer, Moderna with United States’ National Institute of Health (NIH) funding, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and U.K. based Oxford funded and manufactured Astra Zeneca and other nations vaccines such as Russia’s Sputnik and China’s vaccine are widely used to vaccinate population. The vaccine side effects are largely overshadowed by information on vaccine produced mild to no reaction partly to accelerate vaccination numbers and percentage in any domain. However, there are data surfacing among population reporting complications subsequent to receiving the vaccine. There are cases reported in the United States, Europe and elsewhere not barring fatalities which might be discounted as rare and predominantly safe in combating the virus. Israel is experiencing vaccine reactions among youth 18 to 35 years of age as well as women between 40 – 49 years that are now subject to investigation.

Again, it is equally important to recognize the commonly known vaccines Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen…are indemnified against libel suits from patients and governments on COVID19 vaccines.

The common sense dictates any product that is not backed by guarantee to be effective and further protected by indemnity which means absolved of any responsibility upon any adverse impact creates a reasonable doubt on the efficacy of such endeavor.

As such many governments and health care authorities wherever applicable continue to downplay COVID19 testing data, vaccination statistics, COVID deaths and vaccine related fatalities or serious reactions including hospitalizations that are factual contributing to arbitrary estimates on the pandemic cause and effect. Otherwise the transparency that is mandatory not optional or discretionary from government and health authorities is adding to frustration and disappointment.

Reiterating earlier thoughts on this subject published on April 2nd, 2021.

COVID Vaccine

The situation confronting humanity merit health debate, deliberation and decisive actions. Accordingly, the experts perspectives specializing in the field is important to enable every individual make informed decisions about their health and quality of life rather than dismissal of any legitimate science based concerns calling for discernment on the matter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

P.S. The following video is shared for educational, information and public awareness. With due credit and appreciation to entities in their participation as the contributor, creator and presenter, it is brought forward for humanity’s benefit. Thank you. 

Courtesy – Journeyman.TV – Thank you.

Perspectives on the Pandemic

“Blood Clots and Beyond”

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D.


In view of alternative opinion and thoughts deserving attention, the science based discussion on COVID19 Vaccine is presented on this site. 

Courtesy – Dr.Geert Vanden Bossche – Thank you.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is veterinarian, vaccinologist, virologist with specialty in molecular and microbiology as well as immune system. 


The Five Signs of Losers

February 28, 2021

The Five Signs of Losers 

Padmini Arhant

The five signs or give away identifying typical losers are:

They shun ethics, honesty and transparency.

They decline their opponent opportunity to directly debate them in public domain sharing same stage with them. There is no such thing as level playing field for the challenger to refute their bizarre allegations and relentless propaganda. They perversely invade their enemy’s home and privacy for intimidation and harassment. Meanwhile, they dwell in secrecy colluding and conspiring in secret locations to harm humanity with their devious agendas. The insidious trait and hallmark of them is claiming proprietary rights on the enemy’s mind, thoughts, ideas, life, lifestyle, endless intellectual contributions not barring identity as theirs in the face of personal failure triggering condescendence and insolence flaunted as supremacy and elitism. Their pathological hatred, prejudice and misogyny towards the sworn enemy ultimately consumed them in their quest to be enemy’s alter ego in a weird turn of events. 

They attack and launch assaults on their rival deploying diverse crony contingency at their disposal. Such indulgence on their part is regarded free speech while the opponent’s comments in self-defense to their persistent offense and perversion is branded domestic terrorism followed by isolation and anonymity.

They pride themselves as so-called intellect while the target is presumed bonehead and brain dead.

Last but not the least, the end justifies the means for them to win anything denying the challenger equal and fair access to prove legitimacy and credibility.

The above mentioned five signs with clarifications suffice fait accompli for losers in spotlight.

Padmini Arhant 


India – Transparency Battle

April 14, 2019


Nationalism promoted through Hindutva idelogy misleading the nation to the point of no return endanger democracy.

Young impressionable minds are indoctrinated sowing the seeds of hatred, violence and discord within and across the country.

The alarming jingoism premised in fundamentalism is a serious threat to national unity and sovereignty. Indian electorate coming together in restoring democracy, individual rights of all citizens barring prejudice, gender and social inequality with focus on economic opportunity and progress for all citizens especially those denied prospects, peace and bright future is the need of the hour.

India – Transparency Battle 

Padmini Arhant

What the vulnerable, impressionable and gullible electorate need to recognize is the hyenas (given the intense predator instincts compared to wolves) in sheep’s clothing. These voters as main targets in election for political parties especially the major ones premised on ends justifying the means are exploited to maximum. 

The political parties riding on media might not only the mainstream but also those poised as the so-called independent and investigative channels are partisan partners in this sham to advance devious agenda denying the desperate population their due rights and opportunity to development.

Under the guise of reporting, these scammers are shamefully deceiving them and captive audience through nuances and insinuations delivering the message from those whom they actually represent i.e. the political machinery in different configuration much to their own peril. 

As for the political establishment representing the national groups such as RSS led BJP and Dynasty Congress severely lacking in substance and integrity to debate on their failures and provide rescue strategy to alleviate misery and agony among overwhelming majority are hopelessly dependent on deception and communal divide.

The national political parties through paid media channels and social media employees conspicuously invested in falsehood and propaganda sparing none from Lord Ram to Bharat Mata ki Jai cliche and Indian defense force actions following Pulwama attack to name a few typically engaged in scoring political points without realizing the dubious stunts unveiling their real image in spotlight.

In terms of actual issues – the political parties repetitive stance evading challenges on practicality is evident in concerted efforts to deflect public attention. 

Notwithstanding the immediate refute on irrefutable facts brazenly handled through public relations contingency appearing on various media networks to combat any credible arguments on dysfunctional governance and leadership responsible for dire consequences ranging from demonetization, erratically implemented GST, to intelligence lapse and gross negligence that tantamount to dereliction of duty facilitating fatal attack on 44 national defense force personnel are merely the tip of the iceberg in the complete meltdown affecting significant population nationwide.

The leaderships ignoring the basic courtesy and humility speaks volume on their nature towards people and the nation they are elected to serve returning to campaign trail seeking election and re-election regardless of defunct trajectory.

In this context, the possibility on incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologizing to Indian electorate in many respects is analogous to moonwalking on earth. The demonetization debacle and false promise on crediting 15 lakhs rupees i.e. 1.5 million rupees in every citizens bank account and creating 2 crores or 20 million jobs in the economic sector, none of that delivered remains the bone of contention among disillusioned voters expected to be swept off their feet with PM’s costume and makeover doubled down with war rhetoric and pseudo bravado against PM Narendra Modi’s ally, host and well wisher Pakistan authority. 

It is never too late for those involved or implicated on matter with adverse ramifications on victims in politically motivated decisions to apologize and be remorseful.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s apology to India on demonetization and further back in his political career – the communal violence, murders and obstruction of justice related to Godhra riots in Gujarat would define the individual character or the lack thereof in building trust on the leadership.

Similarly, on the other side the Congress Party under Sonia Gandhi leadership having assumed power subsequent to her spouse and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who was then the head of the government during ethnic cleansing of Sikhs and later Sonia Gandhi joining forces with Sri Lanka’s former President and Commander-in-Chief Mahinda Rajapaksa in genocide of Tamils in Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka merit apology directly from the decision makers resigned to unapologetic status as their prerogative in politics.

In Tamilnadu, the celebrity Kamal Haasan’s fringe political party designed and funded to split vote base favoring the national  player RSS’s BJP considering both entities’ commonality on anti-muslim and upper caste syndrome with the actor performing to the script sporting Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s mustache is classic cinematic infusion in politics in sheer violation of election rules to refrain from using, posing and suggesting defense force endorsement to sway votes in the otherwise anti-BJP state.

Perhaps the script missing on the important Hindi idiom – mustache and truth cannot be hidden forever. 

Last but not the least, the uphill battle on transparency with no immediate effective measures or willingness from the relevant authorities i.e. Supreme Court of India and the Election Commission allowing political parties in particular not barring communication outlets masqueraded as independent journalism continue business as usual without any information on donors and stake holders behind the scene.

As a result, the so-called free and fair election with enormous black money, counterfeit notes and anonymous electoral bonds protecting donors identity raise questions on the validity of process in the world’s largest polls.

The remedy to contagious problem differed until post election in itself is a jeopardy in a democratic system.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter









Memorial Day – Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

May 28, 2018

Memorial Day – Troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Padmini Arhant

Memorial Day memorializing war veterans is the tradition.

The tribute to those sacrificing their lives for any just cause is always honorable and more so with the soldiers and defense personnel laying their lives to defend their country and fellow citizens from any potential danger.

However, the trend in the past and present century forging wars for reasons other than national defense costing young blood and nation’s treasure proved counterproductive and futile. Whatever explanations accompany prolonged occupation of foreign land with massive troops deployment and troop surge along with increase in defense budget predominantly expended in military bases maintenance worldwide, the outcome of such maneuvers evidently not favorable.

United States assuming the role to patrol and police global frontiers has escalated tensions, promoted nuclear options in self-defense and deterrence besides imposing mandatory defense spending on all nations at the expense of economic growth and development.

In other words, United States military presence worldwide has left nations with only one option and that is to beef up military capability boosting the military industrial complex represented defense sector to thrive rain or shine regardless of market conditions benefitting selective members in the hierarchy.

United States and NATO waged wars and subsequent occupation in different regions of the world on false premise has produced chaos and catastrophe creating permanent war zones and leaving those nations bereft of recovery otherwise possible in restive and peaceful environment.

The wars aimed at profitability with no concern for loss of innocent lives and defense force especially the misinformed young men and women led in harms way could no longer continue business as usual. The propaganda based wars, military interventions and terror sponsoring targeting nations and regions for hegemonic goals squandering ordinary citizens lives and their tax dollars are enormous liability in economic, political, social and humanitarian terms ruining nations and destiny of millions forced into refugee status.

The contemporary situation demands fair assessment to end illegal occupation of foreign land and territory allowing the population of those nations normal existence and self-determination rights barring foreign intrusion.

The case in point is Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Korea to name a few.

Considering the extended timeframe and purpose not serving the local and regional inhabitants interests and furthermore the military and aggressive involvement fomenting violence and security violations, the complete withdrawal of forces and ceasing violent engagement are necessary to establish peace and stability in these parts of the world.

Afghanistan is primarily used as United States and NATO military base to exert dominance in Central Asia denying Afghanistan the sovereign status and Afghans the fundamental right to political freedom and social progress critical for economic prosperity.

Above all, the economic costs since invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 until today including protracted warfare in Iraq and Pakistan has cost U.S. taxpayers $4.8 trillion per Congressional Budget Office report and still counting with the warfare carried out on borrowed money inflating United States budget deficit and subsequent impact on national debt leading to sharp hikes in consumer interest rates reflecting macroeconomic effects.

The current allocation of $45 billion this year for Afghanistan alone is again repeating predecessors pattern without subjecting pentagon to accountability and independent audit given the trajectory on disproportionate spending and trillions of taxpayers dollars admittedly missing as confirmed by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on $2.3 Trillion and the same acknowledged in previous Congressional hearings with no actions from any administration or Congress thus far.

The article from Project Censored under – The News That Didn’t Make The News .

Title – The Pentagon Money Pit: $6.5 Trillion In Unaccountable Army Spending And No DOD Audit

“According to a July 2016 Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG) report, $6.5 trillion of Army Spending allocated to the Pentagon have no paper trail and no audit has been made by the Department of Defense (DOD) for the past two decades to resolve this issue. In other words, David Lindorff reported that “the Department of Defense has not been tracking or recording or auditing all of the taxpayer money allocated by Congress — what it was spent on, how well it was spent, or where the money actually ended up. There are enough opportunities here for corruption, bribery, secret funding of ‘black ops’ and illegal activities, and or course for simple waste to march a very large army, navy and air force through. And by the way, things aren’t any better at the Navy, Air Force and Marines.”

The referenced excerpt of the article and earlier incident on $2.3 Trillion vaporized is just the tip of the iceberg with successive administrations and Congress obliging pentagon demand for billions of taxpayer money exempting the tax payer funded military headquarter Pentagon and federal defense agencies from checks and balances that are applicable to ordinary citizens in society.

These events decisively and conclusively determine the need for immediate withdrawal and winding up of operations in Afghanistan and other destinations having no relevance to national interests except undermining United States credibility and wasting taxpayers money that deserves to be invested in domestic economy such as job creation, health care, public education, scientific research and innovations and infrastructure.

On U.S. taxpayers behalf, the Congressional authorization of independent oversight to probe corruption and financial irregularities in taxpayer funded defense department viz. pentagon and other federal agencies dealing with defense activities is paramount for transparency and economic viability.

Finally, national defense force is meant to safeguard nation’s security and not misused for some entities and certain groups’ hegemonic ambitions and exclusive gains.

Thank you.
Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter