Indian Political Corruption And Scams Parody

November 18, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

Welcome to the parody on Indian Political Corruption and Scams as well as identity theft.

For international visitors, English translation is provided below.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant


By Author, Actor and Presenter – Padmini Arhant



Q.      What is your name?

A.       My name is Munnibhai Patel.

Q.      Are you from the economic sector?

A.       I have large business.

Q.     Are you an industrialist?

A.     What are you saying? When I manage  economy, politics, security and society, you are being disrespectful by classifying my designation      as  an industrialist.

Q.     Could you please clarify?

A.     Yes. I am India’s Prime Minister. I am Narinder Damodar Modi.

Q.    But you introduced yourself as Munnibhai Patel in the beginning!   Now, suddenly how come you are Narinder Modi?

A.    I have become Narinder Modi just like Narinder Modi is presented as Almighty God Shiva overnight.  Moreover Narinder Modi is being assigned identity paradoxical to his individual trait besides attributing specific entity’s good work and ideas as his and not to mention such unethical practice regarded ethical in society. 

Q.  All right. Assuming you  as the Prime Minister of India, Narinder Modi, could I ask you  few questions.

A.  Certainly. You may ask questions. As  Prime Minister it is my responsibility to clarify doubts and dispel fears about anything.

Q.  My first question is – How would you resolve religion related social unrest i.e. communal violence in society?

A.  You see. Godhra incident is well known not only in India but worldwide.  You can assess from that event how we deal with these issues.

Q.  There were many casualties during Godhra violence. Subsequently continuous riots happened.  What is your view in this context?

A.  In politics, everyone has their own style and strategy. My tactic…

Q.  You mean your formula?

A.  Yes. Something like that and you know  I communicate and  deliver speech only in Hindi.  I don’t know English translation.

      In Godhra, rather than dousing  fire, I instigated violence.  Try to understand that those who are in a position of authority has every right to use, I mean misuse power.  This is a prerogative that comes with power in politics.  How can anyone seize this privilege?

      Furthermore on Godhra, I would say that inflaming the ignited spark was not considered a crime. I agree that many people died in the outcome    They are the unfortunate ones who had to prematurely depart from this world.  How could anyone hold me or my administration responsible?

     In fact in government – leaderships and key political figures are absolved of crimes ranging from murder, violence and embezzlement.  This is concession to them and depicts political reality.  Why would I ever dissolve this norm?

Q.  My second question is – What is your view on black money, tax evasion and corruption and your administration plan regarding this problem?

A.  You see in after thought on all these issues – I have decided that in politics there are no rivals for they are all one of us. Let me also add that there is no such thing as opposition in politics.  Whatever is being demonstrated is to appease the public.   Otherwise unity within political establishment is quite deep and strong. 

       We defend each other and look out for one another especially in criminal activities whether they are a big or a small fish – being the Prime Minister safeguarding them is my prime duty and I am committed in that respect.

Q.  Are you not concerned about these three issues causing national revenue loss notwithstanding the destruction of billion lives as a result.

A.  This could be a problem for well-wisher like you. When did I tell you that I consider these issues are a problem?

      The rich getting richer through bribery, black money hoarding and using nefarious means as golden opportunity to accumulate wealth is not a crime.  Agreed that the average citizens are forced to bear the burden and so what if they have to do so?    

     When average citizens are the majority among the population, why should the wealthiest experience any difficulty?

Q.  Do you mean that corruption being detrimental to the nation alongside creating economic disparity makes no difference?

Remark: Your trajectory reflects your consistent support to the affluent class since you were the chief minister of Gujarat.  This is also evident in your approval of privatization of public land allowing many industrialists to acquire prime ownership in that state.

Q.  My third and final question is – United States and hegemony exerting false authority i.e. supremacy across the globe – your close relationship with them is revealed.  Not long ago United States State department declined even visitor visa to you and now what brings about this transformation?

A.  This is all a matter of time.  Today I am not their rival because I am their representative.  I am in agreement with them on every issue.  I am impressed with their policy and global dominance and extend complete cooperation to them.  This is how you achieve power, fame and fortune.  Committing sins and complicit with sinners leads to political status quo.

Conclusion:  All right Munnibhai Patel alias fake Prime Minister Narinder Damodar Modi – Thank you for  your answers to my questions.


Padmini Arhant