Clarity on Reality

August 11, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? 

I would like to clarify for the record that as author and presenter on the website and representative divine mission statements from me in publications are not fabricated and exaggerated or full details withheld as claimed by my ardent critics to defend their indefensible system with rules and regulations not necessarily applied across the spectrum.

The reaction from them is least surprising to me and symptomatic of thy reflection on actions with deliberate omission and selection of material in public domain.

When I cite incidents like the one mentioned in my recent article with a segment on Travel about the tan, brown and darker traveler frisked and questioned more often was stated not out of imagination.  In fact, this has been a routine experience for my family including myself during travel despite following rules to the code.

When anybody dismiss or discount others experience in life related to any form of prejudice not limited to race and gender simply because they have not had any such incidents to account for, they either represent those involved or consider the treatment objectionable only when it happens to them or someone known to them. 

Accordingly, the selective profiling that targets specific segments in society not regarded an issue with victims of bias expected to tolerate and accept the discriminatory practice as the way of life.

The belief premised strictly on personal encounter in any situation otherwise slighted whether serious illness or disability not barring violation of individual rights fits the definition of narcissism.

Injustice like everything else nowadays is categorized as inappropriate depending on the individual at the receiving end.

Society is constantly misled with propaganda having become the means for survival to sustain the unsustainable tradition.

As for my introduction, the political figures reference to me that I am not speaking in first person is nothing more than them confirming the flip flop position typical in politics. In my earlier days when I started with self-identity in the normal sense, I had to deal with clamor to refrain from using the terms I, me, or myself.

Now they seem to have a problem with me not having said so and speaking as a third person characterizing the manner arrogant even though initially suggested by them and customized with creation of proxies and many thousand different names and unsavory characters not barring personalities associated with notoriety  nuanced at me. The unconventional and unprecedented distortion in an attempt to invalidate my existence and identity exemplify desperate tactic.

Evidently the convenient memory loss in politics seesawing on various issues is due to confusion and false perception about the policy and strategy proved counterproductive further exacerbated with the state of denial.

Democracy is bargained for exclusivity in retaining power and prosperity at the expense of vast majority.

Once again – My Profile. I am who I am and remain so irrespective of any opinion otherwise.

Name – Padmini Achintya Arhant.

Gender – Female, Religion – Hindu.

Representation – Divine Mission.

Philosophy – Peace, Pious and Progress possible with secular, fair and equal opportunity for all humanity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











January 18, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Race is a contentious matter. Hence thoughts are presented in this blog – an innovative medium to express views and comments.

Cyberspace is a platform where the voiceless can have a voice or be heard through someone on their behalf on any issue.

It is not necessary to go through the Red Tape or be newsworthy to be a news item in the prominent media and print press. There is no requirement to be part of any influential circle either.

An average citizen with internet access can state an opinion or recount an experience that is relevant to all or none. It has unequivocally revolutionized communication in the new millennium.

Mankind Giant Leap in this regard is poignant.

However, have we made progress in human relations?

Why is it difficult for the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom hierarchy to co-exist in harmony and accept one another as human beings first and then anything next?

We have been gifted with the discriminatory power. Unfortunately, it is being used effectively for negative purpose than otherwise.

It is believed that ‘God created all equal.’

Do we all think like the creator?

Perhaps then the status quo would be delightfully different.

Since evolution many battles and wars have been fought over land, wealth, resources…with the ulterior motive being Power and dominance of one segment over another.

The global dire situation is attributed to human quest for endless needs at other inhabitants’ peril. Human suffering along with several species extinction are caused by environment abuse largely recognized as greed.

Historically people in general are stigmatized and victimized by fellow human beings.

We are living in an imperfect world – Yet there is a desperate search for perfection among humans.

People come in all shapes and sizes notwithstanding variation in skin pigmentation – the acknowledgment on the unique genetic composition could promote higher tolerance.

Will this world be an exciting place as it is now in the absence of such diversity around us in all aspects?

It is evident in human history that a secular and diverse society achievements are substantial compared to a homogeneous society.

The collective talent available in the heterogeneous society is a formidable challenge for those against the concept.

There could be no better example than the United States having triumphed the trials and tribulations of homogeneous vs. heterogeneous society.

This great nation’s phenomenal success in every field is the result of the cosmopolitan intellectual and varied skills maintained since origin.

It is a country that set precedence in modern times for other nations to embrace multiculturalism and secularism as milestones for humanitarian progress.

Then why is race a sensitive topic to discuss?

Can discriminatory practice towards human beings be ever eliminated in any society?

If that happens, it will be Utopia. Why seek heaven or paradise?

Nonetheless there is hope considering that goodness still exists in the paradoxical universe.

The racial and cultural diversity is complex for it presents prospects and problems in every domain.

The world will be peaceful and prosperous if people could receive one another as the member of the human race.

Importantly rather than detecting flaws in others it would be wise to acknowledge one’s own shortcomings that every individual possess at some level regardless of identity.

Introspection is self-cleansing and a natural process to develop empathy.

Should the entire race and culture be held responsible and vilified for an individual or a group of individuals’ action or behavior?

Regrettably, human tendency to analyze others based on predisposed views and speculations is not uncommon creating obstacles in relationships.

Then what about nobility demonstrated by human beings of a particular sect that is targeted for any wrong doing?

Should society ignore the positive contributions of these individuals even if they are presumed a minority?

There is no particular race or culture that is spared about anything in the contemporary society.

We can overcome prejudice only if human beings can alienate themselves from the qualities and characteristics that allow conflict over compassion, caring and consideration for others.

It is up to mankind to practice goodness for pervasive happiness.

There could be no better legacy than virtuous deeds that would benefit all.

The truth is – despite tremendous accomplishments in science and technology,

Mortality is certain and no one is assured eternal life on earth.

The other reality being when we all bleed; the color of the blood is the same no matter who we are!

These facts prove the theory that ‘all are created equal.’

Thank you.


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 17, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Today United States celebrated the birth of Honorable. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. renowned for breaking barriers in human relationship dedicated his life to unity and eliminating injustice.

Dr. King believed in the strength of human character transcending race, religion and social-economic background.

An eloquent orator, theologian and a supreme leader – Dr. King led the mass at the height of social inequality entrenched in prejudice emanating largely from ignorance and yet triumphed in civil rights recognition for his fellow human beings.

Rev. Martin Luther King understood the intricacies in weaving the social fabric and passionately involved to promote integration against segregation, empathy over apathy and last but not the least practiced his mentor Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence philosophy.

Despite incredible challenges and overwhelming opposition, Dr. King marched forward as the duty bound soldier would in national defense without heeding to formidable resistance from different corners.

The Reverend identified the cause fomenting polarization and relentlessly engaged in education, information and inspiration to bring harmony within society.

As a visionary and a deep thinker – Dr. King approached issues seeking solutions in the best interests of all. Among many admirable qualities, Dr. King was prominent for his charisma and steel resolve exemplified in declining failure for the venerable leader acknowledged the fact that;

Human race is resilient in overcoming obstacles and talented to realize any dream.

Humanity has experienced political and social upheavals since time immemorial. The transformation has never been easier and often made possible through extraordinary sacrifice for mankind benefit.

Dr. King’s legacy has profound impact on humanity as the shining ray of hope uplifting human spirit from the overcast when clouded with fear and self-doubt undermining the individual inherent potential.

Community service was the highlight of his exemplary humanitarian deeds reflecting benevolence, care and compassion towards the less fortunate in the society.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. represented faith, courage and integrity instrumental in delivering the desirable outcome in the civil rights movement.

Although society has made remarkable progress thus far, the human plight in this regard is far from over.

Collective actions could effectively address the prevalent social anomalies enabling a paradigm shift in human relations. Humanity thrives with tolerance and kindness towards one another. It further enhances the inner ability to deal with any crises upon relating to others’ in their hour of need.

Dr. King touched the lives of many in his limited lifetime by healing the wounded hearts and weakened minds with truthful words that encouraged the fallen to rise beyond expectations.

There is tremendous opportunity to make a difference by emulating the civil rights’ proponent – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose significant contribution was a trail blazer in understanding human rights.

America’s favorite son and great humanitarian is remembered with respect and gratitude for defining the purpose in life.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will always be the beacon light illuminating the human mind in quest for peace.

Happy Birthday to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The hypocrisy of racism: Why is “race” a hot button issue?

June 25, 2008

Cyberspace is a platform where the voiceless can have a voice or be heard through someone on their behalf on issues related to mankind and everything else. It is not necessary to go through the “Red Tape” or be newsworthy to be a “news item” in the prominent media and print press. There is no requirement to be part of any “influential circle” either!
An average citizen with an “internet” access can express an opinion or recount an experience that is relevant to all or none. The “Giant Leap” by mankind in every field is truly admirable.
People across the globe share their thoughts and experience via “blog”, an innovative medium for expression of views and comments that has revolutionized communication in the modern era.
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