Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

December 30, 2008

Cause and Effect:

The half a century old battle between two neighbors has evolved into an eternal volcano erupting periodically with sparks flying across the Middle East and in all Islamic nations around the world.

Israeli-Palestinian crisis also created a new war in the twentieth century and that is terrorism.

Unfortunately, it is now the epidemic around the world.

Amazingly, in the wake of unresolved intolerance between the two neighbors,

Peace and Diplomacy never had a chance instead,

Both sides relegated to techniques like suicide bombing, aerial bombardment through rockets and missiles with children and women as the so-called collateral damage in this senseless violence.

Negotiations between both parties rejected due to incessant obsession to deprive one another of peaceful existence.

Ironically, neither of them is a winner confirming the fact –

Nobody ever wins a war. Every one is a loser.

As stated earlier, there is cause and effect behind every event.

All this bloodshed is because of the Israeli controlled and illegal occupation of Palestinian territories for nearly five decades and the bitter truth of the matter is,

In the twenty first century, the people of Palestine are still suffering and struggling, as they do not have a place they could call home.

Israel might claim that it endured numerous suicide bombings and constantly threatened by the neighbors instigated by Iran.

Therefore, it reserves the right to defend itself by any means.

While this is true, Israel must ask itself, who is responsible for the unnecessary unmitigated violence that has emboldened terrorists, proliferated widespread fundamentalism and relevantly encouraged nations like Iran to seek nuclear weapons for wiping Israel of the map?

Undeniably, radicalism exists around the world particularly in the Middle East region.

Again, reiterating the fact nothing happens without a cause.


Fact Check:

The criticism against Israel as the coveted ally of the United States is an absolute truth predominantly from the active lobbying and representation of Israeli interests in Washington.

Every Presidential candidate treads over a fine line not to jeopardize the Jewish votes and actively vows to protect Israeli welfare by religiously attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference during the Presidential campaign.


AIPAC according to

Author – Br Nathanael Kapner

What’s Behind The AIPAC Curtain?

“CONTROL” IS WHAT THE AIPAC ZIONIST JEWS are all about. Is it then any surprise that the June 2-4 2008 AIPAC Policy Conference with 7,000 attendees including 300 from Congress was a media blackout ?

How could it be that with Condoleezza Rice, all 3 Presidential hopefuls, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in attendance, the media coverage was nill? Well – since Jews stick together, (I grew up as a Jew), the Jewish owned mainstream media apparently agreed to “stonewall it.”

The business of wielding influence is what American Jewry is all about. And American Jewry prefers not to have this made public. This was brought home to the American Conservative Magazine journalist, Phillip Weiss. At his very first AIPAC Conference this year, Weiss was demanded by AIPAC officials while writing down his report to show his credentials.

Weiss, who made the observation regarding the Conference that AIPAC was serving their tribal interests , reported: “At the outset AIPAC performed a ‘roll call.’ The names of all the politicians in attendance were read off by three barkers in auctioneer fashion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won the day before her peers by shedding tears when mentioning the Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah.”

Indeed – all with political ambitions to remain in power came to the Conference to be accounted for before the influence-wielding Jews of AIPAC.



In his article, AIPAC Vs America , Rense political analyst Ted Lang observes that AIPAC controls American foreign policy in the Middle East. Lang also says that attempts to terminate the slaughter of innocent Iraqi citizens and to stop the AIPAC-ordered invasion of Iran will invoke the smear of ‘Anti-Semitism.’

And with the mass murders of Iraqi civilians and women with their children in Palestine, Ted Lang asks the most important question of our day:

“Are the world’s greatest atrocities now attributable to Jews?” Here .

If this question is not answered soon, groups like AIPAC will make our entire political system one great Zionist atrocity!



First and Foremost, Palestinians are not responsible for the horrific holocaust in the twentieth century.

Illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel since 1967 is the root cause of all evil that followed the trail of violence up until now.

Despite being the holocaust victims, it is fathomless that Israeli oppression of Palestinian population is upheld as the national defense and security act.

Israel always is in the forefront to rescue Jewish citizens in crisis around the world whether it is Ethiopian Jews or the five Jewish victims in the recent Mumbai terror attacks.

In fact, Israel volunteered to send its own commandos to rescue the five Jewish captives held hostage at Nariman Center in Mumbai, India.

Why can’t Israel expand its obligation towards humanity rather than being selective in the safeguard and rescue of Jewish people alone?

Isn’t this planet inhabited by humans of other faith and denomination as well?

Shouldn’t their life matter?

Why is Israel not forthcoming with its possession of Nuclear arsenal and Washington including United States media and news organizations relentlessly defend Israel of every offensive act against Palestinian population?

If only Washington played an unbiased role in the mediation of peace process between Israel and Palestinian people, by demanding Israel to an unconditional withdrawal of troops and settlements from Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights and,

Granting Independence to Palestinians by allowing them to call these territories provinces of Palestine, there can be an eternal peace in the entire region including the security of Israel and United States.

Further, the Palestinian population need not rely on radical elements like Hamas and it would negate the reasons available to threaten Israel by Hezbollah and their mastermind Iran.


Recent Assault:

The escalated violence in the past three days from December 27, 2008 through up until now resulting in major civilian casualties on the Palestinian side estimated over 360 victims with children being the majority is a callous demonstration of Israeli might against weak and fragile Palestinian population.

Israel’s sophisticated airstrikes and missile attacks (Thanks to United States supply of weaponry and multibillion dollars aid) on civilian targets in retaliation to Hamas’s outdated rockets is a crime against humanity worthy of condemnation.

There is no justification whatsoever in the mass murder of civilians carried out in the pretext of national security.

It is not to glorify Hamas’ terrorist action proclaimed as “jihad” towards Israeli population either.

An eye for an eye will make the world go blind.

In the quagmire, the civilians on both sides are the targets and the action by the political factions representing the people of Gaza and Israel is belligerent and must be halted instantaneously.



Israel must refrain from further attacks for the safety and security of its own existence now and in the future.

Hamas on the other hand must realize that their reign of terror against Palestinians through exploitation and abuse of Power by encouraging young, vulnerable citizens as suicide bombers against Israeli civilians is not the kind of representation the Palestinians deserve at present and beyond.

In light of the current carnage and destruction brought upon particularly the innocent civilians in Gaza and those hurt in Israel it is evident that fundamental transformation is required in the political process on both sides.


Face the Truth:

Time’s up for conservative politics in Israel and Washington lobbying responsible for the plight of Palestinians through unlawful settlements and occupation of their homeland.

It is incumbent on Israel effective immediately to start preparing for the unconditional withdrawal from territories backtracking to 1967 i.e. Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights to enable Palestinians their entitlement to a homeland.

Hamas in turn will wind up all of its insidious activities and ploy at the behest of Iran against Israeli population or else deal with regrettable consequences.

Similar destiny will be shared by all those elements whether it is Hezbollah or any Islamic anarchists, theocracy like Iran involved in systematic destabilization of peace and progress in the Middle East region particularly Palestine, Israel and Iraq.


Message Alert:

Information is being delivered according to the earlier warning of an imminent Armageddon through divine intervention to end sufferings of all human beings on this planet and restore peace, progress and prosperity for all.

Solutions on confrontations between nuclear neighbors India and Pakistan, Oppression of Tibet by emerging economic power China, Persecution of Burmese population by the Burmese Junta and ultimatum to Military regimes in Africa and the Americas with a promise to liberate the people of all these regions is in order.

Failure to adhere to suggested strategies and proposals will lead to unrequested and unprecedented disaster.
Special Request:

The readers of the blog posts and visitors to the website are advised that any delay in response to national and international events are not to be treated as lack of interest or concern by the entity.

While being mindful of the adverse impact such as loss of lives from conflicts like war, every article is presented after meticulous research and fact check for authenticity of the information.

Therefore, your understanding and patience is appreciated at all times.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International Politics

August 13, 2008

I posted a blog on May 25th, 2008 about the article from “Voice of America” dated May 23rd, 2008.

Our nation is currently occupied with the important political event i.e.” The Presidential race”. The Presidential candidates are vying for the highest position on land. The main stream media and news organizations are busy analyzing the “gaffe” by Senator Hillary Clinton and perusing the medical records of Senator John McCain. So not much attention is devoted to the International political events currently taking place that could have significant impact on the world’s future and the “Superpower” status.

I share this with you for your information as it is relevant to the current political event in the United States whoever our next “President” might be!

Source: (Voice of America) – Thank you.

23 May 2008

Russia‘s New President Makes First International Trip to China

Russia’s new president Dmitry Medvedev says his country seeks what he calls a reasonable, pragmatic and friendly relationship with giant neighbor, China. He arrived in Beijing Friday for a two day visit – as part of his first trip abroad since he took office earlier this month. Stephanie Ho has more on the story.

Ties between former Cold War rivals, China and Russia, are warming. Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Li Hui says his government appreciates the Russian leader’s choice of destinations.

He says President Medvedev’s decision to make China one of his first foreign visits only half a month after taking office fully demonstrates the high degree of importance he and the Russian government place on the China-Russia relationship.

The Russian leader’s Beijing schedule includes meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and other senior Chinese leaders.

The two countries are expected to discuss energy issues, as well as military cooperation trade.

Russian Ambassador to China, Sergey Razov, told reporters the two countries share many similar views on major international issues. He says on sensitive issues, including the Iran and Korean peninsula nuclear issues, among others, they have a common position.

Jing-dong Yuan, an associate professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, says the two countries already have strong defense cooperation.

“This is the most, probably salient, component of this relationship,” said Yuan. “China has imported major weapons systems from Russia, and also military technology transfer, over the last decade and a half. And they have, in recent years, moved beyond simple arms sales to joint military exercise and other military cooperation.”

He says the two countries are likely to expand their cooperation in space and nuclear technology.

At the same time, he says both countries need to work on expanding economic ties.

“Currently, the bilateral trade is only $48 billion annually, so it’s very low for countries such as China and Russia, two big economies and neighboring countries,” said Yuan”.

Analysis: Should United States be concerned about the proliferating China-Russia relationship especially with the military and nuclear technology expansion?

It is a matter of concern as these two nations being key members with “Veto Power” in the United Nations Security Council have demonstrated authority on issues related to Iran, North Korea and Burma. Both China and Russia are undeniably the emerging powers of the FAR EAST and Central Asia rich in fossil fuel and other natural resources. The recent impressive economic growth further enhances their political status and embolden them to ignore issues….whether it is human rights, free and fair elections and freedom of press expected of any sovereign nation towards their own citizens and the global community.

At home, the current administration investment of time and resources on Iraq and Afghanistan has shifted focus away from strengthening strategic alliances and ties with its allies and other nations sharing common goals such as upholding democratic values and multilateral resolutions for political, economic, energy and environmental crises affecting every living being on the planet.

Unfortunately, the administration stance in the past eight years and its unilateral position with Iraq war, declining to ratify the “Kyoto treaty”, neglecting serious warnings on the economic crisis, violation of civil and constitutional rights under the guise of “Patriot Act” and other unconstitutional legislative measures has contributed to the diminishing “Superpower” status and lately undermine the United States position in resolving any international crisis.

Meanwhile, China and Russia are actively engaged in political, economic and military expansion much to the concern of other developing nations in the region.

Is the next administration capable and prepared to deal with all of these real challenges, something the American electorate have to think long and hard prior to casting their ballot in November 2008?


Padmini Arhant

“Voice for Humanity”

Current International Crisis:

Russian Invasion of Georgia:

It appears to be “Russia’s” turn to flex muscles against the less powerful sovereign neighbor, “Georgia”! The ulterior motive according to some political analysts is claimed to be none other than the “Liquid Gold” otherwise known as “Oil”.

What a “revelation”?

Even though Russia claims on its part that the recent aggression against Georgia is to protect the minority population in “South Ossetia” admittedly holding “Russian Passports” and willing to be part of prosperous, repressive “Russia” rather than overzealous Democratic “Georgia” with a confused strategy in embracing the minority group as “Georgians”.

It is not uncommon for sovereign nations to experience ethnic confrontations alongside the borders or mainland and have political differences with the disfranchisement of the minority groups. The ethnic or the minority groups in return demanding separatism or autonomy from the “State” governing those regions.

Whatever happened to the Intelligence Sources and their responsibility towards such international conflict?

Perhaps preoccupied like the “Heads of the State” in the United States and Europe with the International Olympics?

Should “Beijing Olympics” be held responsible for being the major distraction with their outstanding display of talent and newly acclaimed status as the emerging “economic power” in Asia?

The strange scenario being our “President” and the “Russian Prime Minister”, Vladimir Putin’s presence at the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics to appease the host nation while bombing of “Georgia” was underway in full force.

It is well known for political figures to demonstrate “camaraderie” during the International events but “Prime Minister Putin” is the “Gold Medalist” among the “Heads of State” attending the ceremony.

Prime Minister Putin’s composure in convincing novice and professionals alike as the peacemaker at the event that pledges international solidarity and harmony after having executed full scale war against a democratic nation is truly remarkable.

The legitimate concern for the American electorate is to be mindful of these developments and exercise diligence when electing the next “President” and the administration in November 2008 who would exhibit leadership required for the“Super Power” in the world.

Thank you.


South Ossetia Geography:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

South Ossetia (Ossetic: Хуссар Ирыстон, Khussar Iryston; Georgian: სამხრეთი ოსეთი, Samkhreti Oseti; Russian: Южная Осетия, Yuzhnaya Osetiya) is a region in the South Caucasus, formerly the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. A part of it has been de facto independent from Georgia since it declared independence[1] as the Republic of South Ossetia early in the 1990s during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. The capital of the region is Tskhinvali.

The independence has not been diplomatically recognized by any member of the United Nations – which continues to regard South Ossetia as part of Georgia. Georgia has retained control over parts of the region’s eastern and southern districts where it created, in April 2007, a Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia[2][3][4][5] headed by ethnic Ossetians (former members of the separatist government) under the leadership of Dmitry Sanakoev which would negotiate with central Georgian authorities regarding its final status and conflict resolution.[6]

United States

July 9, 2008

Presidential race – Sequel

At last, the chances of my dream coming true appear to be bright. When I was an active blogger in the past months, I was seeking candor and transparency from all politicians running for public office.

Initially, I was requesting all “Presidential candidates” to release their respective tax returns. Some did in timely fashion, while others released them according to their own convenience. Nevertheless, they all did and ought to be credited for their impressive earnings and their contributions towards tax and various charities. They all did excel and cannot possibly win the title alone in the “Elitist vs. Populist” contest.

Senator John McCain, on Friday May 23rd, 2008 took a giant leap and welcomed selective medical professionals and reporters to review the voluminous personal medical records. The Senator aroused suspicion in his critics mind for uninviting other high profile media and press reporters. All said and done, according to those few privileged sources the Senator surprised his critics with his clean bill of health.

Now, it is time for other candidates to follow suit.

The news media is always disappointed in the absence of newsworthy issues. If nothing could be found, something will be invented to prevail in their hunt for scoops and scandals.

Who ever says that this “Presidential race” is biased?

In all fairness, the three “Presidential candidates” have been constantly dealing with the most sensitive remarks about them…… age, race and gender.

Senator McCain has heroically challenged his critics with the personal medical history text book.

Critics can never be satisfied. Only if the Senator could have made his medical records in “hard cover” available in all book stores and on, he would have been instantly acknowledged and perhaps sworn in as the most transparent “President of the United States” while Senator Hillary Clinton is proving herself to be a formidable democratic
opponent for infinity and beyond.

Congratulations! Senator John McCain on your good health. You have successfully put many of your opponents’ supporters to task in search of clues to detect flaws in your physical and mental health.