United States – Executive Action Halting Family Separation

June 20, 2018

United States – Executive Action Halting Family Separation

Padmini Arhant

The latest action halting immigrant family separation is welcome. However, keeping them in detention center is not a viable option as it poses health challenges among other problems for the detainees under such conditions. Moreover, the legislation on dreamers act along with amnesty for eligible vast majority is a priority ending the lingering immigration matter.

National security is directly tied to United States domestic and foreign policy. The government with administration and Congress directing focus on rectifying United States foreign policy that promotes sponsoring terrorism against sovereign states like Syria, indefinite occupation and warfare in Afghanistan, interference in foreign states political affairs causing turmoil and chaos like in Ukraine, Venezuela, Sudan, Yemen and Middle East, deterrence in the establishment of Palestinian Statehood are few examples that are to be addressed in recognition of flawed strategies deserving conclusion.

Above all, United States long forgotten human rights violations towards inmates held indefinitely denying them due process and legal representation for nearly two decades in the infamous Guantanamo Bay merits closure allowing the prisoners and their families access to free and fair judicial trial. Such action would demonstrate United States respect for lives and human value.

The domestic policy on gun control despite repeat incidents in school campus and public premise remain a threat to citizens security and they are not related to immigrants and immigration status. The former administration’s Fast and Furious program exacerbated violence in Mexico and other Latin American nations forcing the local residents to flee the violent zone.

The two areas alone – U.S. domestic and foreign policy endanger lives in the home front and worldwide.

It’s about time to acknowledge mistakes and pursue the path of peace, tolerance, fairness and equal opportunity for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com